PCMLV: 22 Years after the fall of the Anti-Fascist Protection Wall

Wednesday November 9, 2011

The date on which the bourgeoisie proclaimed his fictional agonizing final victory and announced the end of ideology

On November 9, 1989 became an orgasmic date for the bourgeoisie and imperialism. The media transmitted as hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against the “communist” regime of East Germany, but these means did not convey the demonstrations where GDR citizens showed their support for the rule pertaining to the block socialist.

The retaining wall fell fascist, released by the bourgeoisie as the “Berlin Wall”. Numerous films, documentaries, thousands of pages of newspapers, magazines, hundreds of university professors by capital prostitutes have bombarded us with the “truths” of the “official story” about the famous wall.

Today, as the manipulation of the media and Western propaganda has caused deep brain manipulations in most people, especially younger generations, it is necessary to analyze from the standpoint of Marxism-Leninism and revolutionary about what happened in the two Germanys. Why the retaining wall built fascist?, What were the reasons for lifting the same, What advantages and benefits brought it to Germany (two) and the world? and especially after the fall of the wall What happened to the territory formerly known as RDA?

This analysis is necessary, since the bourgeoisie does not comply with the numerous writings and programs through its media, is also using artillery to the Venezuelan state media, who have joined the chorus of condemnation against the wall of the anti-capitalist resistance. For example, the news agency statist bourgeois “world YVKE”, on August 13 this year (date commemorated the 50th anniversary of the wall), apart from collecting testimonies of court fascist Angela Merkel and Klaus Wowereit, said the following, “The country was divided in two, West Germany and East German dictatorship, ironically called German Democratic Republic until 1989.” Later in the same article states: “Currently, a steel monument with an ominously dark remains in the Bernauer Strasse, as a sad reminder of the division of Berlin, Germany and throughout Europe, western democratic and dictatorial regimes block east. ”

Apart from the metaphorical mysticism and literary flavor bourgeois state uses this medium to talk about the “sinister wall” can be seen below blouses class all its contents for the bourgeoisie and imperialism, but the fact of calling West Germany, imperialist and bourgeois with the adjective “democratic”. We know that the countries of the so-called socialist camp in Eastern Europe from the XX Congress of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) in 1956, leaving aside the Marxist-Leninist model to adopt a revisionist position that undoubtedly corroded the foundations of the state socialist and gradually led to the restoration of capitalism called socialist bloc. However, we should not ignore some dignity and cunning actions that led out to defend themselves from fascism, one construction of the wall of the antifascist resistance.

No other media will reflect the state regarding this issue to avoid wasting time and consider these views and features own ignorance. Something that we should speak clearly is the other walls, for example at the border of Mexico, where the U.S. built a gigantic wall, Israel, Morocco and many other capitalist countries have built walls to segregate entire populations in clear acts of fascism, xenophobia and racism. We ask, would be so brave lords “YVKE world” to condemn Brazil, where there is a wall in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to prevent the inhabitants of the favelas (slums) pass beautiful, bourgeois city? Obviously not. Recall and business agreements between Brazil and the Venezuelan state, (which financially supports this alleged news agency) prevent or rather, put a brake and editorial lines to its publications. World YVKE has what in newspaper parlance of our country known as a “Muzzle arepas.”

Let us now examine the causes of the construction of the retaining wall fascist, therefore we will focus almost exclusively on the book “RDA historical compendium” of the historian Heinz Heitzer, precisely in section XV of the second chapter entitled “the security measures taken on August 13, 1961. ”

Conditions that necessitated the construction of retaining wall antifascist

After the Second World War, more specifically in the 1950 and 1960, begins to take shape the revolutionary movement. Despite the treacherous policy of the USSR in 1956, where they break with Marxism-Leninism of fact and revisionist policies are of a revolutionary discourse, the correlation of forces changes significantly. Comes an impressive rise of national liberation movements in the dependent countries and colonies, many countries are heading in the model called real socialism and the colonies gain their independence. In Cuba the revolution is in the face of U.S. imperialism, military dictatorships fall in Venezuela and other countries, the discourse of democratic and nationalist leaders increasingly condemned the war policy of the United States, created the “Warsaw Pact “in Poland to bring together the countries of popular democracy and defending imperialism, and so on.

