Partija Rada: For the Balkans Without NATO Occupiers! Freedom for the Balkan Peoples!

Today, it is becoming more and more necessary the closer cooperation and solidarity among all of the left, communist forces of the Balkan countries.

For over a decade now, Balkans consists of a field of intense inter-imperialist antagonisms that, by using local chauvinisms and submissive governments, have transformed the area again into a powder-magazine and a war field. War, half a century after the end of the 2nd World War, is today a constant threat. Troops of imperialist forces, under various labels (UN, NATO , USA , etc.), check at Balkan countries, while many Balkan countries have joined or are about to join NATO and Western-European Union. Almost as a whole these countries helped USA and G. Britain during the unjust war in Iraq . Military bases of the USA , NATO and of the other imperialists that are used for the control of the Balkans and for the raids in third countries have been scattered throughout almost all of the countries.

In front of the escalation of the USA aggression against the peoples of the world, and the application of the dogma “whoever is not with us is against us”, we must unite our forces against the preemptive and continuous war, develop the anti-war movement, and express our solidarity with all the struggling peoples, and especially the peoples of Iraq and Palestine.

All, without discrimination, of the Balkans countries’ economies undergo the neo-liberal policies that are imposed by the international economic organizations, integrations and powers (IMF, EU , USA , etc.) resulting to a dramatic worsening of the living conditions for the peoples. Multinational capital and the imperialist forces dominate today like never before in the Balkans, enforcing the further dependence and the robbing of the economies of Balkan countries.

Governments and the ruling classes of the Balkans, none excluded, serve the imperialist planning of the one or the other power; they are the same ones who sow the poison of chauvinism and racism, faithfully implement the policies for the abjection of the working masses that are dictated by international centers, get richer by the blowing up of economies and overexploitation.

On this ground, during all of the previous years, there have been developed various kinds of chauvinisms that confront Balkan peoples and nations with each other and poison the relations between them, serving only the imperialist policy of “divide and rule” and undermining peace, fraternization and solidarity among the Balkan peoples, things that are today more necessary than ever.

No Balkan country inside the war coalitions of NATO and the Western-European Union . All of the foreign military bases, out! No participation of the Balkan countries in the imperialist wars!

Down with the neo-liberal policies of misery that IMF, USA and EU impose!

No to chauvinism – No to national oppression!

Peace and anti-imperialist solidarity among the peoples and the progressive forces of the Balkans and of the whole world!

The only perspective for the peoples: a world without exploitation and war, a world liberated from capitalism and imperialism – such a world is possible and necessary!

Long live Socialism! Long live Communism!

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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