Bill Bland: The National Question in Britain

By W.B.Bland (“Communist League”, London UK) for The National Committee for Marxist-Leninist Unity (Britain). Introduction Geographically, the British Isles consists of two main islands: Great Britain and Ireland. Great-Britain consists of three communities: those of England, Wales and Scotland. There is general agreement among those who regard themselves as Marxist-Leninists that the people of Ireland constitute a nation,Continue reading “Bill Bland: The National Question in Britain”

Bill Bland: The Nation of Islam and the Moorish Science Organization

The ‘Nation of Islam’ arose indirectly out of an organisation called the ‘Moorish Science Organisation’, established in Newark, New Jersey, USA, in 1913, by one Timothy Drew, who had been born in North Carolina in 1886. Drew changed his name to ‘Noble Drew Ali’. (Clifton E. Marsh: ‘From Black Muslims to Muslims: The Resurrection, TransformationContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Nation of Islam and the Moorish Science Organization”

Biography of Bill Bland

Biography Bland, William “Bill” (1916-2001) Bill Bland was born in the North of England, into a middle class home. He spent his politically formative years in the army of New Zealand, where he was active in the Communist Party as an educator. He returned to Britain in the post-war years as an ophthalmic optician. InContinue reading “Biography of Bill Bland”

Bill Bland on Revisionism

Lenin’s definition of revisionism is that it is ” … a trend hostile to Marxism within Marxism” (Vladimir I. Lenin: ‘Marxism and Revisionism’, in: ‘Selected Works’, Volume 11; London; 1943; p. 704). Perhaps a more comprehensive definition of revisionism would be that it is an ideology which claims to be a development of Marxism butContinue reading “Bill Bland on Revisionism”

Writings on the Role of Lavrenty Beria

Stalin and supporters continued this struggle against opposition from other elements in the Bolshevik Party, resolutely but with diminishing chances for success, until Stalin died in March 1953. Lavrentii Beria’s determination to continue this same struggle seems to be the real reason Khrushchev and others murdered him, either judicially, by trial on trumped-up charges inContinue reading “Writings on the Role of Lavrenty Beria”

The Juche Idea in the Light of Marxism-Leninism

By Gary Howell 1. CONTEXT In 1992, the DPRK revised its constitution to exclude any reference to Marxism-Leninism, having previously described the Juche Idea as a development of Marxism-Leninism. Also in that year, the so-called “Pyongyang Declaration” was signed by a number of parties claiming to be Marxist-Leninist. These events need to be seen, asContinue reading “The Juche Idea in the Light of Marxism-Leninism”

Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism

Written by Bill Bland for the Communist League INTRODUCTION In his paper entitled ‘THE WPK’S STRUGGLE AGAINST REVISIONISM’, Comrade Dermot Hudson expresses agreement with a reported statement by Nina Andreyeva: “As the Russian communist leader Dr. Nina Andreyeva remarked at the Copenhagen Seminar on the Juche Idea in 1995…” (Dermot Hudson: ‘The WPK’s Struggle againstContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism”

The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’

For the original article, “Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?” look here. Dear Comrades, Our delegate has reported to us the decision of the ‘Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party’ to publish in the Committee’s journal the article entitled ‘Why Did The Soviet Union Collapse?’ the author of which is Comrade Ted Talbot, a former memberContinue reading “The Communist League: Response to ‘Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?’”

Bill Bland: Albania in 1984

“ALBANIA – 1984” BY BILL BLAND Some weeks ago I received, through the Albanian Embassy in Paris, an invitation to visit the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania as the guest of the Committee for Cultural and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries, and I set out from London on June 18th. Perhaps as punishment for goingContinue reading “Bill Bland: Albania in 1984”

Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism

ALLIANCE May 2005 Introductory Note With the permission of the Committee of the Stalin Society, I am circulating to members a statement on the present situation in Albania by another former Secretary of the Albanian Society and myself. An Albanian translation is being circulated underground by Albanian Marxist—Leninists. I am taking the opportunity at theContinue reading “Bill Bland: The Market Under Socialism”

Bill Bland on “Stalinism”

‘STALINISM’ An Address to the Sarat Academy in London on 30 April 1999 by Bill Bland I am grateful to the Sarat Academy for inviting me to speak to you on ‘Stalinism’. However, your choice of subject presented me with some difficulty, since I am a great admirer of Stalin and the word ‘Stalinism’ was introducedContinue reading “Bill Bland on “Stalinism””

Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936”

‘STALIN’S LETTERS TO MOLOTOV : 1925 – 1936’ (Edited by Lars T. Lih, Oleg V. Naumov & Oleg V. Khlevniuk) (Published by Yale University Press, New Haven (USA), 1995) Introduction In December 1969, Stalin’s comrade-in-arms Vyacheslav Molotov turned over to the Central Party Archive at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism seventy-nine letters written to him byContinue reading “Book Review: “Stalin’s Letters to Molotov: 1925-1936””

Bill Bland on the Enforced Resettlements in the Soviet Union

INTRODUCTION In response to an article by Alliance: Alliance number 13: “Chechnya – Oil And the Divided Russian Capitalists”, we received a letter from one “A.E.” A.E. essentially asked us to substantiate a Marxist-Leninist position on Chechnya, given that “the national rights” were violated. The exact note we received was as follows: “In discussion ofContinue reading “Bill Bland on the Enforced Resettlements in the Soviet Union”