During this period, the GDR began to shine as a country in solidarity with the struggle of peoples, with a total support to the newly liberated countries and those who fought for national liberation. Remember as he opened consulates and embassies in states which were not recognized by Western countries, thus creating a strong pressure on the UN to legitimize the independence of many of them.

The brutal imperialism reacted and was bathed in blood as well as Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean in those days. An attempted invasion of Cuba and numerous plots and attacks of any kind against the Caribbean island were unsuccessful. However, the imperialists know that the main enemy and example of the people he was fighting in eastern Europe, so all attacks headed East Germany. To do this, put together an impressive heir to the fascist government of Hitler Nazism, of democratic mask of the Federal Republic or West Germany.

The bourgeois-imperialist state of the RFA had his plans and prospects very clear, and there were others that the annexation of the GDR and thus open the way for the imperialist conquest of the entire Eastern Europe, relying on its military and heavy weight economy.

On the military level, NATO created a blitzkrieg plan (the same as Hitler used during World War II) to invade and annex the GDR territory, the operation was known as the secret name (Day X). The Government of the FRG break diplomatic relations with Yugoslavia, in 1957, and Cuba, in 1960, because these countries had established diplomatic missions in the GDR, and vice versa. He rejected the proposition of the RDA to build a German conference, also rejected the propositions presented in 1958/59, the Soviet Union in the sense of granting the status of West Berlin a demilitarized free city and prepare a treatise on peace with Germany. In addition, the Government of the RFA suggested its NATO allies should oppose equal to these offers. At the same time, political leaders of the CDU / CSU feverishly endeavored to equip the federal army with nuclear weapons.

In order to prepare the “Day X” appointed day to overthrow the power of the workers and peasants, the monopolies and the Government of the FRG climbed the economic war against the GDR. In the fall of 1960, the Government of the FRG canceled trade agreements with the GDR and other states suggested boycotting the Leipzig Fair. Although, in December, the Government of the FRG had to give up despite the cancellation of the boycott suggestion did not work, severe problems for the national economy of the GDR, which was subject to significant supplies from the RFA. We had to make changes to the plan and make changes in production, since he had to have another trade embargo. The Soviet Union and other CMEA member countries warning to the RDA of important goods, raw materials and food in addition to the said amount in the corresponding agreements. We developed a movement to rid the economy of the GDR of shocks: workers, technicians and scientists from the GDR produced in a very short time, products previously imported from the FRG.

Economic blackmail was accompanied by anti-slander propagated by many mass media in the FRG and West Berlin. Infamy resembled in many details released fascist atrocities against Czechoslovakia and Poland, shortly before they were victims of assault in 1938 and 1939. This fallacy was intended to create confusion and nervousness among citizens of the GDR, and global advertising suggest that the RDA would be brewing a “popular uprising” that Western countries had to support with all means at its disposal . That was a newspaper sympathetic to the CDU wrote that “the free world would be prepared to use every means of the cold war, war and war of nerves with guns … This includes not only traditional armed forces and their weaponry, but also includes undermining, incite internal resistance, clandestine activities, the breakdown of order, sabotage, disruption of transport and the economy, disobedience, rebellion, the revolution. ”

In an attempt to bleed publicly proclaimed the GDR, intensified the bribery of GDR citizens, especially specialists and young people, spread the network of criminal organizations, promoted by the State germanooccidental, dedicated to this trafficking. West Berlin opened its border to the GDR, played the role of outflow channel.

All this, linked to the direct preparation of military aggression against the GDR. In the maneuvers of Staff and the federal army troops, undertaken in 1960/61, were tested several variants of the “blitzkrieg” and the “limited war” against the GDR and other socialist states. Some politicians and commentators hinted that the Federal army there could be a situation where I had to liquidate the “internal conflict” through a “local police action.” That conflict could arise as a result of clashes on the borders of West Berlin. The threat to the U.S. nuclear potential – Still speculating politicians and commentators would prevent the intervention of the Soviet Union.

In July 1961, ‘Research Council of problems of reunification of Germany “in Bonn presented a detailed plan for the” Day X “. This plan incorporated the GDR to the FRG, to divide the town-owned enterprises and banks among the monopolies of the RFA, agricultural cooperatives dissolve and deliver the land and real estate, especially the landowners and the landowners. In the second half of July, Franz Josef Strauss, then Minister of Defence of the RFA and head of the federal army, and one of the most bellicose imperialist politicians of yesterday and today, paid a visit to the U.S. to ensure their support. In early August he declared a state of alert for NATO units stationed in Western Europe. The GDR imperialist invasion was imminent.

