EMEP: Violence against women is rising!

Today, 25 November and Solidarity Day Against Violence Against Women ‘in the violence against women in our country, hidden and open forms is in progress.

2011’s Turkey the right to life, the woman is one of the biggest problems. Killed in Sudan reasons, the rape, beaten, tortured and tormented, forced to commit suicide in a horrific increase in the number of women there. According to official records of the General Directorate of Security only 138 days, 6 hours, every 10 minutes, 1 family is experiencing domestic violence incident.

Retain her state, the law applicable

The women said they were in danger of their lives in their hands while stating that the announcements of the crime, the state, women are obliged to provide the security of police stations, municipalities, institutions like the judiciary protects the perpetrators of violence. Killers of women in the courts, incentives, good conduct, and drive yararlandırılıyor, violence, abused and raped, even murdered women’s experiences and responsible, guilty of being advertised.

Law enforcement officials are insensitive, slow to investigate, family courts, unauthorized, became insufficient protection, women are left helpless. State officials “holy” the family said, “breaking” the woman said slots are grave.

On the one hand that says do not believe in gender equality, women at every opportunity, “at least three children,” doğurmalarını who advised the Prime Minister, the AKP government during the 1400 percent in the face of increasing women’s murders, “the media exaggerate” giving speeches.

On the other hand, Fatma Sahin AKP government’s Minister of Family and Social Policies, the most comprehensive law against violence against women, they will ‘glad tidings’, but why not apply the existing laws do not mention the rights of women.

To break the integrity of the family, the family babysitter, cleaner, cook woman struggling to sound as the AKP, the law enforcement solution, not the family is referred to the Imams. Their recommended that women should be given more trust in the arm in Cyrillic So you’d like the yen.

Poverty, insecurity, unemployment, fueling violence

Maintenance of any service not met by the state, the AKP government in Turkey, carried out his hand as a result of neoliberal policies in the face of violence than women in the güçsüzleştirildi tırpanlanan social rights. Millions of women have no income and no insurance. Women’s labor force participation rate fell to its lowest level in recent years, the period of the AKP government. The greatest harm to the forms of flexible working, more women working part-time jobs and see a short-term.

World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index released every year, this situation once again revealed. Politics, education, employment and health, equal to men and women in 122 countries of 135 countries this year was Turkey. On the other hand, inequality of women and men in Turkey, participation in the economy 132, 106 in education, in health 62 and 89 are equal opportunity ranked.

Poverty, insecurity and fueling a domestic violence women’s unemployment. For fear of becoming unemployed women, gender discrimination in the workplace, harassment audio çıkaramıyor, even afraid of becoming pregnant.

Zamlara-breathing “update,” he said, as the wave passes “binmeyin luxury car, do not buy the second house,” said the Prime Minister’s ‘advanced’ democracy, bread, even when you have to think twice, does not cover the demand for equality of women with no field.

Increases the severity of the war

Created by the war, hate, fear and hostility, violence normalleştiriyor environment. Obstructing a peaceful solution to the democratic demands of the Kurdish problem in the ear of power, aggressive attitude of war, violence, and discriminatory mentality fueling ötekileştirmeci, paves the culture of lynching.

Adversely affect the lives of working people all forms of violence, results in the form of burning women alive. All citizens, not only the Kurds, not only the mothers of all women in dire need of peace.
Burning of women in peace and hope for the request, the government and the opposition’s provocative / deceptive trying to strangle the duels. For a peaceful democratic solution to the Kurdish problem, women engaged in politics, being placed in the target, funny reasons were arrested.

This is the common sufferings in the country where the Turkish and Kurdish workers exploited, discrimination, hostility and alienation is the source of the animosity to violence.

The responsibility of the State should meet!

Important dates of the fight against violence against women in the 25 November, the disclosure of the source of violence in the history of the symbol of a struggle. What makes people’s lives unbearable in their struggle against the dictatorship in 1960, Dominican Mirabal sisters were murdered, women all over the world have suffered sexual, political and cultural commemorating the struggle against violence.

The Labour Party, in all forms of violence against women and discrimination continue our resolute struggle against violence against women reddettiğimizi and on this occasion we declare once more. An end to violence against women and women’s murders, but on the prevention of violence and the elimination is possible with the development of coherent and concrete policies. To do this, first hand, and immediately the following conditions must be fulfilled:

– Turkey has signed international agreements need to be met, urgent measures should be taken in this direction, to ensure cooperation between government agencies;

– Regulation and sanctions to ensure genuine equality of men and women bring, establishing budgets accordingly;

– Penalties for violence against women and killing of the immediate end to the practice of hardening, relaxation vetahrik reduction;

– Removal of the law of prevention of violence against women, violence, psychological and legal support to women who, work, social security and amenities such as the provision of independent housing;

– An adequate number of shelters open, municipalities that do not fulfill the obligation to punish;

– Women in shelters, social, economic, adjusted so as to participate in political life;

– The definition of a special clause in the Constitution the principle of equality between women and men;

– Women’s low-wage, uninsured, unsecured, disorganized çalıştırılmalarının prevention;

– Disabled, elderly, child, patient care services free of charge by the government to undertake;

– To fulfill its obligation to ensure equality in all areas of women, combating violence against women and follow-up will take further steps to realize the immediate establishment of the Ministry of Gender Equality.

General Chairman


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