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ICMLPO: Support the resistance in Kobane, support the liberation struggle of the peoples

MLKP fighters in the Kobane resistance

MLKP fighters in the Kobane resistance

Resolution adopted at the plenary session of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

The sharpening of the Syrian conflict, driven by the reactionary forces in the region, particularly Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, under the supervision and coordination of the United States and French imperialists, is part of the political strategy to redesign the Middle East.

Turkey not only wants to lead Sunni Islam, reviving its neo-Ottoman dreams, but to prevent the self-determination of the Kurds in Rojava (the part of Kurdistan in Syria), because they play an important role as a reference for the Kurds in Turkey on their way to achieving national self-determination.

However, given the exclusiveness with which the US has acted in its interventionist policy, the opposition that it put together (the Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces of Syria and its armed wing the Free Syrian Army) has lost its influence and has left it to the radical Islamist gangs such as Al Qaeda.

The sharpening of inter-imperialist contradictions surrounding the conflict in Syria have created favorable conditions for the struggle of the Kurdish people, who have always been under the combined pressure of regional reactionary groups and the imperialists to prevent their self-determination and their developing autonomous governments in Rojava .

The Turkish Government perceives as a threat the existence of the administrations built by the Kurds in Rojava under the leadership of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, in collaboration with other peoples and religious groups. It also considers it difficult to impose its plan based on negotiations with Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK. Therefore it has supported in all forms the Islamic State and Al Nusra (Front for the Victory of the People of Greater Syria). The great resistance of the Kurdish people and the solidarity all over the world gave Kobane an important significance for all oppressed peoples. The resistance in Kobane is growing and developing the hope of all oppressed peoples for a secular democratic future under the threat of the brutality of the Islamic State and religious fanaticism used by the reactionaries in that region and the imperialists.

We, the members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) support the liberation struggle of oppressed peoples and the resistance in Kobane. We oppose the imperialist interventionist policies in the Middle East and other regions of the world.

To defend the struggle for self-determination of the Kurdish people, the Palestinian people and all the oppressed peoples is the task of the working class and all peoples of the world.

Turkey, November 2014


Marxist–Leninist Communist Party (Turkey): Freedom for Francisco Caraballo!

Manuel Pérez, ELN, Manuel Marulanda, FARC-EP y Francisco Caraballo, EPL

Manuel Pérez, ELN, Manuel Marulanda, FARC-EP y
Francisco Caraballo, EPL

April 2005

Capitalist system applies all sorts of violence against its opponents, especially the communists all over the world. Because, the communists are building the future and the exploiters know this very well. The torture and prisons also cannot change the advancing of the history and the revolutionary wills of the political prisoners: “I believe socialism presents the necessary perspective for the revolutionary change of the society. Socialism is the future of the mankind, there is no doubt from it.” These words belong to Francisco Caraballo, the President of Colombia Communist Party (ML) and the Commander of People’s Liberation Army (EPL). EPL gives armed struggle for socialism under the leadership of CCP (ML) against the reactionary power in Colombia since 1967. Francisco Caraballo was captured by the enemy on 22nd of June 1994, and still in prison since than.

He was kept in the BogotE1 Military Prison together with his wife and son, who was 16 years old, until a criminal attempt against him by the army had brought to open. As the result of solidarity campaign carried out for him both in the country and on the international arena, the Government transferred him from military prison to Itagui-Antiochia Prision, a high security prison near to Medellin. He stays there under solitary confinement and without security of life. The Colombian State is not accepting him as a political prisoner, and also prevents the treatment of his illness.

Comrade Francisco Caraballo is in prison for more than 10 years. Although he has to be freed according to the Colombian Penal Code because of serving the penalty, when it comes to protection of the power of the ruling classes, the reactionary State of Colombia is not implementing even its own laws, and continuing to keep him in prison.

We, as MLCP, state that we are in solidarity with Francisco Caraballo and urge his immediate release. We, at the same time, call upon all communists, revolutionaries and progressives to defend Francisco Caraballo and to protest Colombian State.


