Resolution of the Xth Plenum of the CC

PCMLV. 2011

The events that shook the world confirm conclusively the classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The pauperization of the conditions of the proletariat, the constant mobilization of popular sectors to demand respect for their rights, they are unaware of avoiding a series of achievements attained over the years indicates that the masses feel the weight of the consequences of the general crisis of capitalism falling over his shoulders.

After the many strong mobilizations carried out in various European countries, the imperialists were given the task of proclaiming the crisis was overcome. Imposed despite the rejection of the workers and popular sectors usually a series of economic measures very negative for the exploited and oppressed majority, the protests in this situation are the order of the day, street clashes between law enforcement and lining the popular sectors of the international news scene. Is this a sign of deteriorating relations, the class struggle.

Despite the turbulent situation in the European countries seemed to have come down slightly, the intensity of conflicts had diminished in some way and the water as imperialist spokesmen were taking their cause, the actions of confrontation and rejection of bad social situation experienced by the exploited and oppressed masses to come back strongly again in the streets. Sooner or later the facts have to show that far were the solutions to the crisis of capitalism right now.

Major conflicts erupted in the so-called Maghreb countries, Tunisia’s people took to the streets to demand the resignation of dictator Ben Ali, which had about 24 years in power in that African nation. These reactions generated protest actions in different countries mainly in North Africa. In these nations the people took to the streets demanding the resignation of presidents or monarchs of the same. The proposal of the government to stop these actions was the repression, after watching the protests did not stop resorted to propose reforms, but these proposals did not appease the demands of the people.

Thus, the repression was not delayed by the governments of these countries. Dozens of wounded and dead was the answer they gave these governments when they saw that the street actions amounted to more and more people and spread in days and weeks. On the one hand the most advanced expressed their aspirations for democratic change and popular and revolutionary gains, while other sectors remained in the approach to change governments, planning, ethnic and tribal sometimes exploit these aspirations of the imperialists to support certain sides instead that it can continue to enjoy the support and benefits of their interests.

In Egypt, we saw the people on the streets rejecting Hosni Mubarak, who was 30 years in power, backed by the U.S. Central Intelligence and CIA. The Egyptian government took a policy of deep collaboration with the U.S., performing the role of police in the area with Israel, proyanki exposed positions in different situations, expose this government as one of the most subservient to the imperialist policies .

Finally, Hosni Mubarak was forced to resign, the incessant protests in different cities, the rejection of the offer of reforms and the growing protests despite the crackdown, said the imperialists that this doll now served them more out of power. For this reason, after seeing that the actions of rejection kept ever growing, the imperialists favored the departure of Mubarak. Of course, it was just a formality, since the maneuvers of the imperialists led the new Cabinet remains in the hands of the pro-imperialist, in this specific case, who assume power in Egypt are linked to the intelligence apparatus and military sectors, is responsible for the support of Hosni Mubarak in power, in other words it changed a lot not to change anything.

The imperialist forces are still at the head of these governments. These actions were only part of the imperialist realignment, however people have gained more experience, they have aspirations that go beyond the above, other possibilities of progress are different and, if you will, than existing approaches before these events.

After the events of Tunisia and Egypt, the event that caused the most impact was the situation in Libya. There, in the context of events in North Africa, the peoples of some regions of this country rose by expressing his disagreement with the central government. In this sense, Gaddafi’s government took the decision to suppress the protests of the opposition sectors. Immediately came the imperialist countries to express their views according to their interests, taking into account the importance of Libya in terms of energy resources, remains one of the largest oil exporters in the world.

Libya is a very interesting and appetizing prey to the imperialists who want to share the loot this country has. Besides this, Libya is an important location that has a proximity to one of the most important commercial corridors in the world such as the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean. This is known by the imperialists, who see great potential in this territory to further their economic domination over the world.

