On the occasion of 26 anniversary of establishment of the Workers Party: Continue the struggle to achieve the goals of the revolution for freedom, social justice & national dignity

January 2

Today salutes the Tunisian Workers’ Communist Party of the 26 anniversary of its founding. On 3 January 1986, corresponding to the second anniversary of the uprising of the glorious bread, the Labour Party was born from the womb of political and social struggle against the system of employment and tyranny and persecution, as enshrined in the Constitution Party defunct on our people for decades.

The cessation of the Labour Party since its inception to the workers and the working and the people at large in the face of dictatorship. And was due to various types of oppression that cost him the martyrdom of one of the best of its militants, Comrade Nabil Prcaa, and dozens of trials and hundreds of prisoners, men and women who have been subjected to the worst kind of torture, displacement and deprivation of basic rights including the right to work, whether in the era of Bourguiba’s or Ben Ali. But that did not deter the Labour Party for steadfastness and not to compromise the interests of the people refused to recognize the coup, November 7, 1987 with blessing the majority of political forces at that time and continued defamation Bcanutatorath and Amalth circuits colonial and antagonism to the interests of the people of flagrant corruption and violation of the blatant liberties and human rights and participants from advanced positions in all political moves, popular and social to overthrow him and honor of the initial position of the MDC is not appeasement of tyranny and to cooperate with him or “try to repair it,” but the struggle revolutionary against him and the building of democracy on the ruins and not to bet on foreign powers to get rid of it but to go to the Tunisian people and work in the ranks for the uprising popular braided to overthrow the regime and the repressive apparatus and solve the election of a constituent assembly enact a new constitution lays the foundation for a democratic system for the people to achieve freedom and social justice and national dignity.

The events have confirmed the positions of the Labour Party. Have resulted in accumulations that have been achieved through the struggle of generations of Tunisian men and women, which was among the plants major student uprising and youth in February 1972 and the uprising unions on 26 January 1978 and bread riots in January 1984 and the uprising of the mining basin in 2008 and the uprisings of young people and families Jbeniana and Skhira Ben Guerdane in the summer of 2010, to the outbreak of a general popular uprising, triggered the first of Sidi Bouzid in the December 17 2010 and swept all the regions of the country and forced Ben Ali to flee on 14 January 2011. Attended the Labour Party and his youth (the Union of Communist Youth of Tunisia) and his current union (left associative democracy) in the revolution of the Tunisian people from advanced positions and contributed Manadilath and its militants in the framing of popular movements and sectoral various actors in the armed political slogans rooted and consolidated and the mouthpiece of the substantive demands of the people and draw plans devoted to the field. Has cost the party tens of detainees – including the Secretary-General – who were not released until after the flight of Ben Ali.

The Labour Party continued to struggle after the fall of Ben Ali was at the forefront of political and social movements and popular in order to complete the tasks of the revolution (trachea 1 and 2, a sit-Pardo, 1 …).

The revolution is not over, despite the election of a constituent national assembly and the appointment of a new government, the popular demands brought by the revolution has not been achieved mostly private and social and economic demands on the operator and the regional balance and social justice. The new coalition government continues to emphasize to continue the same economic and social choices of the former regime will not be eager only to send messages reassurance of the Chambers of capitalism foreign and domestic has not received from the working class and segments of the working poor and only call for austerity and threatening letters to deal Space with its actions legitimate for operating and improving the conditions of working and living. Instead of declaring that the “coalition” concrete actions to improve people’s conditions and its purchasing power and operation of his youth and the protection of Chgalih inactivated forms of precarious work and the collective expulsion he wants to download the implications of the economic crisis and protect the interests of the community Almstthreyh local and foreign.

Work on progress in achieving the goals of the revolution through the formulation of a progressive democratic constitution and the alleviation of the crisis on the social strata and classes of people need to fight for the immediate and concrete demands the following:

1 – approved minimum wage industrial and agricultural standard is 400 dinars a month.

2 – age grant unemployment estimated two-thirds of the minimum wage per month for each act out of work until receiving a job with the treatment and free movement.

3 – to freeze prices of basic consumer goods (cereals and their derivatives, vegetables, milk, medicines …) and the cost of electricity, water, gas and communications for two consecutive years at least.

4 – state intervention directly to the investment in order to create new jobs and the continent, especially in those that are disadvantaged and more unemployment.

5 – Increasing the grant university to 100 dinars, dissemination and enable all needy students, both girls and boys from the public right of residence at least three years of the study period.

6 – Review of the labor laws and control mechanisms in the direction of Cgalin protection from arbitrary eviction and precarious forms of work and the violation of their professional and social.

7 – to protect individual and public freedoms of every violation, whether state or groups of satisfaction and other pending enactment of a new constitution which guarantees and protects these freedoms.

8 – freeze the payment of external debt and its services for 3 years to ease the debt burden on the state budget and revenue guidance for the public investment.

9 – Adoption of a special tax on large fortunes and recover Fees Almtkhaldh tax owed by companies and institutions and the reduction in state expenditures and control the imports of luxury.

10 – the foundations for the rapid development of transitional justice and accountability of the killers of the martyrs and symbols of tyranny and corruption in the former regime and to ensure the immediate treatment of the wounded in order to preserve their lives and maintain their dignity.

11 – stand in front of all forms of prejudice to national independence and whatever emanating from the address of each direct foreign intervention, or by (Qatar …) in the affairs of the Tunisian people and their revolution.

The Labour Party will continue, as it was for six and twenty years have gone by, with the Tunisian people and to his part in defending the revolution and move it forward until a full investigation of its objectives.

Long live the Communist Workers Party of Tunisia
Long live the Revolution of Tunisia

Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party
3 January 2012


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