PCMLV: The Bolshevik Revolution: 94 years, Present & Necessary

At 94 years of the October revolution, the proletarians of all countries should follow the glorious example of those days where workers “took heaven by assault.”


This article is a chronological description of the events of the October Revolution, as we believe that there is already enough material in publications such fraternal parties. What we propose is to mark the importance, relevance of the Bolshevik Revolution and the term with Marxist-Leninist ideas in our time. Our days are marked by the intensification of the contradictions between capital and labor, for the inter-imperialist contradictions and contradictions between imperialist countries and dependent countries.

Such a situation is posed by Stalin in Foundations of Leninism, which leads us to conclude without doubt that the origin of the revolutionary processes of popular democracy that lived in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world is more relevant than ever. Imperialism is a dead end, the objective conditions for revolution are at a historic high larger because of the incredible growth of productive forces in the last decades of last century and early today.

The media (mass media) as ideological agents of the ruling classes, made desperate efforts to attack and pronounced dead the ideas of Marxism as fascist governments Putin-Medvedev duo in the current Russian imperialist struggle so cross a murderer desperate to Comrade Stalin, even falsifying historical documents, capturing with Stalin’s signature stamp on alleged murder warrants that never existed. This, without doubt, do not try to attack the personality of Joseph Stalin alone, but also goes far beyond the ideology of Marxism and Leninism flags raised with such dignity that Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich.

We know all the importance that the work of Stalin in Russia’s industrial development in the construction of socialism, under his leadership and the party and Soviet power in general, laid the groundwork for what is industrially today’s Russia ( considering that the industrial level of Russia today, is nowhere close to that of the 80’s). Along with all the development that was achieved in these important decades of socialism, are the immense social achievements. The claim for these benefits won in the Stalin era and today limited abrogated and violated by capitalist-state agencies, is what causes terror to the bourgeois democrats who rule Russia. They know that not to attack the Soviet social gesture would be in serious trouble with the Russian workers. This working class maintained an extraordinary potential, therefore, the Russian working class is a time bomb that has the capitalists running from one place to another alarm, knowing the history more militant workers who established the first socialist state, the the Soviet state and were (obviously still are) a great example for humanity.

But the revolutionary situation not only lived in Russia but in many countries hit by the effects of bourgeois crisis. The weakest links in the imperialist chain are in a really agitated political situation, especially the most vulnerable economies in Europe.

Past events, often as a reminder chronological study, at best, as general knowledge, the certainty of not relive similar situations is a daily occurrence in the history as we know it. Who could think of a new Napoleon or a Robertspierre restoring greatness to the bourgeoisie, along with a new and enriched edition of “social contract” of Rousseau, I thought it would be unreasonable and backward due to the fact that the bourgeoisie is exhausted as a class. However, something very different happens when we look at the Russian Revolution, its context and its relevance to modern times and most importantly, with the scientific method of historical materialism, where there are individuals who make history but the masses.

That said, we can analyze the existing bourgeois mode of production, which at the time of the Russian Revolution (and long before), had entered a new stage called imperialism that Lenin aptly called “highest and final stage of capitalism.” The nature of imperialism in our time is the same as in 1917, rests on the exploitation of the working class and represents the world dictatorship of the monopolies. For this reason, the workers’ revolutionary struggle against capitalism is not a dream but a necessity than a continuation of the epic scale of the Russian workers, and this is due to the evils of the past century Russia are same as those of any country today. Imperialism is a worldwide chain of oppression and how to kill it is by way of revolutionary violence by the method of Marxism-Leninism.

Little more than 20 years since the Soviet Union collapsed, the bourgeoisie angry celebrated with joy. In the north, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed the end of ideology and history. Communism was declared dead and from now on only be determined by the progress of the world were the technologies, the free market. A “new world order” decreed that communism was an evil overcome and not repeat such a phenomenon.

The overflowing of the bourgeois idealism, soon dropped from the clouds and stepped ashore. In East Germany, social enterprises were absorbed and carried into bankruptcy by private monopolies West Germany, while health, education and all services during the Soviet era were for the benefit of the people were now privatized, in Russia was the same. This short period gave a sense of relative rise of capitalism since the great Russian market was opening up to capital investment, but the wave of immigration began to be felt, the former Soviet republics were broken up, the economic and industrial as tenth world power of the mighty East Germany (GDR) is rapidly transformed into that of an underdeveloped country.

