Partija Rada on the Dissolution of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia: “The Left & the False Left”

Confusion in the definition of the Left in Yugoslavia culminated in the nineties of last century due to the disintegration of Alliance of Communists of Yugoslavia as a highly revisionist and nationalist party.

Common opinion in Serbia, in that time, was that the Milosevic’s SPS and JUL (which was only a surrogate of SPS), which were the formal successors of Alliance of Communists, were leftist parties. However, practice has shown that they were, actually, nationalists and chauvinists, and JUL has turned out to be just an interest group that wanted only to loot. There are still parties in Serbia today that promote the interests of Russian imperialists, from position of National Socialism, using the leftist form and leftist phrases.

After the demolition of the Milosevic regime, and the penetration and domination of the neoliberal ideology of the West, many antifa-anarcho-communo-anti-authorative groups emerged in Serbia recently, which seek to represent the interests of wide social layers.

This phenomenon would have been desirable (better to have them than the nationalists and fascists), but behind the activities of these groups lies suspicious ideological position that indirectly aligns them as associates of neoliberal regime. The regime, at the same time, tries to reduce the growing resistance of the masses and increase in workers’ strikes in the country with a “carrot and stick” system: with a strong demagogic propaganda and by forming “workers’ parties”, by bribing the leaders of trade unions, proclaiming various “social packages”, and also with permanent strengthening of repression and with introduction of additional prohibitions and efficient suppression of each organized class resistance.

General and common place of ideological position that is trying to be imposed to new revolutionary aspirations is an attempt to negate the class approach to understanding of the very reality, which leads to fragmentation and minimization of the goals of struggle against the capitalist order. Because of this, these conceptions are starting to find a specific support in the system itself.

Although the history of class struggle already gave its judgment of all the reformed branches in the labor movement, as they all ended as a “dogs on the chain of imperialism”, and they all objectively strengthened the capitalist order, it is necessary to once again reinforce the fight against the existing conceptual confusion for a clear distinction – terminological, conceptual, functional. Re-affirmation of the scientific definition of fascism and the definition of modern fascism is the initial step in the separation of the Left and the false Left. Therefore, all of the present antifascists in Serbia, in addition to the struggle against nationalism, chauvinism and clerofascism, must lead a determined struggle with advancing reformist and opportunist conceptions, which are all serious obstacles to the development of revolutionary thought that is only at its beginning.

“Who does not want to fight capitalism should not speak about fascism” – a slogan that revolutionary Left emphasized three years ago in conflict with the advancing forms of fascism. It is a slogan that reveals the true essence of the state of the so-called Left and revolutionary Left must carry this slogan high. This, though for now, timidly, announced a breakthrough in Serbia. A breakthrough of determination of the masses throughout the world who understand that capitalism cannot be reformed. Their struggle clearly says that the capitalism is historically outdated system and it must be demolished.

Today’s Serbia is under the complete control of the imperialist and domestic robbers and every silence about that fact and not attacking the basis of the capitalist system is a capitulation to the class opponent. Who does not act is on the other side of the barricades – on the position of global imperialist dictatorship and modern fascists, with those who have deserved many times to be brought before the just court of the rebellious nations of the world.

Fascism in 1933rd – Form of the rule of the most reactionary imperialist circles of the bourgeoisie based on an open dictatorship and aggression.

Fascism in 2001st – Form of manifestation of global imperialism with use of all means of coercion and aggression with the aim of preserving the basis of capitalist society.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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