The allied socialist states could not sit idle during this development that raised serious threats to peace. The experience of history had been taught that we had to stop the assailant before being tackled. For this reason, the socialist armies united in the Warsaw Treaty Organization increased its provision for defense. It was necessary, above all, stop tensions from West Berlin, and counteract the danger that a local conflict in West Berlin borders lead to a military confrontation with unpredictable consequences.

For years, the GDR had kept open its borders with West Berlin, despite these open borders originated under extremely difficult for socialist construction. He had done so as not to hinder an agreement on the signing of a peace treaty and normal relations with the FRG and West Berlin. However, this policy of reconciliation that corresponded to the interests of the citizens of the GDR, the FRG and West Berlin, had no effect or the Government of the FRG, or West Berlin Senate, led by social democrats. On the contrary, was answered with a permanent cold war against the power of the workers and peasants. In the summer of 1961, the tensions had reached such a point that was postponed taking severe measures aimed at safeguarding the peace and protecting socialism.

From 3 to August 5, 1961, the first secretaries of the communist parties and workers of the Member States of the Warsaw Pact, in Moscow discussed the measures in the GDR and the USSR. The meeting proposed to the House of Peoples, the Government and all workers in the GDR “enter on the border with West Berlin an order to close, so infallible, the way to the subversive activities against the socialist countries, and ensure safe monitoring and efficient control around the entire territory of West Berlin, even on its border with democratic Berlin ”

On August 11, 1961, the People’s Chamber, on proposal of the SED CC, instructed the Cabinet take all necessary steps in this regard.

On the night of 12 to August 13, 1961, the agreed measures were taken with speed, accuracy and total surprise to the intelligence services of imperialism. The National People’s Army units, the militia of the working class, the border police and the People’s Police made a joint action with the Soviet armed forces stationed in the GDR, and took charge of the military defense of the national borders of the GDR. Together with the workers raised the fortifications on the border with West Berlin, which were completed in the coming months. This was known to control the focus was West Berlin war, and secured the borders of the GDR, including West Berlin.

The security measures August 13, 1961 were a joint political action of the Member States of the Warsaw Treaty, thus curbing aggressive imperialist circles in the FRG and other NATO member states, and protecting the peace in Europe . These measures limited the direct subversion of imperialism in the FRG and inflicted a resounding defeat. Strategy completely failed to annex the GDR in a frontal attack. The bourgeois politicians and historians themselves had to admit that the August 13, 1961 began the decline of the Adenauer era in the FRG. A bourgeois newspaper wrote at that time that this day had failed showed that the FRG government policy “of seeking reunification through weapons and force.”

United and determined action of the Member States of the Warsaw Treaty documented the real balance of forces, documented the deep roots of the GDR in the community of socialist states, inviolability and sovereign socialist state. Also people who do not sympathize with the Communists, acknowledged today that the August 13, 1961 was a decisive step to replace the cold war detente.

The above policies of betraying the Marxist-Leninist principles by the Soviet Union gradually undermined the structure of the socialist countries, leading to the 1989 collapse of the wall of anti-fascist resistance and the fall of the USSR which meant the defeat of the revisionists who seek models deny the Marxist-Leninist economic planning.

The consequences of the fall of fascism retaining wall.

The retaining wall was a strategy fascist impressive effects, the cause of his fall was not primarily the pressure of imperialism and the bourgeois Germany, but the eastern side of Soviet revisionism. Erich Honecker, leader of the GDR strongly opposed to measures of bourgeois restoration of capitalism imposed by the Soviet Union was a strong supporter even crush the demonstrators traitors and counterrevolutionaries with the military factions. However, the USSR refused to support it, leaving the RDA to drift into the hands of NATO, with the combative little excuse to avoid a bloodbath in gigantic proportions, so timid, the government capitulated to the GDR the USSR, which in turn did the same against imperialism, fell off the wall and all the achievements of the working class in this country.

In the euphoria of the bourgeoisie, promised many great things the German people, but not told that the introduction of market economy mean mass unemployment, factory closures and the virtual destruction of important parts of the industrial base the GDR, and the general increase in prices, and the demoralization of the youth sector or that they would be considered second-class citizens in their own country. They did not tell these things and found them through bitter experience.

