MPD withstand the onslaught of Correa, Grow to 250,000

MPD signed with 250,000 affiliations and maintains its strength in the UNE and FEUE The Left party that supported the project start of the government, now makes the counter. The regime tries to play their positions of power. Taken from the newspaper “Express” in Ecuador (17/12/2010). Contrary to what you might think, the Government, membersContinue reading “MPD withstand the onslaught of Correa, Grow to 250,000”

Declaration of the Regional Latin American and Caribbean CIPOML (2011)

International Conference of Parties and Marxist-Leninist Organizations Regional Latin America POLICY STATEMENT U.S. imperialism and its European allies: France, England, Spain, Italy, are trying to manipulate the just struggle of the Arab peoples, to channel the indignation of the working masses and the youth towards a change of names, maintaining the economic and social structuresContinue reading “Declaration of the Regional Latin American and Caribbean CIPOML (2011)”

Colombia: Revolutionaries Call For Abstention

The Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Colombia Marxist-Leninist presented a report on the presidential elections last May and outlined the new guidelines going into the second round on June 20. Confirmed that the conditional support to the candidacies of the Polo Democratico Alternativo, PDA, agreed at the Fourth Plenum was correct, saidContinue reading “Colombia: Revolutionaries Call For Abstention”

PCMLE: Police State

The threat and punishment against those who express their disagreement with government policy is on the agenda in this government. There is no organized social sector, which has expressed its opposition to the anti-people policies of the government that it is saved. This time, again, the darts are directed against high school students that expressContinue reading “PCMLE: Police State”

Resolution of the Xth Plenum of the CC

PCMLV. 2011 The events that shook the world confirm conclusively the classics of Marxism-Leninism. The pauperization of the conditions of the proletariat, the constant mobilization of popular sectors to demand respect for their rights, they are unaware of avoiding a series of achievements attained over the years indicates that the masses feel the weight ofContinue reading “Resolution of the Xth Plenum of the CC”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: Maoist China’s Foreign Policy: 1970s and 1980s

The Third World Asia (a) SOUTHEAST ASIA. Only in China’s traditional “sphere of influence” has the People’s Republic given consistent material support to powers abroad – to North Korea and North Vietnam – and verbal support to movements against governments with which it has friendly diplomatic relations. In the case of VIETNAM extended recognition andContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: Maoist China’s Foreign Policy: 1970s and 1980s”

PCC-ML: The Contradiction Between Socialism and Capitalism

Lenin in his day unraveled the existence of four fundamental contradictions, full force: 1 the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. 2 the contradiction between socialism and capitalism. 3 the contradiction between peoples and imperialism. 4 the Inter-imperialist contradictions and inter monopolists. The solution of these contradictions lead to the defeat of imperialism andContinue reading “PCC-ML: The Contradiction Between Socialism and Capitalism”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: The Anti-Leninist Theory of “three worlds” in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance

The formation of the warmongering U. S.-China alliance is in complete accordance with and is the very fruit of the anti-Leninist theory of “three worlds”. This so-called “great strategic concept” of the Chinese revisionists is being put into full effect by the Hua Kuo-feng-Teng Hsiao-ping clique. It is the “three worlds” theory which guides theirContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: The Anti-Leninist Theory of “three worlds” in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance”

Uribe: Pawn of the USA against Venezuela and its Government

Communiqué Colombia, January of 2005 1. The peoples of Colombia and Venezuela, to the astounded view and the repudiation of the progressive world, are witness to the vulgar and flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, carried out by a covert operation to capture comrade Rodrigo Granda, member of the FARC-EPContinue reading “Uribe: Pawn of the USA against Venezuela and its Government”

Remembering Chile’s 9/11

By Paul Street “Close to Perfect:” A Different, Bloodier Nine-Eleven The events of September 11th were horrific, tragic, and criminal on a monumental scale. Planes flew low over an American nation’s leading city. Buildings erupted in flames. There was an official death toll of more than 3,000. Thousands of innocent people were ruthlessly slaughtered. TheirContinue reading “Remembering Chile’s 9/11”

Series on Maoist Revisionism: Mao Endorses the “Three Worlds Theory” & Deng’s U.N. Speech

San fen shi jie lun, or The Theory of the Three-Part World Mao Zedong first talked about his idea of the “three-part world” in his meeting with Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia, on 22 February 1974. He said that there were “three worlds.” The United States and the Soviet Union belonged to the first world.Continue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: Mao Endorses the “Three Worlds Theory” & Deng’s U.N. Speech”

For the FARC Hugo Chavez is unpredictable

“Quite unpredictable and dangerous is Chavez’s policy, while imperialist and promises denies socialism is Uribe’s hand while homologous to the FARC and paramilitary criminals presence on the border,” said Raul Reyes, number two Marxist-Leninist guerrillas in Colombia, in a letter to the secretariat issued on June 25, 2007. In previous communications, the guerrilla leader nowContinue reading “For the FARC Hugo Chavez is unpredictable”

Che Guevara’s Writings Against Soviet Revisionism

Struggle Against Khrushchevite Revisionism Che Guevara rejected the Soviet image of Stalin, rebelled against Castro’s pro-Soviet line and criticized the restoration of capitalism in the USSR as well as the implementation of “market socialism” in the Eastern Bloc.  He told Sam Russell the British reporter of the socialist newspaper Daily Worker that “We must neverContinue reading “Che Guevara’s Writings Against Soviet Revisionism”

The PCMLE born in 1964

By Pablo Miranda On 1. August 1964 in the population at Easter, then the nearby town of Guayaquil took place the First Congress of PCMLE. It was a conference in absolute secrecy. 18 comrades representing the party organization in the provinces of Pichincha, Guayas, Loja, Azuay, Esmeraldas, Los Rios attended the deliberations. Congress debated theContinue reading “The PCMLE born in 1964”

Joint Political Declaration of the FPR and the PCM-ML about the Struggle of Teachers of Section XII

Again the bells of glory Verde Antequera redoubled with just paying tribute to their children who get up! Oaxaca Again, the City of Resistance receive with open arms to his heroic democratic teachers remains strong, as the backbone of this great popular movement that demands justice, freedom and democracy against the tyrants of yesterday andContinue reading “Joint Political Declaration of the FPR and the PCM-ML about the Struggle of Teachers of Section XII”