EMEP: Provincial congresses completed


Who died in the struggle for working-class revolutionaries special honor for the opening speech of the President of the EMEP Istanbul Provincial Trust In fact, the language of the discourses of democracy, the AKP government’s reduction in its policies and vice versa, he said. Who want democracy, for freedom, everyone who is opposed tutuklandığına remarkable fact, noted that 5 thousand prisoners BDP’linin.

The AKP’s own country to bring democracy to neighboring countries which claim to democracy, freedom bombs on the Kurdish people who want real yağdırdığını that the AKP government adopted it as its task to protect the interests of the imperialist powers in the region said.

Vandal’s organize

And workers to increase with each passing day that the attacks against the real, asked to be removed from severance pay, flexible working and asked to apply to the regional minimum wage, he added. In fact, urban renewal and public housing also said that the problem will grow.

All these attacks against the workers, the public-laborers, women, young people and stressed that they have to organize the public the real, the People’s Democratic Congress (NGO) also noted that it is a tool.

Attacks against the Kurdish people but also for workers pointed out that fact, “Anyone who says this is why labor must go with the Kurdish problem,” he said.

SHOULD unite

“In our country, a battle which lasted for 30 years, workers, working people, a bomb on them sending their children to the mountains, who lead the AKP government are faced with,” said Leather-Binali Thai Business Tuzla branch president, said the arrest of freedom, those who want to special prosecutors.

Workers, public workers and Thai people who note that the merger of the squares, Bell and leather workers in trade unions because they are SAVRANOGLU telling their troubles, “I just lived in them for using their constitutional rights. So need to unite, “he said.

Branch Manager Training You No. 2 in the Hasan Soil public sector workers and workers must unite, the contribution of EMEP’in it said it would be great.

Councillor Ibrahim Dogan Kartal Municipality of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and also warned the people of urban transformation.


Sabri Topcu, Deputy Chairman of the EMEP, 12 September, the slaughter of thousands of people recalling the name of democracy, “the problem of the system, the layout problem. Article 82, but Sept. 12 changed the Constitution, the laws have not changed. This is why the problem system problem, “he said.

Imperialism would have left their children in case of continuation of such attacks is a beautiful language in the world will not bring artillery, for the people, brought together in a common struggle of the workers should be organized, he said. Artillery, “the class has to make policy for the power of workers. There is only one correct. EMEP is right also. Wherever we were, let’s policy, the party, let us explain to the public, “he said.


Following the speeches of the delegates took the floor guest.

“I started to work as child labor in textile, taken from school at age 12. I was a young woman, I became the mother of textile workshops. Managers bosses have lost my child because of the pressure, the hospital’s been left alone in front of the time, I realized I should have thought about and organized. I joined the Labour Party of such “idea Akgul said textile workers, 5 women murdered each day goes, every year 80 thousand workers spent in work accidents, recorded live in a country where thousands of workers. Akgul, “a working shipyard worker falls jetty, divers searching for it finds the body of another worker. Disorganization such a thing. Even when you have no idea of ​​the happens. EMEP’te organized for it to be meaningful, “he said. 10 trade union formed by the Union Platform Emphasizing the importance of trade union power Union Akgul, “the districts of the trade unions of workers, kıraathanelerine, tea is not going olacaklarına, the opposition can not be birleşmiyorsa with the NGO,” he said. Akgul, EMEP’in said that the first duty should be to organize the women.


EMEP’te is organized for many years, the party who said that school is a dock worker Ali Dogan, “If you are going to be graduating and working as Memet Kılınçaslan olabilmeliyim party,” he said.

The bosses at Tuzla shipyards in reducing the number of workers, Yalova not stop moving the deaths that Dogan, arise where the trade unions with workers ‘struggle, workers’ caucuses and the road next to the workers when there is a problem, he said.

Dogan, Universal newspaper without reading the discussion be done daily, every worker should be taught in the Universal said.

Universal Culture Magazine Editorial Director Nuray Sancar, said the work carried out within EMEP’in intellectuals.

Hunter Revolution lawyer criticized the AKP Government policies regarding women.

Onur Aydin, speaking on behalf of Labour Youth, young people under the umbrella organization of the party struggles to büyüteceklerini said.