MLKP: The Turkish bourgeois state made a massacre in Kurdistan with fighter aircraft

01 January 2012 /International Bureau / Stament No: 58

The colonialist fascist regime committed a new massacre in Roboski village of Uludere district in Kurdistan on December 28 with F-16 fighter aircrafts. 35 Kurdish poor peasants who lives on cross-border small commerce between Southern and Northern Kurdistan have been assassinated in a planned and organised manner as a part of the attack against the Kurdish freedom movement. Those killed in the massacre were young Kurdish people between the age of 12 and 28.

The colonialist state that had hidden the civil massacres by the counter-guerrilla after 1990 has been caught red-handed this time, because it carried out this massacre with the unmanned war vehicles and fighter aircraft. Most of the young Kurds killed in the massacre carries the same surname. Therefore, the AKP government was not able to pass over or hide this massacre by presenting it as the punishment of some ” PKK terrorists” or an accident.
Since the general elections in 2011, the war government of AKP continues with the total liquidation attack against the Kurdish freedom movement through dirty war methods. These attacks do not only target the guerrilla forces but also the Kurdish open organisations, Kurdish journalists, lawyers, elected majors and artists. At the moment there are 12 thousands of political prisoners in the prisons of Turkey. Moreover, in addition to setting the forests on fire, eviction of villages and forcing the population to immigration through hydroelectric power plants and by using the earthquake in Wan, the colonialist regime started to utilise from the massacre of civil peasants.

The Kurdish labouring peasants were targeted, because the political and military army of the national resistance is formed by the poor Kurdish youth, labourers and women of the urban and rural areas. Through this massacre, they openly threaten the Kurdish people and try to intimidate them. The Uludere massacre is a new massacre that has been included in the list of hundreds of massacres carried out in Kurdistan by the colonialist forces until now. This massacre has alarmed and created a great anger and pain among the Kurdish people and labourers and the Turkish communist and revolutionary forces. Huge and effective protest movements in all parts of our region target the war government of AKP and the fascist Turkish bourgeois army and put them in a difficult situation.

Our party MLCP has called upon all its forces to increase the fight against colonialism and the dirty war in all political and military fields in face of this crime against humanity, these psychological and dirty war policies carried out by the colonialist fascist regime under the support of the EU and US imperialists.

Our Kurdish people and the guerrilla forces have lost 40 thousand people in the guerrilla war and the serhildan struggles and millions of Kurds were organised and became a political army. Today the achievements and the products of the national freedom struggle is under the siege of imperialist and the colonialist regime. In our region of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, the revolutionary movement and the Kurdish freedom movement is getting organised and growing their action in order to fight back this liquidation attack through united revolutionary struggle.

MLCP called upon the international revolutionary and communist movement, international revolutionary circles and platforms, parties, organisations, groups and individuals who are part of this movement in each country to raise their protest and increase their action against the colonialist fascist regime that provokes war in the Middle East and climbs the dirty war in our country. Let’s take action in front of the embassies of the Turkish bourgeois state. Let’s protest the Turkish Prime Minister, government and the President through telephone, fax, e-mail and similar methods and call them to give up the attacks.
The Kurdish people are not alone!

Long live the international unity of struggle of the proletariat and the peoples!

MLKP: Seminar against revisionism in Paris

Our party discusses international relations concrete, not in an abstract way. It considers these relations as comradely solidarity relations. Our party continuously arranges international meetings and thinks that these meetings play an important role to forward class struggle and international relations. The seminar, “Construction of socialism in Albania and Enver Hoxha in the struggle against modern revisionism”, which we organized together with the Party of Labour of Albania (PLA), is an example of these relations. The PLA Central Committee and International Bureau member Laver Stroka joint in our seminar, which was hold on 15th April in Paris, as panelist. A film about the resistance against Hitler fascism in Albania and construction of socialism was shown after the minute of silence for all the revolutionary martyries in the name of Enver Hoxha. Our seminar, where there was a photo exhibition about the costruction and progress of socialism in Albania, was participated by 70 people.

