PCMLE: Important step in the popular movement

Three events of great importance to the organized popular movement has been made in these days in the country: the national congresses of the FESE, FEUE and UNE. Highlighted in all of these is the massive presence of delegates, the broad participation of these in their debates to define policy guidelines for action and future tasks, and the unitary character of them all. And there is a fourth element matching in these events and it is the decision to continue facing the anti-popular policy of the government of Rafael Correa that differs little from its predecessors.

By different means the government has tried to affect the action of these organizations. Efforts to divide have been more but failed, the economic boycott in the case of UNE-has not worked, nor the persistent campaign of vilification and slander launched by the President himself. After their Congress FESE, UNE and FEUE out unified and strengthened, with provision to raise new actions to fight for specific claims and general benefit of the peoples of Ecuador.

Their resolutions are agree to work for strengthening the unity of the people’s organizations, who maintain a policy of independence and opposition to the government to create a front for action to face in better way with the populist and demagogic regime of Rafael Correa. The experience of work together in the No campaign gives impulse to this line of action.

The events in question, like that of the CONAIE made weeks ago, show that the government does not have the support of organized popular movement. Of course they are not the only organizations that maintain such behavior, also it has the trade unions, peasants, youth , women, population, artists organizations, etc. This is a great weakness of the regime and a great strength of those fighting against the government from the left and progressive positions, so these days the government is working to show the existence of unions or associations that support it, for which they have the action of defectors from the popular movement, revisionists and opportunists of all kinds who bill each of its movements

No doubt the organized popular movement has gained a new political victory with these events.


Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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