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Protests 2. October 2012: The opening of the Folketing and the 40. anniversary of the referendum about Danish membership of EEC (EU)

Labour union banners in front of the Labour Court: The employers and blue bloc want to have pickets ruled illegal – Krifa [2] – The Christian Trade Union (read: unchristian anti-trade union) – has referred the picket of 3F [3] , the picket of Vejlegaarden [4], to the court.

Photo reportage: Kommunistisk Politik

Thousands demonstrated and protested at the opening of the Folketing the 2. October on the 40. anniversary of the fateful referendum on Danish membership of EU. In Copenhagen there was a protest in front of the Labour Court and in a great demonstration from the City Hall Square to Christiansborg [1]. Also in Aarhus there was a protest meeting.

[1] Residence of legislature

[2]  Danish “labour union” which doesn’t have members but costumers, and which doesn’t use strikes, but provides councelling.

[3] A “normal” labour union. Most members are in industry, transport, and building.

[4] A Danish restaurant that made a deal with Krifa instead of 3F (a worser deal), and therefore 3F initiated a conflict against it. 29. November the Court said that 3F has the right to conflict against Vejlegården. Two parties from the blue bloc [openly bourgeois bloc] declared that they wanted to ban unions from conflicting against employers who already had agreements with another union.

The protest in front of the Labour Court

APK-poster at the Labour Court [5]

[5] It says “Neither “Red” or Blue bloc. – Not to the budget law for 2013. – Stop the impairments of welfare! – Create workplaces and jobs! [A list of demands] – Fight the unemployment – not the unemployed and ill! – Welfare to all! Let the rich pay the crisis!

Demo at the City Hall Square, Copenhagen, with the following specific demands

Stop the impairments of the unemployment benefits!

Traineeships for all!

No deterioration of flexible jobs [6] and disability pension!

Decent living conditions for all on state education grants and “cash benefit [7]”.

[6] Special jobs for people, that are unable to have a ”normal” job.

[7] Kontanthjælp. Transfer income to people who cannot provide for themselves and/or their families. E.g. after two years of unemployment, where the right to the higher unemployment benefits ends.

Claus Jansson spoke at the City Hall Square about the resistance against the government’s planned disability pension- and flexible jobs-reform – and the link with EU on the 40. anniversary of the Danish referendum in 1972

The leader of FOA [8] Dennis Kristensen said among other things:

”The crisis is being used as a pretext to implement a total careening of the Danish welfare model…

The disability retirement reform, the flexible jobs reform, the tax reform, the reform of the unemployment benefits of the former government, and the now postponed cash benefit reform has a common trait: The labour supply must be increased. Working must pay off.

Sometimes I think the thought that the backside of the expression that working should pay off, surely must be that not working must be punished? We are in any case well underway with creating a new form of A- and B-teams.

An A-team with jobs that must be nursed by the society, and a B-team that doesn’t have jobs because of unemployment, disease, handicap, age, and who must feel both in everyday life and on the standard of life, that they are a burden on the rest of us

It is a perhaps creeping, but not for that reason less sinister development. We simply ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

And it is by no means fair, decent, or responsible.”

[8] Union for mostly public employees.

Rap on the City Hall Square

Dockers on the City Hall Square

Sign on the City Hall Square [9]

[9] It says ”Mette Frederiksen [Social-democratic minister of employment] is the new Jesus – She heals the sick and disabled with work!”

A good amount of people on the City Hall Square

At Christiansborg

We demand Work – Unemployment benefits – Traineeships [10]

[10] On the “smaller side” of the red sign it says “APK Copenhagen”, on the “larger side” it says what also stands under the picture. On the yellow sign it says “A wage to live by – Unemployment benefits – Traineeships – Job”

Jan Jensen from ”Ill in Svendborg” [11] speaks at Christiansborg

Stop the reform of flexible jobs!

[11] “Syg i Svendborg”. Organization for long-time ill and disabled in Svendborg.

Jesper Juul Mikkelsen from the initiative of 2. October  [12] at Christiansborg

[12] The main organizers of the protest.

Occupy – again!