Importantly, we reject the intervention of the imperialist countries, it is clear that actions against Libya have nothing to do with the quest to improve conditions for the people, this is the expression of the rearrangement of imperialism in its interest to control more territory to their advantage. In addition, we made clear that governments are now in the forefront of political leadership in these countries, serve the interests of the people, their actions are even closer to the imperialist interests. Gaddafi’s example so exposed, was formerly a government that openly exposed anti-imperialist and progressive elements, but in recent years has taken a somewhat conservative nature, has made concessions to imperialism, with the majority of the nation’s economic resources the banks are based in the imperialist countries.

It is also necessary to emphasize that the imperialists watching the actions of the masses trying to divert these to fight tribal, religious, avoiding potential to develop revolutionary advances, progressive, popular. What we show the position of conflict with Libya, for example, where imperialism took actions on behalf of one of the sectors in conflict (the opposition), this generated a reaction that went to unite Shia or Sunni areas to address to your interests tribal situation that occurs in this country.

Similarly, there have been conflicts in other parts of the world. For example, in Ivory Coast, where the political situation has worsened the conflict the government product which is produced by the outgoing government’s refusal to hand over power. Opposing factors have been organized with the support of imperialist governments, notably France, which seeks to deepen its dominance over the nations that were former colonies time. The French army has carried out attacks using its high-tech military power against the population supports the outgoing government. This shows another expression of what the imperialist aggression against the people, is itself an act of reshuffling of capitalism, which seeks to conquer new markets, or to recover lost markets (remember that Ivory Coast was a French colony) new territories to exploit, as it intensifies its control over markets and territories already in his possession.

But besides this it is necessary to be clear that the factors involved do not represent the interests revolutionary, progressive, democratic progress in allowing the claims of liberation of the exploited and oppressed. It is here we find one of the key elements that the Marxist-Leninists must take into account to clear what should be our focus now to the exploited and oppressed. To this end, it is important to characterize the contradictions that are occurring in these regions, the composition of the factors involved and their interests in order to precisely target the progressive and revolutionary action of these peoples.

China emerging as an imperialist power

China has come to play an important role in the distribution of the world. It marked the position assumed the government of this country in the conflict in northern Africa, especially Libya has been subject to imperialist attacks, where China to remain “neutral” position evidence must heed the right time to enter the imperialist game and make the best possible political and economic situation.

At present China is moving in its strength as imperialist country, has focused on Latin American markets, for example, Venezuela is one of them. China is growing as one of the countries with the highest impact on the global financial capital. But inwardly the situation of the proletariat pauperize further, and as it grows its influence as imperialist country, so does the misery of the Chinese proletariat.

Conflict situation in the U.S.

The situation of protests in various parts of the USA, show that the general crisis of imperialism hit hardest by the exploited and oppressed, who have taken a militant action against government policies, they impose measures that deepen conditions of impoverishment and misery of the proletariat. Given this, thousands of workers went to the streets to protest and demand answers to their situation. Of course the answers were invalid because they see the only solution is to further the imperialist exploitation and domination over the actions of the masses.

Interestingly, one of the imperialist powers in the world such as USA, multiply these actions, laying bare the shortcomings of the capitalist system that has been allowed to see their inability to meet the needs of exploited and oppressed masses.

The imperialist countries can no longer hide their weaknesses, appear before the masses with their “recipes” to end the crisis, it is increasingly difficult. Hold the image of welfare was an uphill battle when the whole world is witness to their acts of aggression against the people. Increasingly, as the masses are alert and know that the solution to the crisis do not have the capitalist system or their representatives but is because the exploited and oppressed organized under the revolutionary leadership of the Marxist-Leninist, adding to organized manner and support all possible forces to fight against capitalism.

Stimulate America first attack on Libya and then assumed a low profile to avoid being caught in another front as the main protagonist, a decisive influence in the conflict in Egypt achieved agreements that favor it plays an important role in appointment of the new government and “formally” be “removed”. This at all means that U.S. imperialism has changed its position, the opposite situation to be motivated more alert, it is evident that the imperialist aggression analyze and plan based on your interests. Added to this are in a state of aggression and war of plunder to try to overcome the immense crisis that is crushing.

