PCMLE: Conspiracy and errors

The killing by police of more than a dozen peasants possessed of land belonging to a powerful businessman was the pretext used to initiate a political trial that culminated in the resignation of Fernando Lugo in his role as President of the Republic of Paraguay.

Lugo fell as a result of a conspiracy of imperialism and the right, but also because of its own mistakes and political inconsistency with his offers.

The popular sectors led the former priest for President hopeful that his government will produce real changes in the society, promised to implement land reform and an end to landlordism, spoke to democratize the life of society and meet the needs of the rural poor, among others….. None of this fulfilled, his government was characterized by continued application of neoliberal measures, the violation of human rights was a constant and for this the government applied the so-called Terrorism Act, and again yielded to pressure from the oligarchy, corruption and the impunity remained.

To reach the presidency, Lugo was part of a coalition in which they were right parties and movements, such as the Liberal and collaborators of pass governments. His “partners” in the previous electoral fray now voted for his removal when considering that no longer was useful. For it, they were endorsed to a bourgeois Constitution that Lugo kept intact, which makes clear that the bourgeoisie knows how to prevent and protect resources and “legal.” institutions Lugo served a bourgeois institutions and that fell on him.

Not only their political weakness was observed in only three votes in his favor obtained in the Senate, but also in the little popular mobilization to support him and the timid acceptance of their dismissal. Now he says to ignore such a resolution.

The events in Paraguay leave a great lesson: It is not possible to push a popular political project supported on right-wing forces, and political inconsistency causes the masses give the backs.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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