M.P.D. convention voices support for Mery Zamora


Recently, an Ecuadorian a socialist activist named Mery Zamora was arrested and put in prison by the Correa government on charges of “terrorism.” Zamora was the former President of the communist-led National Union of Teachers (UNE) and she was arrested for participating in the uprisings of September 30th, 2010. Many U.S. “leftist” websites like DailyCensored immediately and with no investigation jumped on board the Correa train and condemned her as “participating in a CIA-sponsored coup attempt” and even “being a CIA agent.” Meanwhile the entire left in Ecuador, including the Movimiento Popular Democrático (MPD), is fighting tooth and nail to get her out of prison. Disgraceful.

 — Espresso Stalinist

The Popular Democratic Movement (MPD) held a special convention in Quito, which was attended by about three thousand provincial delegates who spoke in support of the former president of the National Union of Educators (UNE), Mery Zamora recently convicted of terrorism and sabotage by facts related to the 30S.

The final declaration also expressed support Assemblyman Pachakitik, Clever Jimenez, sentenced to one year in prison for allegedly insulting the President Correa Hernán Yanez, rector of the Technical University of Cotopaxi, also prosecuted by the 30S, to Edwin Lasluisa secretary of the National FEUE; Cajilema and Paul Xavier Jacome, who EcuadorLibre site describes as “political persecution of the regime.”

The event, in the historic center of Quito, attended by leaders of the MPD different provinces, as well as political leaders of other leftist parties.

Mery Zamora said his “only crime” is to have “confronted” the president, Rafael Correa. “I am quiet, calm and firm in my convictions and ideals”.



Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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