Benin: PCB about the political situation and current legislative elections

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Benin (PCB) met in Cotonou on Wednesday March 30, 2011, to discuss the political situation in our country.

1. The Political Bureau reaffirmed its withdrawal from the scrutiny of March 13, 2011, as a caricature organized electoral support and active complicity of the European Union and France, to carry out an electoral larceny for re-election of Boni Yayi. This re-election, finally proclaimed by the Constitutional Court, is a sham, a serious blow against democracy, which is now endangered in Benin. Boni Yayi can not claim any legitimacy to a second term that has usurped.

Accordingly, the Political Bureau of the PCB supports all the actions of resistance and rejection of this fraud that means the establishment of a renewed autocracy. It also denounces police repression against peaceful demonstrations, while supporters of the impostor pleasured themselves on the streets. The Political Bureau of the PCB called the people to continue and renew the protests, hoping that will benefit from their rich experience of struggle against autocracy to overcome and defeat the imposter’s power.

Philippe Noudjenoume, the PCB's candidate. PCB is forbidden from participating in elections by the bourgeois government.

2. In regard to ongoing legislative elections, it is clear that they, like the presidential elections are organized in a hubbub conducive to fraud and trickery. The future Parliament replacement is completed, it will be better, because the conditions under which elections are held today. The Political Bureau of the PCB has decided not to participate in legislative elections.

3. It is known that a political system that gives all powers to rule the President, even without Parliament, by decree, on the one hand, and the strong complicity between Yayi Boni and President of Constitutional Court, Robert Dossou, otherwise, the future parliament will not constitute a major obstacle to fascist futility of power against the people impostor. Only mass struggles of workers, youth, women, the patriots at all levels, can afford to leave the cliff and the popular revolution. It is imposed on workers, youth, the democrats and patriots of Benin as the only way of salvation.

The Political Bureau of the PCB reaffirmed its determination to the side of the workers and peoples of the undoubted victory over deception, dictatorship and repression.




Done in Cotonou on 30 March 2011.

The Political Bureau of the PCB.

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