Marxist-Leninist Communist Party: Chemical Massacre at Kazan Valley

Through a statement made on October 30, the Central Command of HPG (1) announced that the colonialist fascist Turkish army has carried out a chemical massacre. Following the Martyr Cicek Revolutionary Operation of HPG on October 19 in Cukurca, the Turkish army had launched extensive air attacks and military conflicts in Geliyê Tiyarê (Kazan Valley) on October 22-25. After the military operations, it was announced that there are 24 bodies at the morgue of Forensic Medicine Institute of Malatya. A delegation of BDP (2) members and human rights activists went to Malatya for investigations, where they announced that the bodies are unrecognisable.

HPG cleared the situation by its statement on October 30. According to the statement, they suffered disconnection with their units in the region consisting of 35 guerrillas. It has turned out that 24 of them turned into martyrs and their bodies are in the morgue of Malatya. There is no connection at the moment with the other 11. HPG stated that they have not clarified which 24 of the 35 guerrillas have been definitely killed and taken to Malatya, so they decided to announce the identities of 35 guerrillas: Mizbah Kızıler, Ali Hasan Pervizi, Cevdet Örtaş, Sultaneli Julide, Behice Bedro, Giyasettin Kaval, Şilan Ergün, Minnan İsmail Akkaş, İkram Kara, Çetin Modanlar, Saniye Mustafa, Geylani Reşidi, İpek Çiçek, Suna Özdemir, Gülistan Koç, Ebru Muhikancı, Ayşe Amra, Derviş Özkan, Leyla Halimi, Emine Altun, Oktay Çelik, Ahmet Mirza, Aziz Balıkçı, Sezar Arslan, Gulale Yusufi, Cemil Erol, Reşat Aslan, Enver Akçay, Mahmut Bor, Abdurrahman Enüştekin, Ümit Ramazani, Sevcan Algünerhan, Bereket Aşan, Aynur Kırbaş, Belkız Yeşilyurt.

HPG also informed that the Turkish army, after failing at breaking the resistance of the guerrilla forces, intensified its attack with Cobra helicopters, howitzers and mortars and used napalm bombs, and the HPG units who made investigations in the region found signs of use of chemical weapons. After the announcement, some of the martyrs’ families went to Malatya to identify their sons and daughters. 15 of them could not identify the bodies since some of the heads were cut off and the bodies were destroyed. One of the martyrs, Ebru Muhikancı was sent to eternity on the same day by more than one thousand people including some MPs of BDP.

A delegation of IHD (3) and BDP members went to Kazan Valley for investigations about the use of chemical weapons.


1) People’s Defence Forces (HPG) are the armed forces of the PKK

2) Peace and Democracy Party. Party of Democratic Society (DTP), the legal and legitimate party of the Kurdish national struggle, was banned and closed down by the Turkish burgeois state in November 2009. After that, BDP was established as an expression of the will of the Kurdish people in this field.

3) Human Rights Association

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

3 thoughts on “Marxist-Leninist Communist Party: Chemical Massacre at Kazan Valley

  1. Up and down they have tried to gain things. Their demands are fair but Turkey has done enough to them to make them begging the US for power and … for example American Kurdish Info Network that was led by Kani Xulam, showed well that to get a safe haven for PKK after Syria took it away they’ll do anything (including urging US to attack Saddam’s regime) and… and, their offspring, PJAK of Iran is not always acting comradely with other Kurds (Including Communist Party of Iran – Komeleh that is a Kurdish militant group in fact)… with all that still, there is this Communist party of Turkey ML and this other one I think that is even more clear, Communist party of Turkey and North Kurdistan (ML) that are in fact Mao Tse tung Thought followers… cool people. let us see where it is led to. power to them all!

    1. Where did you get the idea that the MLKP in Turkey are Mao-Tse-Tungists? They most certainly are not from what I can see, from what I’ve read and from what I’ve heard about them. They follow Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin if you look at their site, and have close relations to pro-Hoxha parties the world over.

  2. There’s two type of them. What really they differ on, needs more digging but they were both there for Free Chairman Gonzalo fiasco and all that. I’m neither for example Stalinist nor, Maoist but still, I stand for revolutionary Naxalites in India most of all…

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