The disastrous collapse precipitated the reunification of East Germany’s GDP, with declines of 15.6 percent in 1990 and 22.7 percent in 1991, culminating in a decline in third. Million jobs were lost. Many eastern factories were bought by western competitors and then closed.

The GDP per capita of the GDR was slightly higher than the average German, East Germany was richer than other countries in Western Europe. But twenty years after unification the living standards in East Germany are behind the West. Unemployment doubles western levels and wages are significantly lower.

Unemployment in the GDR was virtually unknown. But the population declined by 3.3 million since 1989 to 1992. The East German real GDP has barely increased their level of employment languishes 1989 and 60 percent of its 1989 level. Currently, unemployment in Germany as a whole is about 8 percent, but in East Germany the figure is 12.3 percent. However, some official estimates put unemployment at 20 percent and among young people even 50 percent.

Women who achieved a high degree of equality in the GDR, as in other countries of Eastern Europe have suffered much. Data from the German Socio-Economic Panel of the mid-nineties indicate that 15 percent of the female population in East and 10 percent of men were unemployed.

In July 1990 the “chancellor of unity”, Helmut Kohl, promised: “In a joint effort soon transform [the East German regions] Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia in booming areas.” Fifteen years later, a BBC report admitted that “statistics are bleak.” Despite an injection of capital estimated at 1.25 billion euros, the unemployment rate in the East was still 18.6 per cent in 2005 (before the current recession) and in many areas exceeds 25 percent.

Halle, in Saxony-Anhalt, which was an important center for the chemical industry with more than 315,000 people, has lost almost a fifth of its citizens. Before the fall of the fascist retaining wall in 1989, the “chemical triangle” Leuna-Halle-Bitterfeld, it employed 100,000 people, now there are only 10,000. Gera had large textile companies and defense, and some uranium mines. Have disappeared and the same has happened with most state enterprises since 1989.

Eastern GDP per capita increased from 49 percent of the western level in 1991 to 60 percent in 1995, since then convergence has stopped advancing. The economy grew about 5.5 percent per year, but were not creating many new jobs. As a result the East is emptying. Since unification approximately 1.4 million people have moved west, most of them young and educated people. Emigration and the steep drop in fertility have led to an annual decline of the eastern population since unification.

Some data in the GDR before the capitalist coup

The propagandists of the bourgeoisie, we generally speak of the Democratic Republic of Germany as a backward state, with few civil liberties of its citizens starving, attacking the communist police who did not keep what the bourgeoisie calls only thought is spoke of a chronic low education and illiteracy, a country without culture, etc.. Technology and industry, we are told that East Germany had nothing to offer the world and that all products and equipment they had, was imported from the Soviet Union (which was not a developed country). This argument highlights the lack of seriousness of those who defend the bourgeois system.

Leaving aside all the vagaries of the defenders of capitalism, show a little, although in general because of the limited space available, the entire industrial capacity, science and technology developed in the GDR.

After the Allies and the West German fascists rejected Stalin’s letter, which proposed the demilitarization of Germany and its unification, the GDR realized he could not lose time to develop industrial and technologically, would otherwise be prey to the fascist enemy. So in 1951, begins the first five year plan. Hundreds of thousands of workers marched through the streets of major cities to get to work on their socialized and free days were devoted to volunteer work, following the example of Sobbótniki “Saturday communist” Soviet workers who were his inspiration.

In order to meet the growing needs of steel in the economy and counter the impact of a steel embargo declared by the RFA, the workers of the steel mills and rolled organized in the fall of 1951, the first special emulation as part of a whole branch of industry. More than 9,000 brigades managed to conquer, in 1951, the title “Brigade of excellent quality.” This is only a small example of everything made in this country, with the motto “learning from Stalin’s Soviet Union is to learn to beat,” undertook a great achievement in all branches of industry, becoming one of the world’s most developed countries . The GDR was ranked number 10 of the most advanced countries in the world with all its development.

In 1957, the GDR produced twice before the Second World War in the same territory. In the same year in the GDR were extracted 213 million tons of lignite, 50% of global production, it produced 32.7 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity (much like in Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Finland together) and 2.9 million tons of steel, 14 times more than in 1947. In chemical production, the GDR was the second highest level of world production and was the largest exporter of machinery throughout the East. Until 1965, industrial production was five times higher than before the war.

