Italy: Mass Mobilizations Against Anti-People Policies of Terror

A bomb exploded this morning at a professional institute of Brindisi. A 16 year old student has been killed and nine wounded. Only for a few minutes there was not a slaughter.

From the postwar period until today, in Italy, in times of acute economic crisis and political uncertainty and political imbalance appears terrorism, massacres, covert actions. The heinous and unprecedented attacks today is no exception to this logic which is situated in a reactionary. Is a blow against any assumption of change, by the stubborn defense of the privileges and interests of dominant groups and criminal clans linked to them, grown and consolidated many years of wrong doing, and anti-neoliberal policy.

It’s a bomb to intimidate the working masses, the people, to stop the popular and social struggle takes place around the country to roll back the mass movement that refuses to pay the debt crisis of capitalism and reject the blackmail of a corrupt political class tied to the Mafia as a phenomenon inseparable from the establishment.

It’s a bomb to terrorize the public and derechizar axis of political life, favoring authoritarian decisions, militarize the country and propel fascism.

The performers and organizers are the same that have bloodied us, Portella della Ginestra country from Piazza Fontana of Brescia to Bologna, Florence, etc.., Hitting the working class and the masses. Organized forces are present in the vital points of the bourgeois state, consisting of Masonic lodges and mafia, fascist and secret services “perverts” with paramilitary structures, criminal gangs and political cover protected, complicity in high places, and environments organic relations Atlantic.

This block anti-communist and anti-worker, has decades of impunity, now uses the abolition of bourgeois democracy fact determined by imposing the oligarchic government that favors Monti reactionary measures recently approved by the passivity of the reformist leaders and domes union to go on the attack and condition the country politically.

The prolonged economic crisis and the breakdown of the political, criminal groups makes these more aggressive, willing to participate in the capitalist offensive against the rights and freedom of workers to serve the monopoly sectors who seek to eliminate freedom democratic workers, change the way state and strengthen the policy of war.

The popular response has been immediate. In hundreds of cities has been on the streets to protest against the barbaric attack and express their sorrow and solidarity with the young hit. But not enough. We must continue and deepen the demonstrations. Students, young people are called to respond together with their struggle in school and in the street. We demand the immediate convocation of the general strike.

Reactionary and fascist plans can be prevented with the fighting spirit and unity of the working class struggle and the people. It is more necessary than ever the answer and the rebellion of class and mass designs to prevent reactionary and undemocratic government take Monti. In addition to the “social cohesion”, the defense of an apparatus of repression, are responsible for the terrorist policy!

By this battle will open the way for profound political rupture, radical, with the current system, will play a government of workers and other exploited workers and popular classes, based on councils and committees that will ensure workers’ and people driving social transformation without mercy to the exploiters, the parasites, enemies of the people.

May 19, 2012 Communist Piattaforma


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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