In previous situations like the coup of Honduras, for example, our party put forward that imperialism began to use forms of aggression that try to hide or be justified by international organizations. That is, under a blanket assault but “diplomatic”, not appearing openly as responsible for the attacks but also give the feeling of not intervening in any way with coups and attacks, but seek to “restore democracy and defend human rights.”

Added to this is the propaganda offensive launched by the imperialists after the assassination of Bin Laden. It should be noted as the media made this event an item to reinvigorate the so-called war against terrorism, to discuss items that remind you how they prepared their attack on Afghanistan. The bombing of the twin towers was an interesting excuse for acts of war seeking to take major territories and resources, these actions have a great support of the U.S. population who are panicking and psychological warfare of the Bush administration. What is happening now reminds us this action, because the mass media of the imperialists have done much emphasis on al-Qaeda reprisals, paving the way for the next imperialist interventions.

We must be clear that this in turn serves to develop the old trick of diverting attention from the economic and political situation of this country is bad enough, this news further (death of Bin Laden) has served for the dollar momentarily recovers against the euro and the yen.

In another vein, it is necessary to visualize Mexico, a country experiencing a situation of violence due to conflict with the capitalists involved in the illicit drug trade and drug trafficking. Already more than 30 000 dead has resulted in this war stopped. Clearly the intrusion of foreign factors in this problem, mainly from the U.S. This is the product of rearrangement and expression of capitalism turn-bourgeois contradictions, because this is nothing more than fighting for market capitalists, including one of the most lucrative as the drug and smuggling.

In Brazil, which is one of the largest economies in the world and is part of the “emerging” countries, with the victory of Russef Vilma, who is a reformist trend that fits the needs of the imperialists and their Brazilian partners, is are consolidating positions to continue to grow and strengthen its presence in the global economic growth as a capitalist country is seeking the central objective of the Brazilian government. Behind the mask of a progressive, democratic government, the Brazilian government continues its pro-imperialist way to be a major center of concentration of foreign capital to exploit their resources and working class.

To maintain such a position is folded to the designs of U.S. imperialism mainly assuming a role complicit in the invasion of Libya, being a provisional member of the Security Council of the UN, abstained, a departure very easy not to disturb its imperialist partners. It is essential to note that these positions are part of the arsenal of reformism which now mean distractions and ideological politics to the masses, with a speech democracy and social justice are folded to the designs of imperialism.

Santos’s government has been conducting a campaign to assume openly the role of chief representative and spokesman for the U.S. in Latin America. To this day has made a political approach to countries that previously had confrontation, including Ecuador and Venezuela, as a policy for renewing formal relations and in turn, countries are acts of “goodwill “as the confrontation at the border against Colombian insurgent groups, the smear campaign, allegations of terrorism and the delivery of revolutionary fighters to Colombian security agencies, and ingratiating himself with the demands of imperialism.

In Cuba, the VI congress of the PCC, confirming the new political orientation of the government of Raul Castro, who emphasized to ensure that measures are taken are to ensure the development of socialism and not to go back to capitalism. Some analysts refer to these measures as “Cuban perestroika,” but depth is necessary to study the documents of this congress to know exactly what it means for the Cuban revolution, the construction of socialism and its plan to address the current capitalist crisis.

In Honduras, the repression against the popular and revolutionary increases, the killings of progressive and revolutionary militants has been the response that the government of Porfirio Lobos has given demonstrations. Repression has claimed several lives of fighters and progressive and revolutionary fighters. It is important to mention the role of workers, including the Honduran teachers, who have waged a struggle against the fascist government of wolves.

In Bolivia, the mobilizations of the COB and the popular sectors were felt in rejecting the government’s announcement of Evo Morales of increased gasoline. To try to alleviate the situation, the government announced it would develop measures such as wage increase to benefit the population, but the protests continued, workers and popular sectors in general and finally took to the streets prompted the government to rectify on these measures , showing on one hand the strength of the Bolivian labor movement and the other governments are obliged to hear the workers and peoples if they want to advance reforms, otherwise it can be found among workers and imperialism, staying with very weak, hence the alliance between progressive governments and the working class, based on a program and an advanced policy is a necessity that can not be replaced by a charismatic leadership.

