Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action): The Assassination of Gadhafi

Comrades and friends:

With the murder of Gadhafi, we Communists in Chile, that is, members of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP), have decided to make our own the declaration of the PCmlm of Bolivia, which to our understanding has the correct communist position in relation to the imperialist criminals.

Only the lost revisionists and their cousins, the Trotskyites, the pro-Trotskyites and in general all the agents of the bourgeoisie and imperialism, regardless of how they present themselves, can join in the fascist celebration of the murder of Gadhafi.

We communists, who are fighting for Popular Democracy, Socialism and Communism, will never celebrate a murder which the imperialists want to use to symbolize their rule, their re-colonization of a sovereign country, today of Libya. On the contrary we will always be together with the anti-imperialist struggle, the heroic combat of the nations and peoples for national salvation against imperialist aggression and subjection, everything that is part of the Marxist-Leninists today we must stress very energetically and not only for the imperialist propaganda and manipulation of information, but also for the shameful and repugnant role of the reactionary and imperialist bootlickers who dishonor the glorious name of COMMUNIST.

We of the PC(AP) were not only not “critical” observers of the massacre of the heroic Libyan people, nor did we put NATO and the Gadhafi government on the same level. On the contrary we denounced the so-called persistent Libyan “rebels” who put themselves under the infernal and criminal umbrella of the NATO bombings. Our party press, our speeches and the street demonstrations show our struggle in solidarity with the people of Libya, against the aggression for re-colonization by NATO.

As an example of the position of the COMMUNISTS in Chile, that is, of the PC (AP), see our declaration of Friday March 25 and a video made by Quilicura TV.

National Communications Commission of the
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

October 22, 2011

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