In the GDR was achieved for the state to the major means of production in agriculture, the method was applied Leninist cooperative collective farms and large, eliminated the bourgeoisie and landlords, this being a decisive step to achieve industrialization.

Moreover, with regard to culture and education, one of the principles agreed at the V Congress of the SED said: “The best all workers understand the superiority of socialism over capitalism, the righteousness of the socialist perspective and the role history of the German Democratic Republic …, the more consciously participate in the fulfillment of economic tasks, political and cultural rights set out in socialist construction. The higher the socialist consciousness of all workers, the more rapid will be the socialist development and the greater the success in the economy, science and culture. “We know that development of a country to such a level as that of the GDR would have been impossible without the professionalism of the workers. This leaves no room for the blunders of the defenders of capitalism.

The private education system was abolished, thus removing any obstacle to people’s education, rural schools were eliminated one-room, which was the prevailing and established a strong education system with its various ramifications which allowed the formation of experts in the different areas that the country needed to industrialize.

Programs designed for the socialist transformation of universities and colleges set the trends of development of important disciplines and institutes. In comparison with the theories and concepts do not reactionary scientists, came to predominate Marxism-Leninism in many disciplines, especially in the social sciences. The new intellectuals, who came from the working class, were taking more and more functions of high responsibility. At the same time, a growing number of intellectuals who came from the remnants of the old middle classes, many leading experts in their field, went through a complicated process, overcame his doubts and reservations and ended up participating in socialist construction.

In efforts to a socialist culture, created literary and other arts that aesthetically reflect the development trends of the period of transition from capitalism to socialism. Penetrated deeply and expressed the complicated process of change in man. Among them were poems and novels. Bruno Apitz of the Buchenwald concentration camp, “Naked among wolves”, is known in many countries. In addition, works by Johannes R. Becher, Willi Bredel, Jurij Breza, Luis Fürnberg, Hans Marchwitza, Anna Seghers and Erwin Strittmatter. The new generation of socialist writers compose Günter Görlich, Herbert Jobst, Herbert Nachbar, Dieter Noli, and others. Theatre and Bertolt Brecht’s drama and musical theater realistic Walter Felsenstein became famous in the world. In the visual arts highlights the works of Walter Arnold, Fritz Cremer, above all, the Buchenwald memorial, Lea Grundig, Rene Graetz, Hans Kies and others. Paul Dessau, Hanns Eisler, Jean Kurt Forest, Günter Kochan, Ernst Hermann Meyer and others excelled in music. A socialist awareness made a significant contribution of the DEFA film art, with some feature films, and a series of documentary films about the Nazis and war crimes, and the resurgence of militarism and revanchism in the FRG.

The socialist labor movement gave great impetus to set a closer relationship between art and people. The circles of art lovers, workers with literary interests and other similar activities, characterized more and more cultural and intellectual life. An expression of the new level achieved at the confluence of professional and amateur artists and workers’ participation in the life of art, were the Workers Festivals, held since 1952 under the auspices of the Free German Trade Union Confederation ( FDGB).

All these achievements were marred by the events of 1956 in the USSR. The Twentieth Congress of the CPSU was a heavy blow to the consolidation of Marxist-Leninist ideas not only in the GDR, but in many countries of popular democracy. Were imposed political and economic lines, under threat of economic blockade, Germany did not resist the blackmail and quickly adapted to the designs of the Soviet reformers led by Jrhushev and company. Only worthy examples in Eastern Europe such as Albania refused to participate in this coup d’etat to Marxism-Leninism. However, the superiority over capitalism and its model of exploitation is more than evident.

So much did the despair of Western fascists and their imperialist masters, who tried to stop by force of arms all this flowering of the GDR. The construction of the retaining wall fascism was justified and necessary a fact that has passed into history as an act of dignity and sovereignty of a people threatened by murderers and genocidal interests of NATO.

We know that few leftists, socialists and progressives have spoken in our country regarding this issue, first, because they never have approached from a scientific point of view, but by bourgeois propaganda, this was the case of the monster called “global YVKE” showed its commitment to the ruling classes. We do not claim, of course this is the last word on the retaining wall fascist, at least we intend to help the workers, students and other revolutionary sectors are removed from the head the bourgeois cliché “perverse wall” and delve into the facts objectively, just as we do Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries.


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