The government of Evo Morales in the midst of this political crisis has extended a call to meet some Bolivian presidents, who denounced it earlier, marking an opening to right sectors indicating the need to be vigilant to preserve the popular advances and avoid the consolidation of the reaction.

Ecuador: an important consultation was held elections on May 8 that showed declining popularity of Rafael Correa, lost since its proposal in 11 provinces, this shows the effect of measures taken and start to be criticized by broad sectors including indigenous people, teachers, workers in general. Correa still has substantial support, but it has declined compared to previous years. His confrontation with popular sectors and has demonstrated its revolutionary petty bourgeois and reformist vision that is bringing that government into agreements with Colombia, the gringos to apply some neoliberal measures.


In Venezuela, the contradictions are more acute, factors of opposition, the government and the popular and revolutionary advances are taking steps toward an unstoppable collision.

The opposition is trying to move quickly, for it has prioritized its actions within the popular sectors, have the resources of the international bourgeoisie and those who bet on native stop and popular democratic advances have been achieved in this process.

The actions of imperialism to national and international level against the process to increase steadily in Venezuela every day. The plan to qualify as terrorism, drug trafficking and undemocratic the Chavez government is part of the reactionary arsenal so as to prepare the conditions for an action against the government, these can range from the invasion, coup, even blackmail to negotiate a elections, the government has shown weakness before the pressures of imperialism, made through Santos, which can set the course facilitator. The delivery of a revolutionary activist and journalist Perez Becerra, Colombian revolutionaries and others indicates a path not very desirable for the revolutionary movement.

Similarly, and as part of a military plan the right actions of violence against the revolutionary leadership in the rural sector and union continue by the fascist right. Intimidation and killings are carried out, especially in Táchira, Apure, Barinas, Zulia from Venezuela to Colombian paramilitaries and intimidate those who fight for their rights.

This is part of a plan to weaken the popular forces ahead of a possible confrontation, as well as this helps to strengthen the image of government’s inability to cope with the uncertainty and gives the basis for an economic project.

The opposition has gained a significant presence in the national parliament, now has 67 voices defending the right policy, maintain an ongoing campaign against the revolutionary factors have formal presence in the Latin American Parliament, which allows them to legally take your policy internationally, this has meant a more complex situation for the government and the revolutionary sectors because resources available (thanks to the tolerance of the capitalists) are used to plot many times these resources are the state itself through contracts.

It is important to understand the power of the bourgeoisie is in private ownership of means of production, have money and resources of all kinds can act freely against the exploited against the popular movement and the government, either by using the media or by means of violence. It is therefore necessary to understand the role of the dictatorship of the proletariat as a necessary means to build socialism. While the bourgeoisie preserve their wealth, giving it ability to manipulate, buy and repression, socialism is just a dream of petty bourgeois idealists.

Opposition lines up batteries to present “new” forms and proposals to attract the popular sectors in this regard is developing an initiative of the opposition of a battleground with organizations that previously claimed the left.

The revolutionaries must promote a policy of unity, in addition to calling for it all to a confluence space is becoming more important to be factors of unity among the leftist groups, to denounce the false revolutionaries and claims the right to be confused with proposed “social” seeking to distract the revolutionaries of their main objectives. The goal right now is to divide the forces revolutionize it, confused. For this reason the revolutionary factors must spread the revolutionary orientation within the masses.

The government is making efforts to bring together the best possible support to its management, here is a contradiction between the rhetoric of Chavez’s call to form the Patriotic Pole and sectarian practice that seek to isolate some people’s organizations to keep the bureaucratic control of state institutions (which are incidentally bourgeois institutions, breeders of capitalism) so we do not advance in the construction of socialism.