Sayyed, who spoke on behalf of the EMEP Istanbul Provincial Organisation Leo gave his speech made the following statements: “The Prime Minister apologized to the people of Dersim. The Prime Minister today that region is cut off people’s suffering knows and them knowing that the apostle of democracy. This is really no excuse for the war policies of the last gonna wish it, to stop the fighter jets, 5 thousand BDP’li politicians free to leave. CHP also have to confront its own history, in the eyes of the AKP fails to do what you do not go one step further in the eyes of the Dersimis. Discharged in the struggle for survival as thousands of workers coming from the village give metropolises. Today, the PKK announced that the workers are being resisted union recognition. It divides the workers at the factory boss. This is why the unions to resolve the Kurdish problem peacefully and on the basis of equality must be a party.”

Those in attendance

Leather-Business Tuzla branch president of the Congress Binali Thai, Harb-business Anatolian Side Branch President Hussein over, Cooperative Thesis No. 5 Branch President-Business Rabia Özkaraca, Road No. 1 Branch-Business President Michael Arcan, the Haber-1 No. ‘lu Branch President Ahmet Karatay, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the City of Eagle Councillor Ibrahim Dogan, President of Branch No. 1 of all Bel-Sen Kadri Sword, No. 2 Branch Manager Training You Hasan soil, EMO, Haber-Sen, the SES Sisli Branch managers also attended.



Organization of the Labour Party in Izmir Province, 6 Congress made the day before the local Victims of Ataturk Stadium Referees. EMEP and EMEP, Deputy Chairman of the General President of the Selma Gurkan Varlı’nın Abdullah also attended the congress, in resisting the demands of the workers took part in SAVRANOGLU and Hugo Boss.

Who participated in the resistance and the concentration of establishments sendikalaşan new congress hall, hung, “Imperialism and the War Against Business, Peace, Freedom” and “not be American Shield” drew attention to the signs.

In his opening speech the President of Congress in Izmir Province Jabbar blacksmith, who teach the AKP’s mercy even in periods of the junta, told everyone to pay obeisance to inhibit. Smith, chauvinism, as the winds of democratic forces in Izmir estirilmeye attempted, to do propaganda for peace and brotherhood, he added.


President of the rostrum chanting slogans from the EMEP Selma Gurkan, acquired rights of the working class all over the world to speak with the crisis began by telling how they received. In Turkey, the dismissals, showing the effect of overtime and slavery working conditions of workers to organize activities to the crisis, stating that in the Gurkan, the working class should be organized as a political or vested rights of the working class at the first time gasbedeceğini stressed the rise of the bourgeoisie. The only way to starting your own power, the working class, union with the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and unity of faith to other parts of society, he said. Every segment of society trying to put pressure on the AKP government said Gurkan, “trying to give the Kurds and Alevis setting. Trade unionists trying to parse. Arresting intellectuals. Izmir municipality and trade unionists in the operation, the Prime Minister’s apology in Dersim, the AKP’s ‘I want to Izmir and Dersim’ must düşünmememiz serzenişinden independent, “he said. Democratic Peoples’ Congress (NGO) formed by touching on the importance of unity Gurkan, the words “If you fail to be together, baby Ryan, Ugur Kaymaz and Ceylan Önkol’a conscience that can not pay our debts,” he concluded.

‘Combine the power of the AKP stop’

BDP Council Member Hayri Fever Party, evaluated the developments in the international arena, the AKP government in Turkey through the struggle for democracy and freedom of expression has been asked to being closed. Prime Minister’s apology evaluating Dersim Fire, “the AKP government, has to face in the 80-year history of the republic. Because Dersim, the Kurdish question, and that denial is a product of politics can not be assessed independently. Lighted in the dark on this, “he said.

‘Trade union struggles SİYASALLAŞMALI’

Single Food-Business Advisor to the Governor General Gursel, Kose, adopt the Kurdish problem in these situations, capital, language, religion and attacked anyone regardless of race, he said. “That’s Hugo Boss and SAVRANOGLU resisting. But this fight siyasallaşmalıdır. The trade unions, labor organizations, may be peace without entering into the work? “Said Kose, combative trade union power of trade unions came together and formed a union that fights for the Union, not only economic demands, but also women’s, youth, the environment will fight against the invasion is noted in many fields, such as . Leather-Business Branch Chairman of Maku Alagoz, workers, women, Kurds, Alevis, is the problem of students and unite themselves to the problem by asking what other workers stressed the need for unification. Ramis, Scott BES Izmir Branch President, highlighted the importance of combining political struggle with the trade union struggle.

The speech in resisting WORKERS

Resistance and the Hugo Boss factory in front of the sacked workers Gülten Genghis, the constitutional rights for the use of trade union rights are not unionized jobs have been booted, and now the interior in the direction of his friends said applied pressure.