Laver Stroka gave some examples from the process of construction of socialism and the Albanian laborers heroic struggle leaded by PLA against the fascist occupation. Stroka stressed that “PLA showed that cobstruction of socialism is possible even in a little country” and said: “Enver Hoxha, guided by Marxism-Leninism, has an important place in the struggle against Soviet revisionism, Titoism and Chinese revisionism leaded by Mao. Especially in the struggle against the ‘three world theory’ of Mao, which denials presence of classes, defends wrong alliance in class struggle, and includes racist approaches, Hoxha made significiant contributions. E. Hoxha always defended Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin’s theory.”

Comrade Demircioglu, who spoke in the name of our party, said: “We felt the contributions of the Chinese Communist Party which was on the anti-revisionism front for a while, against modern revisionism. We discussed the ‘three world theory’ in our country for a time. E. Hoxha’s contribution is important for the analyze and refuse of this theory as theory of class coorporation. In addition, Hoxha played an important role in the struggle against Khrushchev and Chinese revisionism. Albania, which has honorable communists and people, has an instructive role as declaring ‘we eat grass but do not submit’ against economic and political sanctions of Khrushchev and Chinese revisionism to Albania.” And Demircioglu added to his words: “We, as Marxist Leninist Communists, have to learn from Enver Hoxha’s struggle against revisionism and have to make new contributions to this struggle.” Demircioðlu said that “we can grow the struggle against revisionism by establishing strong relations with the masses and including the workers and laborers to the economic, cultural and political life. We have to embed Leninist party theory into our struggle, against bureaucratism which is a basic problem in the restoration process. Capitalist restorations cannot be explained by single persons. We have to make new contributions with new mechanisms and elements, by embracing the Leninist theory.”


Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Turkey): The duty of defending the Kurdish freedom movement has international character!

23 October 2011 / International Bureau / Statement No: 57

The Turkish bourgeois state represented by the AKP (1) government has been choked by the heavy losses resulting from the extensive guerrilla operation of the HPG (2) units on October 19. What they try to conceal under the oaths of revenge, racist provocations, lynching attempts and bringing the bourgeois media to line through the briefing of Prime Minister Erdogan is the reality that the denial and assimilation policy has suffered a heavy defeat once more in front of the Kurdish freedom movement.

Right after the general elections, the Turkish bourgeois state had put the total war plan called “new concept of war” into operation against the Kurdish freedom movement. Within the context of this wave of attacks, the Turkish colonialist fascism, the reactionary states of the region and the imperialist forces carried out important negotiations directly related to the Middle East politics, including the deployment of the NATO antimissile shield in Turkey. While the military operations, predominantly in the form of air attacks, continue in Southern and Northern Kurdistan uninterruptedly, they try to intimidate the Kurdish people through the attacks of extensive and massive arrest and imprisonments against its democratic organisations and cadres.

Within the same context, 7 fighters including Rustem Cudi, member of the Council of KCK (3) , and Cicek Botan and Aliser Kocgiri, members of the Military Council of HPG, were killed in an air attack against the guerrilla zones of Xakurke and Xinere in Southern Kurdistan on October 10. This massacre, which was carried out under the technological support of imperialism and Zionism, and the on-going preparations of the Turkish colonialist army for a land operation were responded by the HPG with the Operation of Martyr Cicek on October 19. HPG announced that 81 soldiers were killed and tens of soldiers were injured in the operation against 18 different military targets in and around Cukurca.

Being one of the most extensive operations carried out so far by the Kurdish guerrilla forces, the Cukurca operation is a turning point for the latest military-political expedition of AKP. The “new war concept”, too, has failed in face of the resistance of the Kurdish people based on the guerrilla and the serhildans (4). The discord in the ranks of the Turkish bourgeoisie about the possibility of solving the Kurdish question by military methods has deepened even further.