There are currently an offensive Chávez to assert its hegemony in the national political scene, has designed policies that seek to concentrate support forces to avoid being in a weak position in the elections. Has also deepened his social work care has been taken as the central problem of housing, has said that seven years is possible to solve two million families, this has generated great expectations in the popular sectors who have put their hope these promises are lies the possibility of improving the living conditions specifically on the issue of housing.

However it is a delicate situation that could become a boomerang to hit for the claims of the opposition to delegitimize the government before the masses, because not fully comply with the promises, the people who are not favored may be easy targets for developing anti-government agendas.

The current situation also presents a situation that must be analyzed, increasing insecurity, falling real wages, are elements that lead to situations of impoverishment of the workers’ conditions, which cause discomfort and reluctance on the part of workers to the situation today. The national government made the announcement of a 25% increase in the minimum wage. This will be in two parts, the first 15% will be from the first of May and the rest from September this year. However, just as the announcement came, some sectors made announcements of price increases as in the case of transport services which arbitrarily increased to 50% rates. In addition, and in cases of food these had experienced increases in the early months of the year. This means a devaluation of the real wages of workers.

Moreover it is necessary to analyze the policy that assumes the government now has some revolutionary organizations, such as revolutionary guerrilla groups in Colombia who have been victimized by many members of the repressive organs of the Venezuelan state which has intensified its onslaught against the revolutionary groups. Several revolutionary leaders of the guerrilla organizations have been provided by the Venezuelan government the fascist Colombian government, leaving these revolutionary fighters in the hands of his executioners to do with them as they see fit.

This clarifies the inconsistency in this specific point in a government that says socialist and revolutionary as complicit in the repressive allies of imperialism and international law when they make the job of pursuit and capture of the revolutionaries. In this sense, the arrest and extradicón journalist from news agency ANNCOL Perez Becerra, shows that this imperialist policy of pressure through the government of Colombia is working, expressed in the rush and violation of national laws to accommodate a request the “new best friend”, this unfortunately is not an isolated event, is part of a policy at the international level, which becomes a revolutionary sectors alerts, which are obliged to unite their efforts to roll back these policies that does nothing to help the construction of socialism, on the contrary, such measures, the haste and lack of responsibility to call it terrorism and ignore her Swedish citizenship status are a mistake of incalculable dimensions.

President Chavez took office at a public policy that called for recognition of the Colombian insurgents as a belligerent force, developed consistent with the policy actions, brave actions that led to even be accused of protecting those forces, some of its leaders brought to Miraflores and led to the possibility of participating in peace talks.

Happened to some facts presented at the international level the government of Venezuela, the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt using a model similar to the previous release mediated by Chavez and Piedad Cordoba was the zenith of this policy, after the assassination of Commander Raúl Reyes changed policy imperialism, came with such violence and aggression, even violating the sovereignty of its neighbors, international laws and treaties, leading about a war with Ecuador and Venezuela. It pointed out that times had changed, that Uribe and Santos were ready for anything, even took them preventive war and were willing to go through to the end, the installation of military bases in Colombia announced what was coming, in correspondence with this, and because of the great offensive was coming Chavez’s policy toward Colombia began to change, this has been driven by state policy, because in some cases conflict with international tasks that must be met by revolutionary, not governments, not to have understood this was the first mistake.

The distancing of the Chavez government of the insurgency, his disqualification is part of a policy that has been deepening since 2008 after the assassination of Raul Reyes. Months later, the government made a public criticism of the guerrilla organizations mainly from Colombia, from these statements the government has taken actions that have evolved into a greater distance of these factors revolutionaries, whose crime is to confront the governments pro-imperialist, genocidal, fascist .

Needless to say, have shown a very confident of managing electronic information and the safety of their heads, risking their own tables and trouble to many government officials, it is important to note that in this war are against the insurgency against the most advanced technology repressive imperialism. This indicates that we are approaching a stage of the policy we will take these factors into account to advance and protect us.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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