APK: May 2012 – Capitalism in crisis: Workers go to battle

May 2012: The International Workers´ Day

Capitalism in crisis: Workers go to battle

Statement from APK

The present capitalistic world crisis began in 2007-08 and has yet not ended. It is the deepest and most profound crisis the world has seen since the 1930s, and it has proven that the capitalistic system is incapable of defeating its inherent contradictions and securing stable prosperity. That can only happen with a different social and economic system: socialism.

The EU, that supposedly should secure peace and prosperity for the Europeans, is in an abysmal crisis with whole nations on the verge of default.

As long as the capitalist system exists, the ruling class – the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class – and its state and governments also try to pass the burdens from the crisis on the workers and the general public.

It has happened with the massive support to the banks and the speculators, who triggered the crisis, including the bank packages. It happens through massive cuts on the public budgets – on pensions and other benefits, poorer schools and daycare centers, etc. – and through falling real wage and longer work time, including higher retirement age.

However, this neo-liberal prescription doesn’t help to overcome the crisis and create new and lasting growth. It puts the wheels to a halt, while the rich become richer and the general public poorer.

The picture is the same in the EU, in USA, and in the whole world. All places more or less dramatic neol-iberal cuts and deteriorations are being implemented.

This, on the other hand, triggers powerful protests from the workers and the people that pays for the feast, as we especially have seen in Greece, Spain and Italy, or Tunisia and Egypt.

Millions have gone in general strike and have demonstrated and acted in protest.

Regimes have been overthrown, governments replaced. In some European countries EU has inserted its own people. That is also the pattern in Denmark, although the cuts and the decline happens more gradually.

The VKO-government fell, and the Thorning government took over with promises about a new policy. It quickly turned out to be false. The SRSF-government is a government of cuts, that wants to scare the people to accept the slaughter of welfare by appealing to the will to make sacrifices and create a crisis awareness, that accepts social decline, while the profits of the capitalists aren’t challenged.

In ”the old days” reformists (social democrats and related people), advocated reforms as gradual improvements. They even saw it as a way to socialism. Today reforms are simply another word for cuts, and the reformists in S and SF have become neo-liberal people of cuts.

They cannot lead Denmark in the necessary new direction. On the contrary, they administrate the policies of EU, to the satisfaction of the Commission and to misfortune for the big majority.

They must be stopped. Their catastrophic course must be hampered.

The immediate tasks of struggle by the 1. May 2012 must be to secure, that the ”Finance Pact” – the charter of EU – will be sent to referendum. Moreover, it must be to halt the planned cuts on flexible jobs , early retirement for the disabled and ”cash help,” that follows after the slaughtering of the “afterwage,” the raising of the retirement age and the halving of the unemployment benefits.

The current tasks will moreover be to pull the Danish troops out of Afghanistan and put an end to more war policy.

The current tasks will be to go against the negative collective agreements with the fall in the real wage and social dumping, stop the tripartite negotiations that lead to new deteriorations, and prepare to overthrow the planned state budget law for 2013 that has cuts worth 16 billion DKK.

The task at hand is to place a popular and revolutionary alternative on the agenda.

Neither ”red” nor blue bloc
For a popular and revolutionary alternative

Work and welfare to all – social restoration!

– For a 35 hours workweek!
– Doubling of the unemployement benefits period [from 2 to 4 years], halving of the vesting time
– For a retirement age on 60!
– No to neoliberal reforms of the early retirement [for disabled], flexible jobs and the cash help.
– For a state educational grant to live on!
– No to a decrease in the real wage and higher working time – No to the collective agreements for 2012!

Referendum on the Finance Pact! Stop the eurostate of the monopoles!

Yes to diversity – Active struggle against racism, fascism, and right extremism!
No to the wars and occupations of imperialism! Out of Afghanistan NOW!

Common struggle against the capital – Let the rich pay the crisis!

International solidarity in the struggle of the workers and the peoples!


25. April 2012


1) Basically bailout of banks.

2) Openly bourgeois government (Venstre, Conservative People´s Party, Danish People´s Party).

3) The incumbent socialdemocratic government (Social Democrats, Danish Social-Liberal Party, Socialist People´s Party). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_Denmark#Parties_represented_in_the_Folketing_or_the_European_Parliament

4) A pact made by EU that forbids member countries from having more than 0,5% of GPD of deficit in the public budgets, and no more debt than 60 % of GDP.

5) Special jobs for people, that are unable to have a ”normal” job.

6) Kontanthjælp. Transfer income to people who cannot provide for themselves and/or their families. E.g. after two years of unemployment, where the right to the higher unemployment benefits ends.

7) Efterløn – a form of early retirement, 5 years before retirement age for people born before 1956. For people born on 1. July 1959, and later, it will be 3 years (between 3 and 5 years for people born between 1956 and July 1959).


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

One thought on “APK: May 2012 – Capitalism in crisis: Workers go to battle

  1. We all know that Capitalism is in crisis. Workers have staged rallies and also have fought recently in USA, India, European, Arab and African countries but what they have lacked is a leadership resulting failure and maximum they have achieved was a buoyant media and opportunity for capitalist mode of production to revive(still in process). Why this failure? Well in India the major leftist parties have openly joined hands of bourgeoisie and smaller ones have very limited visions. Scientific Socialism is lacking every where. Imperialism as we know is decaying due its inherent contradiction but who will replace them?
    I appreciate your commitment to workers but hope Communist Parties world over set aside their local aspiration and lead the workers movement.

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