Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP) on Syria

For the Self-Determination of Peoples, With Syria & its People

Eduardo Artés
First Secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Once accomplished the genocide against the people of Libya and the assassination of its leader, Colonel Gaddafi, called imperialist military rule and its NATO mercenaries and foreign criminals, the recolonization of the country. The heads of imperialism, particularly the U.S., starting with the head of the White House, Sen. Barack Obama to McCain, have spoken with direct threats against those who do not want to comply with his baton and have placed at the center of their immediate and urgent intrigue and aggression against Syria, its government headed by Bashar Al-Assad and the Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Barack Obama morbidly pleased with all the misdeeds and aberrations conducted on the body of Colonel Gaddafi has threatened to that destination for all the “dictators”, ie those who are not willing to be puppets and fight for self-government, sovereignty and the social system itself, sovereign peoples according to their interests and give it. Mc Cain has been much more explicit, said: “Now that the military operations in Libya are finished, there will be a renewed focus on military operations practices that could be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria.” As an element important to follow this, is the fact that by the end of the year, U.S. out of Iraq claim to have most of its occupation forces, Obama has said that all (let the trainers, consultants, ie the real puppet army commanders and security forces armies of foreign mercenaries, with some Chileans included), so that Yankee imperialism may have a significant number of troops in Iraq today immobilized.

From the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia against pro-imperialist dictatorship ruled there, as well as those that occur today in Yemen, which some have erroneously called “revolutions” that just around the corner and lack a truly popular, revolutionary leadership is giving “the return of the dog”, from the most obscurantist religious fundamentalism, are ensuring the reactionary power in both countries and with them the rule of the imperialists. The U.S. and NATO instrument, with the help of the mafia machinery of the Zionist state of Israel, focused on Libya and Syria who have spoken in opposition and resistance to Zionist and imperialist domination and in the case of Syria, its clear commitment to the cause of National Liberation of the Palestinian people, the imperialists are trying to present, to pass direct aggression, his cynical use of existing social and political contradictions within these countries, armed mercenaries and criminal gangs autoreclamadas of “rebels” as similar to the uprisings in the above named countries, with Libya have already achieved its target temporarily, and aggression center today is Syria.

The outstanding Russian international analyst Tajeldine Laila, which is not communism or government official in Syria, says: “It is likely that the United States. Follow aggravating the situation in Syria, causing more deaths … with the support you are giving weapons to the mercenaries in the country, in order to justify a measure of the Security Council of the UN or NATO intervention in itself. ”

Imperialist intervention in Syria is multifaceted, ranging from misinformation, concealment of it, until the more brash assembly, the discovered that you see, the media in the hands of monopolies do not deny, installing the lie as truth, this is well known, but it is worth pausing to consider some facts. “Amnesty International” released around the world for a young Syrian Zainab, the sister of an opponent of the government of Damascus, whose body was reportedly dismembered after “be” kidnapped, tortured and killed by police in Syria, I place Zainab international press as the “symbol” of the opposition as the best example of the “barbaric” the Syrian regime, a few days Zaina appears on television in Syria and denying all alive, explaining that she was gone from home due to conflicts with his brothers, because one of them hit him, or “Amnesty International” and the big dam, said nothing, simply forgot Zain and immediately went in search of “new” samples of the repression of “dictatorship” of Damascus.

The Yankee ambassador in Damascus intervene directly to support the bands of mercenaries, as we saw in the news are presented as “peaceful protesters”, it is interesting to observe Syrian police usually unarmed, while the tiny groups of “peaceful protesters “armadazos to the teeth, making their attacks alone and then disappearing. With good reason thousands of Syrians have demonstrated outside the U.S. embassy and have thrown eggs, tomatoes and others.

The Syrians and so say the progressive sectors of the country, from the very government of Bashar Al-Assad and the Baath Arab Socialist Party, are focused on national unity to restrain the imperialist-Zionist aggression and to this end, actions are being implemented economically to ensure more comfort to the population, while working for the political, by a new constitution that guarantees that more accurately account for current demands and aspirations of the majority of Syrian people.

Shaaban advisor to the senses of Syria said clearly: “We want to build a democracy and pluralism, but protecting our culture and our individuality. We do not want to be a copy of the West. We are Arabs. We are Muslims and Christians are Arabs and we have 7000 years of history. We are a rich civilization, so we will not drink Coke and eat McDonalds. We have our own food, our own drink, our clothes, culture, we have our education, so Democrats want to be our way, not to yours. ”

On October 12 in Damascus alone, more than a million demonstrators took to the streets against the imperialist-Zionist intervention, national sovereignty, the right to have government without imperialist interference that they, the Syrians estimate. Now we have the voice of the people and workers of the world, patriots, progressives and revolutionaries, whom we claim from the anti-imperialism, from the sovereignty of the people, from social justice and in our case and also from the social and Communism, we call upon everyone to reflect, to avoid falling into the traps imperialists, not to be afraid to take a firm and consistent anti-Yankee, anti-Zionist and anti-NATO, to fight for peace and non-interference in Syria NOT to re-colonize Syria with Libya is they do.

October 27, 2011


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