MLKP: The Turkish bourgeois state made a massacre in Kurdistan with fighter aircraft

01 January 2012 /International Bureau / Stament No: 58

The colonialist fascist regime committed a new massacre in Roboski village of Uludere district in Kurdistan on December 28 with F-16 fighter aircrafts. 35 Kurdish poor peasants who lives on cross-border small commerce between Southern and Northern Kurdistan have been assassinated in a planned and organised manner as a part of the attack against the Kurdish freedom movement. Those killed in the massacre were young Kurdish people between the age of 12 and 28.

The colonialist state that had hidden the civil massacres by the counter-guerrilla after 1990 has been caught red-handed this time, because it carried out this massacre with the unmanned war vehicles and fighter aircraft. Most of the young Kurds killed in the massacre carries the same surname. Therefore, the AKP government was not able to pass over or hide this massacre by presenting it as the punishment of some ” PKK terrorists” or an accident.
Since the general elections in 2011, the war government of AKP continues with the total liquidation attack against the Kurdish freedom movement through dirty war methods. These attacks do not only target the guerrilla forces but also the Kurdish open organisations, Kurdish journalists, lawyers, elected majors and artists. At the moment there are 12 thousands of political prisoners in the prisons of Turkey. Moreover, in addition to setting the forests on fire, eviction of villages and forcing the population to immigration through hydroelectric power plants and by using the earthquake in Wan, the colonialist regime started to utilise from the massacre of civil peasants.

The Kurdish labouring peasants were targeted, because the political and military army of the national resistance is formed by the poor Kurdish youth, labourers and women of the urban and rural areas. Through this massacre, they openly threaten the Kurdish people and try to intimidate them. The Uludere massacre is a new massacre that has been included in the list of hundreds of massacres carried out in Kurdistan by the colonialist forces until now. This massacre has alarmed and created a great anger and pain among the Kurdish people and labourers and the Turkish communist and revolutionary forces. Huge and effective protest movements in all parts of our region target the war government of AKP and the fascist Turkish bourgeois army and put them in a difficult situation.

Our party MLCP has called upon all its forces to increase the fight against colonialism and the dirty war in all political and military fields in face of this crime against humanity, these psychological and dirty war policies carried out by the colonialist fascist regime under the support of the EU and US imperialists.

Our Kurdish people and the guerrilla forces have lost 40 thousand people in the guerrilla war and the serhildan struggles and millions of Kurds were organised and became a political army. Today the achievements and the products of the national freedom struggle is under the siege of imperialist and the colonialist regime. In our region of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, the revolutionary movement and the Kurdish freedom movement is getting organised and growing their action in order to fight back this liquidation attack through united revolutionary struggle.

MLCP called upon the international revolutionary and communist movement, international revolutionary circles and platforms, parties, organisations, groups and individuals who are part of this movement in each country to raise their protest and increase their action against the colonialist fascist regime that provokes war in the Middle East and climbs the dirty war in our country. Let’s take action in front of the embassies of the Turkish bourgeois state. Let’s protest the Turkish Prime Minister, government and the President through telephone, fax, e-mail and similar methods and call them to give up the attacks.
The Kurdish people are not alone!

Long live the international unity of struggle of the proletariat and the peoples!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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