Aydin Gençaslan SAVRANOGLU workers, the new boss wants to go to get compensation from them, saying, “We passed the size of the work material, we want to work decently. Each one of us with asthma, bronchitis, diseases such as I have. Women have children but treatment can be friends. We live in what era? “He said.

Schneider succeeded in unionization in the working Cihan workers, the next tasks in the industrial region of Cigli organize unorganized workplaces, he said.

DEU AUDIO Workplace Representative Gunseli Ugur, only the right to health care workers gasbedilmediğinden, speaking of the decree law of privatization in health, he said the last strokes.

UNION emphasis came to the fore

NGO Delegate Semra Uzunok Izmir, this congress is a way of salvation, and all the oppressed against the AKP-CHP said they are not without options, it is everyone’s duty to strengthen the unity, he said.

Spokesman of the period in Barka EGEÇEP Ertugrul, he is an American magazine, read an article about Arab baharıyla began by telling. Determinations by Labor Party there, said he wrote much earlier, “So this party, to interpret the world and Turkey. Environment is also the right of the struggle of this party is still here. Capital, energy resources, and the waters are attacking. However, this can not continue like this, “he said.

The Executive Board Member Ozer is EGEÇEP Akdemir, local environmental resistance trapped in the platform must be bridged and HDK’nin revealed a very important opportunity in this regard, he said. Poet and Author, Asim Gonen, buluşturulması art should be pointed out that the class struggle. (Izmir / UNIVERSAL)




Labour Party (EMEP), “Imperialism and the War Against Business, Peace, Freedom” launched şiarıyla and conference process was completed in Ankara.

EMEP Ankara Provincial Organization 6 Congress of South Stage Yilmaz was the day before. The AKP government’s policies and the war continued, both inside and outside workers announced that they would fight for the all-out attack against the laws.
“No to war, long live the brotherhood of peoples”, “Business, peace, freedom” slogans from a large number of trade union congress, was the guest of the democratic mass organizations and political party leaders.

In his opening speech, Deputy Chairman of the EMEP Haydar Kaya, drew attention to the hypocritical attitude of the AKP carried out over the Dersim. Kumar, “Erdogan said Dersimis apologized, today the people of Dersim, continues to rain bombs on the Kurds,” he said.

‘WAR bill paying Workers’

Ankara Provincial Chairman of the EMEP Sağdıç Principle of Light, the AKP government has expressed okuttuğunu grace period of September 12. Government and domestic politics, and foreign policy that uses the language of war Sağdıç, called on to fight together against the politics of war.

Referring to discussions of paid military Sağdıç, 30 thousand dollar bill for the war policies of non-poor people’s children would have to pay with their lives, he added.

Referring to the light on women’s murders, murders of women struggle against the work, bread, drew attention to the importance of presenting the freedom struggle.

Countries in the world and the bankruptcy of capitalism that says Ankara Provincial Co-Chair of the BDP Vuranok Meral, in search of new market capitalism is targeting the Kurds, he said. Now, “I wonder whether today was nobody,” but, “How many people were taken,” he came to a state that asks Vuranok, believed in freedom, peace and called on all forces to fight together.

AKP KHK’lerle function of the Assembly expressed the CAP Provincial Board Member Arif finished Basa, said there were an open lawlessness. Organized attack against the forces of law stated that the Basa, the answer could only be said that the organized forces.

CALL unions

Organized Industrial Zone in Xinjiang working metal worker Unaldı War, touched on the rights gaspları and layoffs. Unaldı, trade unions, “the boss of organized industrial zones, everything between the two lips. Come here to start work, we also let you, “he made the call.

Universal Newspaper, Sultan Özer Ankara representative, the workers and working people taking power through which the growing Evrensel’in difficult process in the country was becoming more and more important, he said. Under the pressure of the organs of power in almost all the newspapers and the press spokesman of the government stating that they are becoming Ozer, Evrensel’in more laborers to be taught to read and made the call. Sağdıç re-elected president of the provincial elections held in the light of Policy. (London / Universal)




Eskisehir Province before the Labor Youth Organization convention, congress delegates and conducted a walk Pandora Wedding Hall, accompanied by slogans.

Speaking on behalf of the management board of the Congress President Abraham Akgun Eskisehir Province, workers and laborers taken mangle, oppression and exploitation increased with each passing day, the shadow of imperialism created the climate of war and the growing chauvinism, work, peace and freedom in the provincial congress in şiarıyla gerçekleştirdiklerini said.

