PCOT: “Another View of Stalin”

The PCOT in Tunisia review Ludo Martens’ legendary tome.

 — Espresso Stalinist

57th anniversary of the death of Stalin (March 5, 1953) you read in this issue of “Forward” book “Another View of Stalin” by Ludo Martens and the translation of “good return”. This book deals with Stalin’s personality from a different angle, trying to study this character that provoked a sensation and is still exposed to the fierce attacks of the bourgeoisie and revisionism, the greater the intensity after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Stalin enrolled since the age of five years of age in the episodes of Marxism confidentiality. He led several strikes and union meetings. And subjected to arrest and exile to Siberia on 5 occasions between 1902 and 1917, but he was able to escape each time.

Stalin qualified thanks to his toughness and firmness to fill several positions, including as a member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party in 1912. And has held the post of political commissar of the Russian army in the Russian Civil War. In 1922, he served as Secretary General of the Communist Party.

After Lenin’s death led Stalin Bolshevik Party, but Trotsky attacked the party leadership, Stalin launched an attack on the outlook painted by Lenin’s democratic revolution and socialist revolution in Russia, stick to his idea of​the impossibility of building socialism in one country, which increased the difficulties of the Bolshevik Party, who found himself in the face of the devastation of civil war and sabotage attempts, which was led by Trotsky and his followers.

Nevertheless, the party led by Stalin was able to accomplish basic tasks formulated by Lenin in order to build a socialist society in the Soviet Union (the development of industry, construction of agricultural cooperatives, the launch of a cultural revolution …). And developed Marxism-Leninism Stalin revealed thanks to the revolutionary practice and the application of the theory on the ground.

Despite many difficulties, subjective and objective, the achievements in the industrial growth took and created a strong infrastructure. Stalin succeeded in this task thanks to the unexpected success recruiting the working class to accomplish these tasks. Also formed the assembly process, which began the agricultural stage in 1929 in a special class conflicts in rural areas (rural bourgeoisie and the proletariat), such a coup assembly economically, politically and culturally, and put the masses of peasants on the road to socialism. After the announcement of the Central Committee of the party the end of capitalist relations in the countryside rushed “kulaks” are desperate to undermine the experience of agricultural cooperatives based on the principle of individual property to extract and compile the land in the vast collective farms and integrated on the basis of joint action the adoption of modern techniques and sophisticated. Despite the difficult circumstances in which the assembly process, its success has reversed the situation in the Russian countryside, where out of about 80% of the people of the state of ignorance, poverty, and provided a breeding ground for the concentration of farming developed capable of achieving self-sufficiency, as opposed to her claim that she sounds hostile to Stalin that the policy of the assembly was the reason for the famine that defined the Soviet Union between 1932 and 1933.

In regard to the “physical liquidation” and “executions on a large scale”, long upheld by the bourgeois and imperialists and Althrivuon and other pure fabrication and it is exaggerated greatly. Have begun to dispel some of the facts and testimony about these allegations are false. Throughout his career cord Bolshevik Party led by Stalin’s policy ranged from soft and rigidity in order to preserve party unity and territorial integrity of the Soviet internal and external threats.

It is true that Stalin committed some errors that do not here the area of ​​exposure to it. And those who practice sin. In any case, it is not solely borne by these errors, but the whole Party and it is reasonable to deal with Stalin, he does do what he wants and all around him in the party just dolls! Also, these errors must be placed in their historical context, where the country was facing serious difficulties, threats, and siege of the largest Ambriagliat world united against the new system, at the time lost when the Bolshevik party, a large number of leaders in the civil war in the Great Patriotic War, which of would be reflected negatively on his performance.

Ultimately, Stalin is the leader of a communist take responsibility for the historical and defended communism all the initial wounding and sometimes missed altogether, and the Communists only benefit from this experience and developed to serve the interests of the working class and go with the mistakes of the past, away from the personalization and the cult of the individual and the interpretation of history as if it create leaders and not made public.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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