Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire: The Anti-Imperialist Struggle is Still Relevant for the Sovereignty of our Country!

August 21, 2011

The anti-imperialist struggle is a patriotic struggle for excellence, remains an urgent need for the Ivorian people as it is for all dominated peoples on the planet. The Ivorian people has also endorsed this truth for many years. But his efforts were at times frustrated by the supporters of the imperialist world system and their allies and servants at home. In this role of allies and servants of French imperialism, the Houphouetists led by Alassane Ouattara just succeed Gbagbo and his power to populist fascist overtones. It is important to remember that in recent years, Gbagbo and his FPI contributed greatly to distract the popular struggle of its main objectives.

Having learned from the confusion of ideological and populist practices and to overcome their misdeeds, it is important to emphasize the nature, content and objectives of the anti-imperialist struggle. This is essential for a stronger recovery and targeted the anti-imperialist and patriotic in our country. A target of combat, even though identified can be achieved under specific conditions, one of these conditions is the unity of all components of the Ivorian people. This unit will resume found the true meaning of popular struggles of the early 90 for freedom and bread. Specifically, the objective of the fighting was and remains the conquest of power to ensure political freedom and the freedom to produce. To achieve this, the Ivorian people must refuse to be dictated to by choice and a powerful country by an imperialist country.

1) The need to preserve the unity of the sixty nationalities

Ivory Coast is populated by some sixty ethnic groups, each of which has the characteristics of a nationality, and indeed so we live in a multinational state. The development of a common national destiny in such a state requires the implementation of sound policy preventing frustrations, which the Ivorian bourgeoisie has failed to last five decades. In their desire to bar the way to the necessary unity of nationalities, those in power had fallen in April even developed a strategy of opposition from different nationalities to each other, under the old policy of divide and rule practiced by all the dominant powers in the context of colonial and neocolonial.

The power of the rebuilding has chosen to pursue a tribalist and xenophobic that favored the dispersion of the energy of the Ivorian people. Or to build a strong Ivorian nation, able to free themselves from domination and oppression, able to control his destiny, the unity of the diverse peoples of our country is an absolute necessity. Without this unity, no common effort to fight beneficial or politically or economically.

2) The necessity of the struggle for political independence and economic independence

The reactionary politics and weakening of the national will of the government led by senior citizens since 1960 has greatly hampered the progress of the Ivorian people in their struggle for the strengthening of political and economic independence of the country.

The contribution of the FPI to this policy has largely led to fade in some areas of Ivorian society the great hope of important victories over oppression and exploitation born in the early 90’s. Indeed, following the hard-won concessions to supporters of the autocratic power of taking an iron fist by Houphouet-Boigny, was to hope to win several victories on the road to the conquest of a modern democratic state. But the power of populist FPI has dampened enthusiasm for a political reactionary political and economic catastrophe. Gbagbo said “a thousand deaths on the right, a thousand deaths on the left, I go myself,” or “made Houphouët Ivory Coast rich, I’ll make the Ivorian rich.” The tone was set for political and economic crimes. To camouflage the forfeiture, the power Gbagbo has spent most of his time to take advantage of his own turpitude, has reinforced the skepticism, to develop a sense of nostalgia in many sectors of national life. The essence of revolutionary movements in 1990 which looks promising suites have been transformed into movements against Revolutionaries. Reactionary forces based on skepticism cultivated trying to convince people that it is better to look in the mirror rather than looking to the future. These reactionary forces profess that it is pointless to demand freedom, sovereignty, he should stick to concerns about “economic development”.

Fortunately, contrary to the skepticism and attempt to make the economy a given independent of politics, history teaches that economic progress is linked to progress of successive releases of man and human societies. These releases are the result of successive social and political struggles which the Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire continues to call on all Ivorian patriots across the country for political independence and economic independence.

3) The recall of the meaning of popular struggles of the 1990s and following

To stifle the aspirations for freedom, power Houphouët-Boigny had pretended for years that freedom, especially the multi would create incentives to tribalism in our country. However, the popular struggle for the reintroduction of multiparty politics in the early 90s did not leave room for the expression of that feeling dread. Political parties established in the period were kept to fan tribal hatred and xenophobia. Rather the bowels of the party of Houphouët-Boigny, the PDCI-RDA, has officially emerged the idea of calling openly ivoirité exacerbation of feeling and maintained the conditions for its development.

The Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) as soon as he felt able to close in 2000, posted openly and officially, its full membership in this thesis the effects of which continue to be devastating on the unity of the peoples of Côte d’Ivoire. It is also one of the points on which the REIT must be accountable to the people of Côte d’Ivoire.

The struggles of 90 years, initially mainly directed against the lack of freedom and all forms of oppression have been misguided in their goals by Gbagbo and his party who have overused the same time progressive notions of pan-Africanism , of patriotism and anti-imperialism they abused and continued to opportunistically claim.

4) The commitment to the anti-imperialist struggle on the basis of patriotism of good quality: essential for future progress of the emancipation struggle of the Ivorian people.

