PCOF: On Tibet

For the events in Tibet

We want to take a position on the events taking place in Tibet over the juncture of the Olympic Games based on Marxist-Leninist our criteria.

Tibet is a province of China.

There is a Tibetan people which is a national minority, as there are other ethnic minorities in this vast country as China.

In Tibet many ethnicities living across the Tibetan, which should be able to continue to live peacefully and harmoniously with one another.

There are separatist movements that proclaim the independence of Tibet and the establishment of a theocratic regime around the Dalai Lama, an obscurantist regime. These movements and the Dalai Lama himself has always been supported by imperialism after them find a way to destabilize China, if not disintegration, with a view that has nothing to do with the interests of the Tibetan people, let alone the peoples of China.

The riots that broke out in the Olympic Games have nothing spontaneous. The coverage of the world media reveals the unilateralism of the past given the orchestrated block outs in games other people, particularly those of Palestinian and Iraqi people.

How it can be seen behind this campaign, the hand of U.S. imperialism, the CIA and other imperialist forces who want to weaken in any way to China, its political system to the fully opened this huge market, have unlimited access to the riches of this vast country.

However, biznes already doing in this country whose managers have been launched to get into a savage capitalism that throws large sections of the peasantry, workers, a part of the youth in the nets of the system, which we fight every day here in our country. But the imperialists managers involved in the development of capitalism in China and benefit from it, fearing both the emergence of a competitor the same size.

Find again the same conflicts in the war on the issue of boycotting the Olympic Games, while the imperialists want to make enormous profits from these games that are advertised on a global scale, and making teachers lesson in democracy. And when the North American managers who are leading that campaign, or Sarkozy, saying “no, not you!”.

It is obvious that Chinese managers would not let the insurgency grow and destabilizing movements supported by imperialism without reaction. The reaction is consistent with their class nature: that of a middle class which usurps the name of communist and defending tooth and nail to its interests.

I will not stir our view with that of the international response: we condemn the maneuvers to destabilize China.

We do not support the claim of secession of Tibet posed by reactionary circles.

We support the rights of all Tibetans and people of China should be respected, the issues raised be resolved by political means, and the suppression does not solve any problem.

March 31, 2008

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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