J.V. Stalin on the Normandy Landings



In answer to a Pravda correspondent, who asked how he evaluated the landing of Allied forces in northern France, Marshal Stalin gave the following reply:

IN summing up the seven days’ fighting by the Allied liberation forces in the invasion of northern France, it may be said without hesitation that the large-scale forcing of the Channel and the mass landing of Allied forces in the north of France have been completely successful. This is undoubtedly a brilliant success for our Allies.

One cannot but acknowledge that the history of war knows no other similar undertaking as regards breadth of design, vastness of scale and high skill of execution.

As is known, the “invincible” Napoleon, in his time, disgracefully failed in his plan of forcing the Channel and capturing the British Isles. The hysterical Hitler, who for two years boasted that he would effect the forcing of the Channel, did not even venture to make an attempt to carry out his threat. Only the British and American troops succeeded in carrying out with credit the vast plan of forcing the Channel and effecting the mass landing of troops.

History will record this deed as an achievement of the highest order.

June 13, 1944

 – J.V. Stalin, “On the Allied Landing in Northern France”

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

2 thoughts on “J.V. Stalin on the Normandy Landings

  1. An honorable thing to say and, no doubtfully true – it WAS the biggest amphibious assault in history. I’m not trying to refute the objective values of the Second front (most importantly, it shortened the war and reduced the suffering). Quite the opposite, my aim is to put the Second front in historical perspective and attack the propaganda which, since the Cold War, tries to convince the public that it was the efforts of the Western Allies which ultimately broke Hitler’s back. If they even mention the Russian front, it’s only as a footnote or a side remark. For them, D-Day is the turning point, not Kursk, Stalingrad or the Moscow counteroffensives. Operation Bagration which started just two weeks after the Normandy landings rarely if ever gets the coverage it deserves for annihilating an entire German Army Group. Check out my yesterday’s entry (mostly a quote from David Glantz): https://bifutake.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/regarding-the-70th-anniversary-of-normandy-landings-excerpts-from-the-soviet-german-war-by-david-glantz/

  2. They always make Stalin out to be this mean guy that hates America, even though the Soviets fought the bulk of WW2. America jumped in at the last minute after Pearl Harbor when they were attacked. They had chance after chance after chance to stop the capitalists from conducting business with the Nazi’s, and jump in and ally with the Soviets, but they didn’t, cause they clearly seen the Nazi’s as their savoir of collapsing communism. Only when it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen, they want to jump in and take all the credit for WWII.

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