Among the Turkish workers and labourers, there is a developing tendency for peace and a reaction against the fact that their sons are being garbed in military uniforms and sent to die in attacks of occupation, of which they have no benefit. This tendency has not yet turned into the conscious of defending a just peace on the basis of the democratic solution of the Kurdish question; however, the demand of “stopping the blood shed” is growing. Although the Turkish bourgeois state tries to suffocate and disable this demand through media manipulation and lynching provocations, the demand for peace has inevitably taken its place in the agenda of the Turkish workers and labourers and this will undoubtedly turn into the conscious and action of democratic and just peace as a result of the struggle of the progressive and revolutionary forces.

It is a duty of international character to defend the Kurdish freedom movement which is one of the important centres of resistance in the world in such period where the armed resistance forces through ideological, political and military attacks are tried to be liquidated and the people’s rebellions and the resistances from North Africa to Europe and from Asia to Latin America are tried to be manipulated and suffocated. The operation for the liquidation of PKK (5) and the Kurdish freedom movement is a covert NATO operation. In this sense, solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement means resistance against the imperialist terror organisation NATO. It means resistance against the Middle East policies of the USA and Israel. It means resistance against the ideological and political attacks claiming that the peoples, the working class and the labourers have no will and power to make history.

We call upon all the progressive, revolutionary and the communist forces of the world to keep alive the memory of the immortal martyrs of the Kurdish freedom movement, to stand against the military operations of the colonialist fascism supported by the US and other imperialist forces and to defend the Kurdish people’s organisations which are exposed to political genocide through arrest and imprisonments.

We salute the operation of Cukurca by HPG, who, using their right to resist against the colonialist yoke, oppression and violence, carried out this action in memory of the martyrs of Xakurke-Xinere against the preparations of the colonialist fascist Turkish state for land operation.

We salute with great respect the martyrs of the Kurdish freedom movement in the name of our comrades-in-arm Rustem Cudi, Cicek Botan and Aliser Kocgiri, the dedicated guerrilla commanders, each of whom have many years of experience in war, and the 4 HPG fighters and the 7 immortal fighter who turned into martyrs in the operation of Cukurca. Their memories will live forever in the free, democratic and just peace of the Turkish and Kurdish people, in the victory of the Kurdish people’s freedom movement and in the victory of socialism in our region.

Rustem Cudi, Cicek Botan, Aliser Kocgiri and the martyrs of freedom of the Kurdish people are immortal!

Down with the colonialist fascist dictatorship! Peace, equality, brotherhood and freedom for the Kurdish nation!


1) Justice and Development Party

2) People’s Defence Forces (HPG) are the armed forces of the PKK.

3) Kurdistan Democratic Confederation

4) ‘Uprising’ in Kurdish language. This word has become a symbol for the Kurdish people’s mass uprisings, such as the meaning of ‘intifada’ for the Palestinian liberation movement.

5) Kurdistan Workers’ Party


Marxist-Leninist Communist Party: Chemical Massacre at Kazan Valley

Through a statement made on October 30, the Central Command of HPG (1) announced that the colonialist fascist Turkish army has carried out a chemical massacre. Following the Martyr Cicek Revolutionary Operation of HPG on October 19 in Cukurca, the Turkish army had launched extensive air attacks and military conflicts in Geliyê Tiyarê (Kazan Valley) on October 22-25. After the military operations, it was announced that there are 24 bodies at the morgue of Forensic Medicine Institute of Malatya. A delegation of BDP (2) members and human rights activists went to Malatya for investigations, where they announced that the bodies are unrecognisable.

