PCMLE: Capitalism, the source of predation on the planet

Capitalism markets increasingly demand more and more sources of raw materials, more and more profits. The result is that the very survival of the planet is dangerous.

Since 1973, 5 June every year to celebrate World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in its resolution XXVII December 15, 1972.

Since that time 37 years have passed in which increasingly spreads the need to preserve nature. What is done is mainly awareness to the people of the land on the damage caused by pollution and the need to establish habits regarding consumption, waste so that their impact on the environment is reduced.

Undoubtedly, these campaigns are important because they help to better understand the workings of nature and the impact it has on it the action of man. Fall in the same area other campaigns that global or continental performed. Thus, the February 2 is World Wetlands Day, the March 22 World Water Day, the April 22 World Day of the Earth, on 22 May, International Biodiversity Day, May 31 National Day of reflection on natural disasters, the June 8 World Ocean Day, the Day August 8 inter air quality, the October 7 World Habitat Day and the list goes on, is long.

However, hindsight has convinced so many days devoted to nature, to his defense and care, little has been served.

Perhaps many millions of people have changed their habits and assumed other, less harmful to nature, but the fact is that increasingly it destroys more. Climate change as a result of improper handling a case in point is that all humanity suffers.

Indeed millions campaigns aim to download on the shoulders of men and women worldwide responsibility effectively have a small group of people and corporations, but especially a model, a system of life that in itself is an attack on the life .

The lust for profit at any price they have all entrepreneurs is one of the reasons why. Production to ensure the widest possible scale benefits, reduce production costs by outsourcing some of them even as it is, for example, waste management, increase profits, but socialize the garbage.

The huge productions must be distributed, consumed by an audience eager for them, so it becomes essential to create needs for people to consume what is produced look, buy more than you really need. Moreover, the new look consuming, discarding the old, but still serve. This ensures corporate profits at the expense of handling consumer consciousness, destroying nature.

The employer earns more the bigger, the larger market. So for decades companies worldwide are in an aggressive merger, which creates giant oligopolies planetary promote the consumption of their products all over the world. The very propaganda of Coca Cola is a clear example of this.

This approach has a support of a political, ideological, that is capitalism. The appropriation of another’s work has resulted in huge masses of people living in poverty. The ruthless exploitation of nature on a global scale brings with it the destruction of the environment. Examples exist lots, destroying the Amazon rainforest at a dizzying pace to get your precious woods, whales in danger of extinction because of indiscriminate killing, it is the raw material for many products, greenhouse gases changing the climate and thousands of facts. All have as background the voracious appetite of the profit that promotes unsustainable way of life is called capitalism.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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