Unemployment, poverty, hunger and other phenomena previously unknown in Eastern Europe begin to intertwine with the heinous vices, moral and social ills deviations of the West (drugs, alcohol, prostitution, organized mafias, speculation, Christianity, etc). The result is we live in today. The severe economic recession in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa, which threatens to become depressed and that is an expression of the general crisis of capitalism, is part of a time bomb about to explode, the rivalries between the imperialist powers are sharpened and powerful new imperialist economies like China are profiled. The winds of war are rising worldwide.

The general crisis of capitalism that afflicts different countries in all continents tends to flare up, in a framework of imperialist aggression against sovereign peoples. The workers seem to have come from the lethargy experienced after the fall of the USSR and now, with the inability of the capitalist system to improve the living conditions of the masses, they seek alternatives. Social movements currently rising in many countries of Europe and even in the United States, (angry) despite fight poverty and poor living conditions they are forced to endure capitalism, have no political compass tells them how to get out of the bourgeois system operator. Rather, show spontaneity and disorganization, however, is this a sign of the decay of the system.

One can only ask: Is this coincidence? No similar situation was experienced between 1910 and 1914 which brought the world to the slaughter of the First World War. The same situation was experienced in the 1930s before the second world imperialist war with the “Great Depression” of 1928. It is here where we can find a scientific way today and the need for a proletarian revolution dialectically, repeat the events of Russia 94 years ago, but on a larger scale, on a planetary scale starting with the weakest links capitalism are in Latin America and Europe.

A little history

On November 7 (October 25 on the Julian calendar), 1917, decreed “all power to the Soviets,” the Bolshevik Party led by the great Lenin led the Russian working class to seize political power, began the first socialist revolution in the history of mankind. Nationalization of the banks and industry, expropriation of the bourgeoisie, rights as never before seen in human history: legalization of abortion, free education, equality between legitimate and illegitimate children, separation of church and state, etc. ., Russia’s economic base was removed and destroyed, so sweeping, radical social superstructure hitherto known.

The imperialist powers, stunned and exhausted they could not stand idly by and, despite having left a devastating war between them (World War), were not willing to tolerate a revolution that threatened the foundations of the capitalist system. Cease fighting between the great powers, and now all joined their guns silhouetted against Soviet Russia. The First World War changed contenders, now all against the state of the workers.

The direct foreign military intervention (armies of 14 countries including the U.S. Britain and France), assaulted the young workers’ republic in order to overthrow the Soviet power. The ultra-reactionary White armies plunged the country into a bloody civil war led by fascist Aleksandr Kolchak, Anatoly Pepelyayev, Anton Denikin, Nikolai Nikolaevich Yudenich, among others. But the Red Army overcame the difficulties one by one internal and external armies were defeated by Soviet forces. The death toll caused by the imperialist intervention in the USSR is unknown, it is estimated that the figures exceeded ten million. Despite the victory of the Red Army that remained was a country in ruins, with no means of production and without wheat, a famine caused by the fascists threatened to undo the Soviet state coupled with icy winters in the history of that country. All this, together with the early death of the great Lenin did not prevent the continuation of the great advance of the proletariat.

After Lenin’s death, began squabbling factions that had formed within the party. Bukharin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Radek and traitors among other reformers fought the lead, tried by all means to divide the Party of Lenin and maintain the old relations of production and obsolete military-feudal, but the party decided overwhelmingly address Joseph Stalin on October 27, 1926. Since that time, the Soviet Union played, or industrializing or be destroyed by imperialism, Russia was half a century of lagging behind other developed countries, they needed a plan, and the plan was carried out magnificently.

Commissioned to continue the work of Comrade Stalin was Lenin, who in an incredibly short, managed to build together the party and workers, scientific socialism. Was developed heavy and light industry, became industrialized, collectivized Tecnifar and the field, the former exploiting classes (bourgeoisie and landlords) were exterminated by the working people. This enabled the country to achieve development by leaps and bounds without the obstacle that represents the parasitism and obsolete bourgeois private property in land and the means of production.

On the social side, the workers won important victories, now all the people had the right to own private property that had been denied individual, abused and raped by capitalism, the right to have houses, cars, and all the amenities that allow to be develop human creative potential to the fullest. The workers were struggling in their job tasks and work voluntary overtime (Saturday communists) with the greatest enthusiasm, knowing that now was for the development of their homeland and not to the pocket of a handful of bourgeois parasites.

