PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process

En Marcha, February 27, 2008

The history of peoples is written with the creative action of people and, by driving visionary, honest leaders.

For nearly 50 years, Cuba and Fidel as his most outstanding soldier, wrote one of the most glorious pages of contemporary history of our America, the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January 1959 was the beginning of a socio – political – historical and cultural background is not in our Latin America.

And is that the triumph of the revolution will forever the destiny of our countries in their struggle for true independence and freedom. Cuba will then forward the necessary referent, the shining beacon that shows that although the enemy is powerful and giant, as a people and their leaders are on the right track, there is no power in the world to destroy their achievements, their dreams, their achievements.

On 18 February this year, Fidel, Commander in Chief, Fidel announced to his people and the world “that does not aspire to nor accept, I repeat not aspire to nor accept the positions of Chairman of the State Council and Commander in Chief. ”

This announcement will mark a before and after Cuba and its revolution with Fidel and after Fidel, is done in circumstances when people since July 2007, when his health began to test the strength of a man of moral and political stature of Fidel, was preparing for this new time because they understood that their Commander in Chief, like all mortals, is a man of flesh and blood, and that his physical body is not eternal, more eternal and transcendent has been and will continue his ideals, his life itself delivered to the noble cause to which I aspire to a man, as is the construction of a just, humane, compassionate, sovereign even the most cruel enemy is just 90 miles from their territory.

Fidel, give up their positions with the firm conviction that his replacement is guaranteed, that the revolution will be continued so that his people so decided about because there are men and women formed and forged in the hard struggle to deal with powerful enemies and because they have the sensitivity, clarity, intelligence to continue making Cuba the country where the average educational level of its population is close to 12 degrees, that Cuba has almost a million university graduates, that Cuba is the great university that has given lessons in development of light, of honor and dignity to the world.

U.S. imperialism, Bush and Cuban-American Mafia based in Miami tried to see him die or resign during his health crisis more acute, but great souls do at the height of its existence and makes Fidel and his words say all: “Later I regain the full control of my mind, the ability to read and meditate a lot, bound by the rest. I was accompanied by enough physical strength to write for many hours. ” These expressions confirm their mental and spiritual glory, the triumph of his being on the physical limitations, a new blow to the pretensions of their opponents.

Men and women of the world who love justice and social equality, we have an obligation to take the baton handed over by Fidel and renew our commitment militant Cuban revolution, with his people, Fidel and other leaders of the Cuban Revolution because we are convinced / as you never give up your dream of a society of full welfare for his people, this is the best way to honor the life and example of this giant of two centuries has been known to take a step back in the right time to ensure that his work will endure over time.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

2 thoughts on “PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process

  1. fidel castro is not a marxist leninist. fidel was part of the revisionist camp that took power after the 20th party congress of the cpsu.

    1. This is true. However, if you look at the article it doesn’t call Fidel a Marxist-Leninist but a progressive revolutionary figure. We must honor the Cuban Revolution while recognizing Cuba’s early reliance on Soviet social-imperialism.

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