Holodomor: Falsification of History


Sevastopol city in Ukraine these days hosts an exhibition that attempts to prove the veracity of the Holodomor, anti-Communist Ukrainians use the word to refer to an alleged massive starvation organized by the Bolsheviks, particularly by mesmiño brother of Lucifer, the beast comenenos, the monster zugasangue , the brother of Jason Chung, the kind that leaves the fulano of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a Hare Krishna paspán. Yes, by Stalin.

Certainly there was famine in Ukraine. That is correct. But it is also true that there was famine in Kazakhstan and southern Russia. Although historical research (science) is taking the first steps, yes, leaving as evidence in the interpretation of propaganda “istoriadores” teach worried about the wickedness of the socialist system while hiding the heroes of their collaboration with the Nazis, everything indicate that the causes of hunger, reiterates that not only in Ukraine, we must look for them, especially in a combination of: a terrible drought that lasted from 1930 to 1932, opened the battle against the Bolsheviks and filonazis Ukrainian kulaks (with their ongoing sabotage), a typhus epidemic that swept across the region, and finally, comprehensible mistakes of the Soviet system (disorganization, lack of experience, ultraesquerdista radicalism of some layers, etc.). The Nazis were the first to promote the dominant view in the West about the Holodomor and its Ukrainian allies rushed to catch up with relief. Then, like all the lies about the history of the Soviet Union, was employed by Western imperialists, who, of course?, Would rely on the timely help of countless organizations pequenoburguesas, particularly Trotskyists, to make us forget the true source of a terrible film that releases these days the umpteenth sequel.

Now is the Ukrainian President, that great lover of NATO, Viktor Yushchenko, who abandeira a national campaign to promote the “real” history of Ukraine and to be recognized as a crime against humanity the alleged Ukrainian holocaust. Even spent a good chunk of state budgets to fill the country with monuments to the memory of Holodomor, which gave rise to Leonid Grach, deputy opposition, the comment that Yushchenko was guilty of only caused famine in Ukraine, who was now living:

“He spent millions on this. Just when our doctors, teachers and workers are struggling to earn a living. It is Yushchenko who is orchestrating a modern famine in Ukraine.”

While institutionalizes the Nazi Flag as Hero of Ukraine, the Holodomor does propaganda everywhere in the country. Yushchenko attended the exhibition organized in Sevastopol and retailer said the alleged pictures of the holocaust perpetrated by the purples.

The scandal is monumental. Historians and political opposition alporizáronse to check that photographs were the same as always, the same lie that did not correspond to Ukraine of 30 years. Are the same images with the billionaire businessman media, the American Hearst, inzou the covers of their newspapers in the late thirties. The same we can see in the Ukrainian embassy in North America. The same as seen in how much exposure there is to rewrite history, as not much happened in Parliament. The same that decorate the electronic portals of a lot of Ukrainian anti-Communist organizations that pulan by transcribing the story according to their interests. The same also served as material that “scientific” anti-Communist leftist groups to use as buttresses of his anti-Soviet speech. Anyway, one more ingredient in the concrete mass to solidify the capitalist creates a totalitarian paradigm that keeps enlamados topics in gathering the good part of the world left.

And why this mania for using the same lie ever? To run the risk of, as now, to get ridiculous? It can be seen in North America of 30 years. As if snails would know the truth? Nor surprising that estrambóticas use in their publications the modest grupellos dereitosos Ukrainians. What we must now refer to the real reason is it’s own leaders of Ukraine, its institutional arm, hand dribble who, again, of everlasting images. The reason is simple: no other photographs.

When in January this year President Yushchenko encetou his crusade for their particular historical truth, urged the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to declassify all documents related to alleged Soviet repression. As there appeared nothing else, the SBU has set up in anger against the poor archivists, accusing them of not doing their job well. The truth is that the file was good that we were all substandard. Contai responsible for the State Archives Committee of Ukraine between September 2006 and April 2008, Olga Ginzburg:

“It desclasificamos all documents for a long time. Estudáronse for years.” Vadim Kolesnichenko, the parties of the Regions, aclárao with simplicity: “There are no documents proving that there was something like a genocide of the Ukrainians against the Kremlin. Simply because there was no genocide. What there is a desire to portray Russia as the enemy of Ukraine. The story is for scientists, and when special services are those who want to study the history thing always ends badly.”

Already passed the fake pictures. There are many more of what we put here. Although to check the degree of degeneration of the current rulers of Ukraine, with enough selected. The images of the exhibition, they want us to believe that depict Ukraine, 1936, correspond in their vast majority of other countries to realities. Especially are images of the Great American Depression of the early thirties of last century and the period of starvation that suffered from the Volga region between 1921 and 1923 after the First World War and the Civil War the Bolsheviks faced with imperialist and white guards.


Fíxense images indicated in this panel presentation of Sebastopol

Photo of Ben Shahn: “Blessed Country.” Date of October 1935. This is a settler family in Arkansas.

Photography of Dorothea Lange. Portrays a family living in poverty in Oklahoma County. It is August 1936.

Another photograph of Dorothea Lange. We see the two children in November 1936, living in a refugee camp in California because of the drought that asolaba Oklahoma.

Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian diplomat and scientist, in his capacity as High Commissioner of the League of Nations, traveled to Russia during the famine of 1921. The image, in which the first Nansen appears on the left, is taken in the Russian city of Saratov on the Volga basin.

Another exhibitor in Sebastopol

At a magnification of the image can be read that the photograph is taken in Kharkov, Ukraine’s second city in number of inhabitants in 1933.

The image actually corresponds to the cemetery BUZULUK in December 1921.

Fixémonos here in the photo top right corner


We are also here to a picture taken in Nansen expedition that made the Volga region in the early 20’s.

The Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko, along with other visitors compunxidos

The image was used as indicated by the Ukrainian government in late March 2007, the campaign for recognition of the genocide, (which explains how the image was caused by the NKVD in 1933!)

The original photo is from 1922 and was used in the “Exposition of the American humanitarian aid to Russia during the Soviet famine of 1921-1923.” He is currently in Geneva, in the Help file at the International Children.

The words written on the yellow panel said: “Tell the Truth. Reveal the Memory”

Picture taken in November 1921 in the city of Saratov. The image is in the archives of Nansen.


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