The first step was to purge the party of reform and right-wing elements in order to have a solid foundation for future action. Thus was fought as Trotskyism, an arm of the intelligence services Germano-Japanese to finally defeat him in the clearance of so-called Moscow Trials in 1936. With the certainty of keeping the enemy at bay internal anti (Trotskyism), and after having destroyed the organized workers at the forefront with the powerful Communist and Soviet apparatus executed five-year plans, put them into practice.

Russia in the early twentieth century, was a semi-feudal country, backward, and with 94% of the population in a state of illiteracy. The tools used in the field were the most rudimentary of Europe, agriculture techniques were the same as the seventeenth century, only some cities and towns had electricity, not for nothing, said Lenin, “Socialism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country. ” To this we add the ravages of war and the blockade imposed on them by the imperialists.

The country lost in time, contrasts, and in 1950 had a solid industry, with a surprising development in the sciences (genetics, chemistry, biology, etc..), Science (the first country to put a satellite into orbit and the first man in space), in the military area, reached almost invincible defeat the German Wermarch (Hitler’s army), the industry of a medieval level went on to become one of the largest in the world, the field is Tecnifar and collectivized the land, the improvements in living standards were amazing. (Read “Balance of the first Five Year Plan” of Joseph Stalin).

The capitalists were stunned, what they had taken 300 or 400 years to build, the USSR succeeded in less than 30 and more surprisingly, no need to exploit and plunder other nations as did the Western powers. They spoke of “a miracle”, the Soviet miracle.

We should not be a miracle or anything like that, but a successful socialist plan. Capitalism can never match that task, but a strong party supported the working class and in the extermination of the bourgeoisie and the landlords as a class, the centralization of credit and the absolute monopoly of industry, commerce and banking may well achieve that development. Only under scientific socialism is possible in improving the living conditions of mankind, no middle class in power has been able to carry out such a feat, only the working class in power, only under the dictatorship of the proletariat can . The working class has been so outraged and have been labeled as uneducated, we show that in a few decades we can do more than any bourgeois democratic government “cult.”

In that sense, not the bourgeoisie and imperialists were able to deny such a degree of development of the proletariat organized bourgeois newspaper Le Temps de France published in summer 1932 in an article “Communism huge rate peaks at the stage of restructuring, in the capitalist system must go slowly … In France, where land ownership is divided into infinity between private owners, it is impossible to mechanize agriculture, the soviets (workers councils), the industrialization of agriculture, have been able to solve this problem … The Bolsheviks won the game we have. ” (Quoted by Stalin in “Balance of the first Five Year Plan”)

At that time, the bourgeoisie had no choice but to accept the superiority of socialism over capitalism. The expropriation and collectivization of land, the mechanization and industrialization of the countryside and thereby phasing out the differences between this and the city, are the most successful actions if we leave the technical backwardness and get the much needed food sovereignty. Under the bourgeois framework, all these hopes will be only a fiction for the simple fact that they do not see private agricultural production as a way of contributing to the community, but as a means for profit.

It is shown that the industrialization of the USSR, the development of the country in every sense is that since the state was not the same, the economic base and not controlling them, all that was achieved because those who were ruled workers and the bourgeoisie, otherwise would have been objectively impossible.

The collapse of the USSR

In 1953, the leader dies conducted by the party and the working people to build socialism, Joseph Stalin, who only months before his death, spoke of a deviation within the Communist Party of the USSR, and that such diversion His plan would consolidate the Soviet Union by way of the restoration of capitalism. Stalin could not carry out its plan to purge the party again deviant elements, since his death prevented it.

That was how the theories of Leninism nourished by the valuable contributions of Comrade Stalin, the class struggle, expropriation without compensation to the landowners and the bourgeoisie, industrialization, the single line in the match squad for the traitors to the proletarian cause, planning of the economy, were declared by Nikita Jhrushov as an aberration. The current pro-capitalist opportunist and to which Stalin wanted to eliminate, triumphed and established himself in power. It was the beginning of the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Jhruschov developed its coup plan stating that criticized Stalin’s mistakes in order to “restore Leninism.” Gorbachev made the same demagogic promises to mislead the leftist forces, the result has been that we have today, under the pretext of restoring Leninism, has come to tsarism, under the pretext of “improving the community” has risen to capitalism.