Organising Secretary of the United Fuat Fabric, Metal-strike from the Labor Party and Universal periods in Eskisehir and the other provinces, the newspaper constantly reminding them that they, too, would be with them always stressed that the Labour Party and the Universal newspaper.

6 Organisation of Aydin Province Congress, EMEP, Deputy Chairman Abdullah Varli were present. Many political parties and democratic mass organization representatives attended the congress. Newly elected president of the provincial Attorney Advisor Hicran.

Chairman of the Provincial Congress, a new provincial organization Kirsehir Hasan Altınşık, şiarını all the people in the party congress called on to fight to accomplish more.



Organisation, the speeches delivered in Mersin Province has come forward calls to unity and struggle.

130 days left behind the direnişleriyle Mersin port workers attended the congress. Nedim Koroglu participating in the congress, Deputy Chairman of EMEP, the AKP government period, unemployment, poverty, hunger, said they were facing more attacks such as a raise. Education and health, which expressed to customize the Koroglu, the government now says the severance indemnity diktiğini eye. Referring to Prime Minister Erdogan’s Dersim özrüne Koroglu, “Kurdish problem is the problem of Dersim. No one örtmemeli the top. Apology or something it would not work. The identity of the Kurdish people, culture, mother tongue, is the value of everything he recognizes an apology, “he said.

Van after the earthquake in the urban transformation of government, providing lesson where it stated that proponents of rent Koroglu, “it is used for urban regeneration. Now, with the Decree çıkarıyorlar laws without asking anyone. The result of this, “he said.


Speaking at the congress in Port Worker November Kilic, said not enough support for the ongoing resistance of the port has called for unity. Previous resistance, unions, political parties that had seen them more Sword, Port-Business, criticized the attitude. Addressing the Turkish-Business management, Sword, “There are a lot of Kurdish workers. Whether a day is a pattern of unfair to the Kurds. Peace in the fraternity, as well. Damn you, such as the head of the confederation, “he said.




Member of the EMEP GYK İlbay Ilhan, Gaziantep Provincial Congress in his speech pointed out that the global economic crisis.

Greece, Italy, to rescue the situation after the crises of the imperial states, and until yesterday they received a common attitude of democracy, elections, such as the words were uttered, but the order for the protection of the public will forget everything in two days left unchecked governments, the governments were left technocrat.

Fenugreek Fenugreek strike lasted 74 days old worker, Mehmet Celik recalled, “He knew that after the strike, reach a point, only the working class by fighting within the law. This is why working class of Turkey will never sacrifice the power struggle, “he said.

Speaking on behalf of the youth labor Sezin Ugur, youth riots took place in the world and in Turkey, but Turkey, noting that this situation occurs very unorganized manner, all segments of the youth around their own demands of organized labor in his youth called for a fight.




6 organization EMEP Adana Province Altıhan music hall was the usual convention. Speaking at the congress, President of the Seville City Tool, the AKP trying to intimidate the opposition and said that war against each segment. Adana, anti-democratic practices are widespread in the tool that transfers, in every action, the sound is cut and the penalties that everyone said that these groups are asked to be kept under pressure and called for struggle against oppression.




The Labour Party Kayseri 6 Hall of the Provincial Congress, Provincial Directorate of Culture was the usual. Approximately 150 people attended the Provincial Congress, delegate of the NGO Tacer Isaac, Egitim-Sen Branch Chairman Unsal Sadat, Haci Bektas-i Veli Association President Kenan Akpinar, Kayseri Province Alevi Cultural Centre and SDP President Sadat Arrow Representative Armanç Lightning also made a speech.

Text metal worker who spoke at the congress Stars, “I make prayer, worship as a Muslim I am a worker makes. AKP supposedly defending Islam, but ‘give workers the right to sweat dries.’ Called even if it does not fit. Theirs Müslümanlıksa, I communists,” he said.

Labor Party Member of GYK Aslandogan Jacob, the Wall Street invasions, Europe, strikes and riots in the Arab world should be read correctly, in the light of developments in all of Turkey’s oppressed segments of the parties to act together HDK’yı care about the request, he said.

After speeches of the delegates, the annual report and financial report, unanimously acquitted, the elections were made available. Provincial elections held re-elected as President Ismet Gümüşoluk. EMEP’in Kayseri Provincial Administration occurred the following names: Ismet Gümüşoluk, Adile Flower, Action Sarioglu Aslandogan, Metin Yıldız, Murat Arpaci, Hope Eagle, Veli Sahin.


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