Engels on the Dialectics of Nature


“It is, therefore, from the history of nature and human society that the laws of dialectics are abstracted. For they are nothing but the most general laws of these two aspects of historical development, as well as of thought itself. And indeed they can be reduced in the main to three:

The law of the transformation of quantity into quality and vice versa;
The law of the interpenetration of opposites;
The law of the negation of the negation.”

 – Friedrich Engels, “Dialectics of Nature”

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

2 thoughts on “Engels on the Dialectics of Nature

  1. I have become aware of a recent fundamental breakthrough, in Marxian dialectics, and in the formulation of a comprehensive and singular Dialectic of Nature, that may be of interest to you.

    Through the discovery of a new algebra, a ‘contra-Boolean’ algebra of dialectical logic, the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica research collective has been able to formulate a single dialectical equation which models, categorially, the epochal evolutions, and revolutions, of our cosmos, starting from the pre-nuclear “particles” [the bosons, quarks, and leptons].

    This dialectical equation-model would be a “Dialectical Theory of Everything” except that, in its present form, as published to-date, it does not yet encompass the actualities that are presently referenced by the “titles of ignorance” of “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”.

    Apart from that exception, this single dialectical equation models the “Historical Dialectic of Natural History as the Totality” as a vast cosmological movement, generated by a recurrent, self-iterating “aufheben process”.

    The general documentation of this breakthrough is available at the http://www.dialectics.org website.

    There is now a step-by-step introduction to this ‘Dialectic of Nature as a Whole” model, and to the many dialectical models for various “sub-universes” of our Universe as a whole, including for the Marxian social forces of production and social relations of production, and a step-by-step introduction to the ‘contra-Boolean algebra of dialectical logic’ that makes the formulation of all of these dialectical equation-models possible:

    Click to access E._D._Brief_%238,The%20%27A-Brief-iated%27,%20Redacted%20Intellectual%20Autobiography%20of%20Karl%20Seldon,07MAR2014.pdf



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