HPG cleared the situation by its statement on October 30. According to the statement, they suffered disconnection with their units in the region consisting of 35 guerrillas. It has turned out that 24 of them turned into martyrs and their bodies are in the morgue of Malatya. There is no connection at the moment with the other 11. HPG stated that they have not clarified which 24 of the 35 guerrillas have been definitely killed and taken to Malatya, so they decided to announce the identities of 35 guerrillas: Mizbah Kızıler, Ali Hasan Pervizi, Cevdet Örtaş, Sultaneli Julide, Behice Bedro, Giyasettin Kaval, Şilan Ergün, Minnan İsmail Akkaş, İkram Kara, Çetin Modanlar, Saniye Mustafa, Geylani Reşidi, İpek Çiçek, Suna Özdemir, Gülistan Koç, Ebru Muhikancı, Ayşe Amra, Derviş Özkan, Leyla Halimi, Emine Altun, Oktay Çelik, Ahmet Mirza, Aziz Balıkçı, Sezar Arslan, Gulale Yusufi, Cemil Erol, Reşat Aslan, Enver Akçay, Mahmut Bor, Abdurrahman Enüştekin, Ümit Ramazani, Sevcan Algünerhan, Bereket Aşan, Aynur Kırbaş, Belkız Yeşilyurt.

HPG also informed that the Turkish army, after failing at breaking the resistance of the guerrilla forces, intensified its attack with Cobra helicopters, howitzers and mortars and used napalm bombs, and the HPG units who made investigations in the region found signs of use of chemical weapons. After the announcement, some of the martyrs’ families went to Malatya to identify their sons and daughters. 15 of them could not identify the bodies since some of the heads were cut off and the bodies were destroyed. One of the martyrs, Ebru Muhikancı was sent to eternity on the same day by more than one thousand people including some MPs of BDP.

A delegation of IHD (3) and BDP members went to Kazan Valley for investigations about the use of chemical weapons.


1) People’s Defence Forces (HPG) are the armed forces of the PKK

2) Peace and Democracy Party. Party of Democratic Society (DTP), the legal and legitimate party of the Kurdish national struggle, was banned and closed down by the Turkish burgeois state in November 2009. After that, BDP was established as an expression of the will of the Kurdish people in this field.

3) Human Rights Association

MLKP: Actions for the 10 Guerrillas Killed in Kurdistan

The armed forces of the colonialist Turkish bourgeois state killed 10 guerrillas in Sirnak within the framework of the uninterruptedly continuing military operations in Kurdistan.

The People’s Defence Forces (HPG) announced that 10 guerrillas have fallen away and 8 Turkish soldiers have died in the conflict in Sirnak-Uludere that continued from May 12 to May 14.

The chief of the Turkish army had alleged that 12 guerrilla were killed in the operations and had not mentioned the losses of the Turkish army.
In Kurdistan, ten thousands of Kurds participated in the funerals of the fallen guerrillas. In Hakkari, thirty thousand people gathered in the funeral of Ahmet Askan, one of the Sirnak-Uludere martyrs, shouting slogans such as “Erdogan, the killer!” and “The martyrs are immortal!”

MLKP on May 1, for freedom and socialism!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

The working class unity, solidarity and struggle on the May 1st is approaching!

May 1, from production to the power of the working class struggle for freedom and socialism per day pass!

May 1, workers and workers exploitation, misery and oppression, the double exploitation of women as the second sex, geleceksizliğe young people, the oppressed nations condemned the destruction and denial of the bourgeois order in which accountability is the day!

May 1, the working class, workers, youth, women, the fate of the oppressed nations and national minorities to get into their own hands, for equality and justice, freedom and socialism is the day to fill squares!

Popular revolts in North Africa and the Middle East, the so-called dictators defetti indestructible. “It does not go like that came,” said the Middle East’s rights, not only of imperialist competition in the region, oil conflicts, but also the will of peoples is peoples yaptırımcı, solvent and the result is catching the action and the power of the sovereignty of the most powerful appears to be able to show that precipitation mechanism of the knee.

In the Middle East is part of the future in our region, the rights and the power of united action to be written. The Kurdish issue, the laws of capitalism, and capital policies of the government from the political, social and economic problems, the solution will bring the working class and peoples.

