MLKP: Seminar against revisionism in Paris

Our party discusses international relations concrete, not in an abstract way. It considers these relations as comradely solidarity relations. Our party continuously arranges international meetings and thinks that these meetings play an important role to forward class struggle and international relations. The seminar, “Construction of socialism in Albania and Enver Hoxha in the struggle against modern revisionism”, which we organized together with the Party of Labour of Albania (PLA), is an example of these relations. The PLA Central Committee and International Bureau member Laver Stroka joint in our seminar, which was hold on 15th April in Paris, as panelist. A film about the resistance against Hitler fascism in Albania and construction of socialism was shown after the minute of silence for all the revolutionary martyries in the name of Enver Hoxha. Our seminar, where there was a photo exhibition about the costruction and progress of socialism in Albania, was participated by 70 people.

Laver Stroka gave some examples from the process of construction of socialism and the Albanian laborers heroic struggle leaded by PLA against the fascist occupation. Stroka stressed that “PLA showed that cobstruction of socialism is possible even in a little country” and said: “Enver Hoxha, guided by Marxism-Leninism, has an important place in the struggle against Soviet revisionism, Titoism and Chinese revisionism leaded by Mao. Especially in the struggle against the ‘three world theory’ of Mao, which denials presence of classes, defends wrong alliance in class struggle, and includes racist approaches, Hoxha made significiant contributions. E. Hoxha always defended Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin’s theory.”

Comrade Demircioglu, who spoke in the name of our party, said: “We felt the contributions of the Chinese Communist Party which was on the anti-revisionism front for a while, against modern revisionism. We discussed the ‘three world theory’ in our country for a time. E. Hoxha’s contribution is important for the analyze and refuse of this theory as theory of class coorporation. In addition, Hoxha played an important role in the struggle against Khrushchev and Chinese revisionism. Albania, which has honorable communists and people, has an instructive role as declaring ‘we eat grass but do not submit’ against economic and political sanctions of Khrushchev and Chinese revisionism to Albania.” And Demircioglu added to his words: “We, as Marxist Leninist Communists, have to learn from Enver Hoxha’s struggle against revisionism and have to make new contributions to this struggle.” Demircioðlu said that “we can grow the struggle against revisionism by establishing strong relations with the masses and including the workers and laborers to the economic, cultural and political life. We have to embed Leninist party theory into our struggle, against bureaucratism which is a basic problem in the restoration process. Capitalist restorations cannot be explained by single persons. We have to make new contributions with new mechanisms and elements, by embracing the Leninist theory.”


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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