PCMLV: In the Midst of Crisis, to Disclose our Theory is a Labor of Great Importance

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela in Issue No. 22 of “Unity & Struggle”

Translations by George G

The working class has the historical responsibility of assuming its role as vanguard in carrying out the proletarian revolution, defeating capitalism and imperialism, making legitimate use of the various forms of struggle to build socialism.

This demands of the revolutionaries the study of Marxism-Leninism as the fundamental guide to our action, to guide the masses, to work for their political organization and education, generating in the working class and the popular masses a solid sense of class consciousness and the necessary revolutionary class organization as guarantee of the triumph over capitalist society and its various expressions.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stated clearly: “Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.”

But it is not just any theory that a revolutionary movement requires to guide the oppressed masses in the struggle for the overcoming of capitalism and the building of socialism; it is the scientific theory of Marxism Leninism, created by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, tested in hundreds of battles and consolidated with the concrete activity of the building of socialism in the countries where it has been possible to break the chain of imperialist oppression and start the accumulation of experiences with communist ideas. In this the Russian revolution is an obligatory reference, Lenin and Stalin, the architects of this great work, which Engels foresaw already in 1893 in the preface to the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

In the struggle for socialism we must fight the ideological battle against all harmful tendencies for the labor movement: reformism, revisionism and opportunism, which are bent on weakening and destroying the proletarian revolutionary organization, and its replacement by petty bourgeois and bourgeois organizations to mislead the working class and its allies.

To demonstrate the falsity of the trends referred to above, it is of vital importance to guarantee the final victory of great exploited and oppressed majorities over the exploiting minority and definitively overcoming capitalism in all its forms.

To contribute to the guidance and education of the working class, the working masses and peoples, we must study real experiences, in particular those that managed to go beyond the stage of preparation and advance along the road of building socialism; in this Lenin and Stalin made the greatest advances, not only by their proposals, but by their work of building a new society in a particular country and its progressive extension around the world. Therefore we pay a well-deserved tribute to the great historic legacy of this experience that succeeded in laying the practical foundations for socialism and initiating a bright phase of proletarian internationalism with the creation of the Third International, founded in March 1919 in Moscow. The great teachers combined the building of socialism in the USSR with the international organization of communists; they combined the struggle for the building of socialism in the countries where there were specific conditions to that end, with proletarian internationalism.

The Third International was born two years after the great victory of the Russian proletariat in the revolution of 1917, which contributed significantly to the orientation, dissemination of materials and training of the communist parties around the world, to act as a guide in organizing the social revolution, supporting the struggle of the colonial countries for their independence from imperialist subjugation and domination.

The Third International took up the task of preserving and safeguarding the theoretical and practical heritage of the consistent Marxists, who had been degenerated and corrupted by the Second International. Its birth marked the political rupture of the communist parties with reformism and opportunism of social-democracy that had already shown its true face and complete bankruptcy placing itself on the side of the capitalists during the First World War.

The lessons of the Third International are more important now than ever; in the orientation of the working class, its actions, its organization and this is shown each day in the struggles that have been undertaken by the working class, the working masses and people on a world scale in the light of the crisis engulfing the capitalist mode of production.

Stalin as continuator of the work of Lenin raised questions which were part of the needs of the Soviet people to move towards socialism, in his “Economic Problems of Socialism in the Soviet Union” he made an analysis of the fundamental laws that come into play in the building of socialism and set out the practical tasks of the revolutionaries to advance in a concrete way.

Consistent with the Marxist-Leninist legacy we consider it necessary to publicize the works of Stalin and the work of the Third International to understand how they contributed to the defeat of the fascist forces during World War II, and placed the communists at the forefront of the struggle against fascism during the Great Patriotic War to hold high the banners of Lenin and advance in the building of socialism under the conditions of imperialism, with a great proletarian practical and concrete sense.

When the imperialist offensive tried to erase the legacy of the great theoreticians of Marxism-Leninism and destroy their work, the communists must make the greatest efforts to make these known to the proletariat and the masses in general, works that are fundamental and must be known and valued for who are seriously trying, without petty bourgeois prejudices, to advance towards socialism, having first-hand information about the most important experiences of the working class.

In addition to the practical work among the masses, the organization and building up of a revolutionary membership, it is necessary to oppose the campaign of discrediting carried out by the reactionaries against our classic leaders and their work. It is an urgent task of the communists to spread these, even more when the world is being shaken and the masses are taking to the streets to look for alternatives to their problems. We Communists must be there with our rich experience to say, especially the working class: “there is a way out of the crisis, it is proven and at your disposal, it is socialism and the Marxist-Leninist theory.”

Each day there will be more people to take up the fight, it is our responsibility to make our proposals and historical experience known so that imperialism does not again use its deception and manipulation, there are winds of revolution, let us prepare all the tools and victory will be ours.

Long live proletarian internationalism!.

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin!.

“Socialism is built only with the worker-peasant alliance in power and the people in arms.”

CC of the PCMLV
Venezuela, March 2011
Hundredth anniversary of the International Day of Working Women

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