For emancipation, the main peak of the struggle of the Ivorian people must be directed against French imperialism, particularly against its military presence on the national territory. A successful outcome of this struggle means that it is also directed against the internal forces supporting and justifying the occupation.

Since the dark page and confusion of the power of reshaping faces, it is possible to excite the patriotic struggle which the fiber of many Ivorians to the place, give it the strength necessary to make a factor of unity, mobilization and struggle for an emancipated Côte d’Ivoire. We now promote patriotism of good quality, we say, that is to say, the patriotism of good quality as opposed to the agitation of the advocates of xenophobia and tribalism.

It is now possible to respond more appropriately to those who, based on disability and total failure of power Gbagbo, believe that the concepts of national sovereignty, monetary sovereignty, independence, culture no longer make sense in the context of globalization. In the eyes of those who deny the relevance of the struggle for sovereignty, the failure of the REIT to prove that the people can not know for progress beyond those achieved under the previous government. The deniers of the necessity of the struggle for sovereignty, these proponents of half-truths, convey the ideas that it is better to “talk about work” than “talk about sovereignty and independence.” But, they soon realize, if not already done that work and sovereignty is conditional upon each other. Universal history has shown, human political and social freedom is more productive than the slave.

Sovereignty or independence is not opposed to work, job well done, with hard work, the culture of the effort. And no one can deny the fact that there can be a job well done with the beneficial effects are long lasting if the political and strategic options are not set by a sovereign and independent people. These developments can be better understood from a few things learned Ivorian. After more than 50 years of “military cooperation”, the Ivorian army is unable to fulfill its mission. The infrastructure created in our country have deteriorated so revolting, the road network is destroyed, the school and health infrastructure have become dangerous for the users, the elevators of public buildings are barely functioning, etc.. The lesson most plausible is that everything that is designed and built outside of the organization and national expertise is ridiculous. Indeed, under such conditions, the mind immediately is lacking for the upkeep and maintenance. This goes for all the achievements, material and cultural.

The presence of post-colonial French military base in Ivory Coast dates from the early 60s. All the powers that ruled the country struggling to justify or tolerate this presence and this surrender of sovereignty. The current president Alassane Ouattara due to the presence of foreign forces, French in particular, the keystone of his policy. Recently, the State Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Kablan Duncan, tried to justify this policy to reporters by the following facts:

“The rise of terrorism with al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which requires the development of the information; the lute against drugs, as some states in the sub-region has become a hub between Europe and America Latin and finally the border banditry and attacks by the sea with ships. Côte d’Ivoire dream of being a hub and it is not possible, if we do not fight terrorism.”

(See Ivorian daily Fraternité Matin, No. 13989 of July 13, 2011, p. 22).

And later he added:

“President Houphouet-Boigny had entrusted the defense of territory to the French army to devote the resources of the country development. “(Ibid.).

Is not this the consummate expression of the policy of the outstretched hand and the culture of self-surrender into the hands of others? Decrypted, these statements mean that the Ivorian security forces are unable to carry out their task of defending the territorial integrity of Côte d’Ivoire and that more than 50 years after independence. The logical conclusion that the Minister of State refrained from shooting, is that the Ivorian army whose missions are performed by a foreign army, is not a priority, it will remain idle and under-equipped. Indeed, why allocate resources to tasks performed by the French forces?

The government is willing to sign new agreements “military cooperation” with the French government without taking stock of past cooperation, at least, without bringing this report to the attention of the people. It is a fact that after over 50 years of “military cooperation” the Ivorian army finds itself in a deplorable state, inefficiency, indiscipline, neglect of military missions for missions of law enforcement why it did not have the training and is easy to conclude that this cooperation is a failure. This failure will normally result in the outright denunciation of the Agreement and seeking new avenues in the military. It is unacceptable to link the country again, while the probability is high that another fifty years after the same experience will be done.

The argument of the fight against terrorism to maintain a foreign military presence only serves to make it not afraid to lead the people to accept the unacceptable? It is noteworthy that the leaders of the countries where terrorism has already pointed out by AQIM attacks and hostage-taking, countries that are within the scope of direct action of this organization have not yet claimed the installation of foreign military bases on their soil. It is indefensible that a country of 20 million people like ours, which has significant economic potential, with many military experts, is unable to rely on its own human resources to ensure its security. This proves that the issue of sovereignty dear to all peoples of the world is the least of worries of our senior bourgeois leaders.

A militant anti-colonialist could write one day, something like this: aid that does not happen for help is not helpful and should be rejected. This statement is correct at all points of view. The position of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire on the question of relations between our country and the French government is that it is urgent to get out of addiction. On the military question, in particular, the agreement of “cooperation and military assistance” with the French government should be terminated and the French and foreign military bases in general, must be dismantled. Our party will continue to take such action and calls on workers, peasants, urban workers and rural, artisans, women, young people, all people across the country regardless of ethnicity or religious join the Communist Party in this fight.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire invites the people in their diversity to continue to “advance the revolution” by conducting a bold anti-imperialist struggle. This is the condition of control over its destiny.

Abidjan, 10 August 2011.

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire

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