In 1956, Jhrushov, leader of the anti-presented to the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the U.S. His infamous “secret report”, which would lay the foundations of capitalist restoration in the country in which organized workers exercised power in times of Lenin and Stalin.

Thus, in the late 1980’s and early 1990, revisionism Jhrushov planted in 1956 and other traitors, had germinated in all spheres of political life of the organ of the Soviet state. The representative of this opportunism was Mikhail Gorbachev, who, during the 70th anniversary of the October Revolution gave a speech rejecting the anti-imperialist struggle and asserted that imperialism had renounced his violent character in a globalized world in which the Soviet Union, the USA and other countries could cooperate for the common interest of the survival of humanity. XXVIII Congress of the Communist Party of the USSR broke with all the basic principles of Marxism and Leninism, the way was cleared for the final blow.

Yeltsin Yananiev and representatives of capitalism in the Soviet Union, showing the most rancid proclaimed a Russian chauvinism and capitalism only detached from the other Soviet republics, quickly, after this, the attack was general, Latvia, Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine and proclamations made other separatist republics. In 1989 the retaining wall fell in Berlin anti-fascist and next to him, all hope of the proletariat in these countries.

Indeed, despite the deviant nature and totally reform of these regimes, much of the working class and people in general still believed in them. There is a myth spread among the bourgeois liberals, neo-revolutionaries, and other species sigloventiuneros anti-Marxist, that the Soviet government was not defended by anyone, that the workers did not come to defend their conquests and reaction and fascism obstacles had to retake power in the end “as Peter came by his house.”

This argument does not correspond at all with reality and does nothing but flirt with the anti-bourgeois propaganda. It is one thing not to leave the working people to defend their conquests and quite another is that the means of the bourgeoisie in the midst of his ecstasy reactionary not transmit any of it, or did we forget the events of 2002 in Venezuela and role of the media?, the difference is that our country could not move right and it came out to defend the government by the masses, otherwise, have won the right in our country, in many countries around the world think about Venezuela as well as you think the role of the masses in the fall of the USSR.

In eastern Germany, the masses took to the streets and were crushed by the reactionaries with unprecedented brutality, massacres that went unpunished and forgetting the complacency of the UN and love the look of the bourgeois media. In Russia, we remember the episode known as the “black October”, where workers were defending the last bastion of workers’ power, the Supreme Soviet and the Council of People’s Commissars.

Boris Yeltsin tried to consolidate power, capitalism could not move as desired for the imperialist powers to the coup leaders who demanded the application of neoliberal policies, the main obstacles were the Congress of People’s Commissars and the Supreme Soviet. Yeltsin’s neoliberal decrees were illegitimate and illegal, it went against Soviet constitution in force until then, what Yeltsin proceeded to complete its coup of shamelessly, ordered the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet and the Board of Commissioners People and illegally proclaimed a new constitution.

The conference as stipulated in the Soviet laws were not repealed, rejected the presidential decree and ordered the immediate dismissal of Yeltsin as president, who refused and ignored the Soviet and the Council. Public protests against Yeltsin’s government took to the streets in Moscow. In the repression of these there were several deaths, the blood flowed in the streets as a sign that democracy does not allow “troublemakers.”

The army, under the control of Yeltsin, determined the end of the crisis. Deputies and hundreds of workers locked themselves in the building of the Supreme Soviet, and prepared to resist the siege of the forces under control of the deposed president. The week after popular protests against Yeltsin and Soviet support was growing. Peaked on October 2, 1993. Russia was on the verge of a civil war that threatened the capitalist restore Soviet power. At that point, the military leadership showed their support for the deposed president and he ordered the evacuation of Soviet force. Yeltsin’s order to materialize by bombardment by tanks and artillery of the headquarters building of popular sovereignty. The Supreme Soviet was destroyed and many of its occupants, workers and representatives of popular sovereignty, were killed in the attack.

For the October 5 Yeltsin resistance had been destroyed, a slaughter of unknown proportions occurred in many cities of Russia. The conflict, the conflict was the most serious happened in Moscow since the Russian Revolution of October 1917. The number of dead and missing remains a mystery.

