PCOF: New Military Occupation by French Imperialism

Even before the United Nations Organisation had given the green light, the first French troops occupied the capital Bangui, where bloody chaos reigned. Prepositioned in neighbouring Cameroon, they joined the French contingent of 250 soldiers charged with guarding the French embassy, about 1,200 foreign residents and the security of the airport. This was the beginningContinue reading “PCOF: New Military Occupation by French Imperialism”

‘New race for colonies begins in Africa’

Western ‘neo-colonial’ powers – particularly France – have started to reach back to West Africa, masking their colonial ambitions as ‘humanitarian intervention to protect human rights,’ Ken Stone from Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War stated to RT. Earlier this week, France sent its special forces to Cameroon in search of seven French tourists whoContinue reading “‘New race for colonies begins in Africa’”