Court Proceedings of the Moscow Trials

Please download and distribute freely. August 19-24, 1936 – Court Proceedings of the Case of the Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre sometimes called the “Zinoviev-Kamenev Trial.” January 23-30, 1937 –  Court Proceedings of the Case of the Anti-Soviet Troskyite Centre sometimes called the “Pyatakov-Radek Trial.” March 2-13, 1938 –  Court Proceedings of the Case of the Anti-Soviet “Bloc of RightsContinue reading “Court Proceedings of the Moscow Trials”

Trotskyism in the Service of Franco

By GEORGES SORIA FACTS AND DOCUMENTS “To the Generalissimo: – I communicate personally the following: In executing the order you gave me, amongst other things, I went to Barcelona to interview the leaders of the P.O.U.M. I gave them all your information and suggestions. …” (Document found at the Peruvian Embassy in Madrid where there wasContinue reading “Trotskyism in the Service of Franco”

Thoughts on Georges Soria’s Denunciation of “Trotskyism in the Service of Franco”

by Espresso Stalinist Recently I was reading a PDF of the 1938 pamphlet Trotskyism in the Service of Franco: Facts and Documents on the Activities of the P.O.U.M. in Spain by Georges Soria. Soria was a representative in Spain of the French communist paper L’Humanité and also wrote for the International Press Correspondence of theContinue reading “Thoughts on Georges Soria’s Denunciation of “Trotskyism in the Service of Franco””

On Closed Speech of Khrushchev at the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU

George Gruenthal Book Review:  Khrushchev Lied, by Grover Furr Prof. Grover Furr has done a great service to Marxist-Leninists and all revolutionaries and to all those who are interested in historical truth. He has picked out 61 major statements from Khrushchev’s 20th Congress speech, checked them against other material, especially from the Russian archives thatContinue reading “On Closed Speech of Khrushchev at the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU”

Frederick Schuman on Kulak Destruction of Crops and Livestock

“Their [kulak] opposition took the initial form of slaughtering their cattle and horses in preference to having them collectivized. The result was a grievous blow to Soviet agriculture, for most of the cattle and horses were owned by the kulaks. Between 1928 and 1933 the number of horses in the USSR declined from almost 30,000,000Continue reading “Frederick Schuman on Kulak Destruction of Crops and Livestock”

William Blum on the Development of the Soviet Union

“History does not tell us what a Soviet Union, allowed to develop in a ‘normal’ way of its own choosing, would look like today. We do know, however, the nature of a Soviet Union attacked in its cradle, raised alone in an extremely hostile world, and when it managed to survive to adulthood, overrun byContinue reading “William Blum on the Development of the Soviet Union”

The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid

The following text is from Daniel Kowalsky’s book Stalin and the Spanish Civil War. The selected excerpt is from chapter 11 of the book, “The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid.”  – E.S. The gold transfer is the best-documented aspect of Soviet-Spanish relations during the civil war, and thus need only be rapidly summarized here. AccordingContinue reading “The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid”

American Party of Labor: Insights into Socialist Albania from “Pickaxe and Rifle”

William Ash’s Pickaxe and Rifle: the Story of the Albanian People is a comprehensive, diversified, in-depth study and explanation of the experiences and the social system of the tiny, formerly Marxist-Leninist Balkan country. Ash was invited to travel to the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania in 1969. He visited again in 1971. He was given the opportunityContinue reading “American Party of Labor: Insights into Socialist Albania from “Pickaxe and Rifle””

Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin”

Please note the posting of this introduction to the book “The Essential Stalin” does not necessarily imply support of Franklin’s political line.  — E.S. I used to think of Joseph Stalin as a tyrant and butcher who jailed and killed millions, betrayed the Russian revolution, sold out liberation struggles around the world, and ended upContinue reading “Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin””

Why Yugoslavia was Expelled from the Cominform

“After prolonged discussion the Information Bureau adopted a resolution Concerning the Situation in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia which was made public by press and radio. The resolution contained a series of profound criticisms of the policy of the Yugoslav Communist leadership, and above all of the four figures who in a literal sense dominatedContinue reading “Why Yugoslavia was Expelled from the Cominform”

Words of Wisdom from Niccolò Machiavelli

“It is necessary, therefore, if we desire to discuss this matter thoroughly, to inquire whether these innovators can rely on themselves or have to depend on others: that is to say, whether, to consummate their enterprise, have they to use prayers or can they use force? In the first instance they always succeed badly, andContinue reading “Words of Wisdom from Niccolò Machiavelli”

Anna Louise Strong: “Stalin”

by Anna Louise Strong The Soviets Expected It, The Dial Press, New York, 1941, pp. 46-64 YEARS AGO, when I first lunched with President Roosevelt just after he had seen H. G. Wells, I found that of all the subjects in the Soviet Union the one that interested him the most was the personality ofContinue reading “Anna Louise Strong: “Stalin””

Book Review: Bruce Cumings’ North Korea: Another Country

BY SOPHIA SOLIVIO Bruce Cumings is the Chairperson of the History Department and Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History and the College at the University of Chicago. In 1975, he received his PhD from Columbia University. Cumings’ professional and academic credentials make his compilation of complaints primarily in regard to theContinue reading “Book Review: Bruce Cumings’ North Korea: Another Country”

JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro and curb threat of Communism, claims explosive new book

Revelations made by journalist Bill Deane in new book ‘Smooth Criminal’ It tells story of alleged CIA spy and ‘one-man crime wave’ Dave Riley Claims criminals allowed on ‘crime sprees’ in US when not working for CIA Deane: ‘Riley was typical recruit: Intelligent, ambitious and without morals’ While JFK did not order the programme, Deane says heContinue reading “JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro and curb threat of Communism, claims explosive new book”

Leave it to the Market?

For more than twenty years now, the “free market” has been the rallying cry of American politics. Conservatives sing its praises while occasionally betraying it when it suits their constituency, liberals won’t criticize it but claim that it needs to be fixed, and then you have the libertarians, for which the market is, for allContinue reading “Leave it to the Market?”