The working class, laborers, women, young people, Kurdish people and other national minorities, religious and sectarian communities, the oppressed and the pressures on the political prohibitions continue in full force. Kurdish politicians, including dozens of elected mayors, hundreds of revolutionary, such as Ahmed Stylish Turkish bourgeois state, including dozens of journalists are turning to expose the dirty policies of the revolutionary and progressive journalist dungeons. Ayhan, such as the wheel is a registered confessions of murderers, practices dirty war in Kurdistan until December 19 dungeon massacre massacre exposed a number of government documents, despite the ostensible yargılamalarla aklanırken cuts off the line is being liquidated. Currently, “There is no Kurdish problem,” teraneleri continuing. The Supreme Electoral Council, the Kurdish liberation movement and the socialists show for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the political conspiracies will continue to veto candidates put forward. These are moves to promote institutionalization of the AKP government’s own fascist.

Still be trapped in the Kurdish politicians and elected YSK’nın veto, that phony elections, how, the will of the people on the street can have their own evidence among the action to life.
Economic crisis, dismissed the bill is still pulses, indirect tax hikes, the provisions of the basic livelihood of the working class and working people are paying zamlarla. Crisis of the bourgeoisie the opportunity to know, all the strikes and resistance, all the rights acquired at a price of trying to bury history, subcontracting and climbs bounce attacks.

Misery of the working class and working people in the imperialist world system of capitalist conditions etmekle not convicted, the sources of life suffered in the destruction of all humanity faces the problem of asset poverty brings. Energy radioactive nuclear crisis following the earthquake disaster in Japan, Japanese people living in both the earlier catastrophes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear destruction once again brought face to face, and the continents beyond Europe, America and even reached our region. The energy crisis of the imperialists for the competition and arms race of mankind is pregnant once again showed what a great disaster.

The workers, laborers!

Unemployment, hunger, poverty, political bans, sendikasızlaştırma attacks, all in the Middle East and the world takes similar forms. Against imperialist capitalism, regional and international organizations, international unity of the working class, the future is important to win. The working class unity and solidarity in the struggle can change the world. The workers all over the world will conquer the streets on May 1 and will show once again the fact that the will of the people. However, even the organization of trade unions of the working class is low, unorganized, disorganized, fragmented state, the action weakens. Inciting Turkish chauvinism, not only the destruction of the Kurdish people and deny the leaves exposed to attacks, but also by the Turkish workers and emekçilerini tool in this dirty politics, unemployment, work, pulses, poverty, misery taşeronlaşmaya hikes and against the AKP government against the fascist kurumlaşmasına break the power of action, the will of to break. The imperialists of the working class in this fragmented, dispersed and disorganized state of the class to take power from attacking.

Trade union and political örgütlülüğünüzü enlarge on May 1, working women, youth and oppressed peoples in the student union and social struggle to walk in the front ranks of the exit squares!

The Kurdish people!

Workers connect people with the Turkish workers and the fire burned Newroz’da Taksim Square! Maximize the power of the struggle for national democratic rights in the Middle East rebellion! Solution to the problem of Kurdish counterpart, Turkish workers and laborers! And an act of the will of the People!

Labor and laboring women!

Ongoing inequality in all areas of society, women’s murders, sexual assaults, family, society and state violence against women is not destiny! Just as in the front of the barricades Revolts in the Middle East, such as women, to cry out that the destiny of this life, March 8 at the forefront in the spirit of May 1 take place in squares!

Student youth!

YGS’de released May 1 this year have shown the face of scandal password magnification power of action, demands the general demands of combining working-class and working people, free, democratic, the struggle for education in mother tongue, do the springboard!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

More than 30 years in a row, won the resistance and rebellion in Taksim Square, hundreds of thousands of workers, laborer, women and youths preparing to welcome one more time.
Taksim Square, united struggle, a symbol of solidarity and resistance.
Taksim Square, the symbol of the persistent and effective, action.
Taksim Square, in front of peoples yaptırımcı no action will not stop a symbol of power.
The capitalist system, working-class and working people, the source of all political and social problems. If the only alternative to revolution and socialism. For freedom and socialism on May 1 in Taksim Square to fill the ranks of MLCP!

Long live May 1 Long live socialism! Biji Biji Yek Gülan Socialism!
Long Live Long Live the People’s Fellowship of the Revolution! Biji Biji Biratîya Gela Sores!

The Central Committee of MLCP