This is to name the most emblematic cases, but they were the only ones in Romania, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic and Slovakia) and all countries of the former USSR, the masses came out to defend the October Revolution, which they considered the Lenin’s legacy. This shatters the malicious words of some modern intellectuals about the revolutionary consciousness of the working class. Although these schemes were diverted to mid-twentieth century, the masses were convinced that capitalism would mean the destruction of working class interests.


The capitalists and the bourgeoisie all over the world celebrated to the utmost the fall of fascism retaining wall and the Soviet Union. The ideas of Marxism-Leninism are currently under attack in the media and in all spheres of bourgeois life as churches and university classrooms, are rated as worthless and unworkable putting in evidence the collapse of the USSR.

We must make clear that the fall of the anti-fascist resistance and the USSR is not the failure of Marxism-Leninism, but the review, a plan devised by imperialism to destroy the country of the dictatorship of the proletariat away from Leninism and Marxism to give way to capitalism. The collapse of the statues of Stalin in 1956, was justified with the excuse to return to Leninism in 1991, the collapse of the statues of Lenin was the result of this “return to Leninism.”

The dictatorship of the proletariat is a fundamental requirement for the construction of socialism. Without this power, you can not take a socialist revolution. With this power, Lenin was able to decree the nationalization of land and property of the exploiting classes, and take control of the economy. We can not conceive that we want to fool with a socialist course built at the base of the bourgeois framework.

In that sense, we must remember the attitude of Lenin and the Bolsheviks to the bourgeois framework of development. Exercising the proletarian dictatorship, the Bolsheviks dissolved in January 1918 the Constituent Assembly, who had been elected after the October Revolution but was dominated by the Social-Revolutionaries and the Mensheviks, because the assembly refused to ratify the Bill of Rights and exploited working people. Later, the Bolsheviks banned the bourgeois parties because they were parties committed to counter-violence and civil war, and because they collaborated with foreign interventionists. Examples like these should have them very much present at the time of the construction of socialism, the class enemy must be destroyed, the two antagonistic classes can not converge on a single system of government.

The class dictatorship of the proletariat is nothing more than an expression of state power necessary to destroy and replace the power of state or class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and thus carry out the socialist revolution and prevent recovery of control over society by the counter. The dictatorship of the proletariat, is both a democracy and proletarian democracy for the working people, the masses of workers and peasants. Without the exercise of the proletarian dictatorship against their class enemies, the proletariat and working people can not enjoy democracy for themselves. The proletarian dictatorship is the result of the highest form of democracy within a society divided into classes, is in short account, the revolutionary process that overthrew the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. It is the guarantee of genuine democracy to the oppressed and exploited class against enemies internal and external, local exploiting classes and the imperialists. These principles were abandoned by the Soviet clique from Jhrushov to Gorbachev and replaced by a cartoon called by them “state of all the people or popular”, that is the reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Today more than ever, the ideas of Marxism-Leninism are being studied by workers around the world, the misery of the masses, relative overproduction crises in general, the failure of capitalism, the infeasibility of the system of imperialism bring the world down the path of progress. All this is proof today of the ideas of Leninism. The Soviet experience of the Bolsheviks should serve as an example for future battles for the construction of socialism and communism.

When the bourgeoisie speaks of the end of communism, in fact we are talking about the failure of revisionism to assert their hatred of the great work done by Lenin, the Bolsheviks and the Russian proletariat in October 1917. By doing this, they think more in the future than in the past. The bourgeoisie wants to deceive us by telling us that Marxism-Leninism is dead forever, but he does because he knows perfectly that this is a great vitality and topicality.

After 22 years since the fall of the USSR, all the contradictions of capitalism are more heightened than ever. A window dreadful hunger, poverty, unemployment, war, economic recession, it opens in the face of workers in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and bows on their shoulders, only Marxism-Leninism is able to show what is the only way out. Only Marxism-Leninism can bring the working masses in the capitalist world and the oppressed and dependent weapons for their release. All the fuss about the end of communism, which is to disarm attempt (with the vision set in the great struggles to come) to the oppressed masses worldwide.

The workers and proletarians should be aware that now is the time that we must raise the banner of Marxism-Leninism, the flags of the Bolsheviks, follow the example of the October Revolution of 1917 where the proletariat organized as a communist vanguard under the direction of Lenin and Stalin conquered political power, to build socialism, establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat against the exploiters, landlords and landowners. That’s the only way to build socialism, no other.

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL) and operator of "The Espresso Stalinist" blog.

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