Red flag crossing Christiansborg

Fri Galakse: Powerful songs against blue and ”red” reaction

Christiansborg also had visits from Horsens – and many other towns around the country

As the only of the three ”labour parties” in the ”red bloc” that was invited to speak at the demonstration, the Unity List [13]  turned up with Per Clausen as its representative

[13] Enhedslisten. Revisionist party which supports the government.

The Fremtidsfighterne [14] were there too, of course.

[14] Can be translated as “Fighters for the future”. It is an organization of young people, who e.g. protest in front of working places, which doesn’t want to make good collective agreements, and generally fight against the dumping of wage- and labour standards.

The employers were represented by an agitprop troup – that speaks for itself [15]

[15] An ironic group called “0F”, the name is a parody on “3F”, a Danish trade union. The left sign on the lower picture says “What do you need leisure for, when you cannot afford golfing?”

Remember it! [16]

[16] Sign says: ”Abolish the unemployment benefits – The wage wont dump itself”

Also in Aarhus there were protests against attacks on the unemployment benefits and welfare impairments – 40 years after the Danish membership of EU

[Sign says: ”40 years are enough! Denmark OUT of EU! APK]

The Netpaper 3. oktober 2012 


ICMLPO: We Will Not Pay For the Crisis or the Debt

No to the So-Called Merkel-Sarkozy “Budget Pact”

Long Live International Solidarity!

The crisis of the capitalist system is striking harsh blows at the countries of the European Unión (EU), which are falling into a recession or are still showing a certain growth. The policy imposed by the governments is the same: an austerity policy that falls exclusively on the workers, the popular masses and the peoples.

The consequences of those policies have repercussions beyond the borders of the EU. The oppressed peoples and countries of Africa are suffering from them through a harshening of the imperialist policy of looting of their material and human resources. The monopolies and the States at their service reinforce their worldwide competition and try to pit the workers and peoples against one another in order to reinforce capitalist exploitation.

Under the pretext of the weight of the States’ debt, the right-wing, social-liberal or coalition governments are trying to make the working class, peasantry, small business people and artisans, youth, women of the popular sectors, the broad masses of the cities and the countryside pay for the crisis.

From one country to another, the austerity plans are imposing wage cuts and tax increases, particularly indirect taxes that crush the popular masses. They are continuing and increasing the privatization and liquidation of the public services, particularly health care, education and social welfare.

Everywhere reforms prevail to extend the years of contribution, to reduce pensions and delay the age of retirement. While the young people have no work and are condemned to precarious jobs, the older ones are forced to work longer, harder and at lower wages. Women workers are particularly affected by these counter-reforms; they are employed in jobs and offices where the wages are lower and with precarious contracts.

These social give-backs are manifested in a severe degradation of the state of health of the pensioners and of families with children, who live below the poverty line.

The monopolies are pursuing their plans of restructuring and mass dismissals, to obtain greater productivity and profits. Unemployment, which particularly strikes the youth, is reaching record highs each month. The austerity policy is accompanied by the elimination of fundamental rights of the working class: the right to organize, to form unions and to strike. Labor legislation is modified to facilitate dismissals.

These anti-social policies are applied by the governments and coordinated at the European level. The “Euro Plus Pact”, the “Stability and Growth Pact”, and the latest European treaty written by Merkel and Sarkozy, are declarations of war against the workers movement, the union movement and the popular movement. Like all the European treaties, they want to “write into the constitution” the anti-popular policies dictated by the financial oligarchy and make them obligatory for all the countries of the EU.

The States are reinforcing their arsenal of repression and police surveillance. The criminalization of the social protest is increasing. Large demonstrations, the occupation of plazas and various mobilizations against the symbols of the oligarchy are growing. The bosses, the bourgeoisie and reaction are responding to this by criminalizing social protest.

Among the countries most under attack by the oligarchy are Greece, Italy and Spain. The austerity plans that take those countries back decades are following one after another. For the first time in the history of the European formation, supranational institutions, in this case the IMF, the ECB (European Central Bank) and the EU, have imposed the resignation of elected governments, which have been replaced by governments of so-called technocrats, who in fact are bankers, functionaries dependent on the national and international oligarchy, supported by the reformist and opportunist parties. In Greece, the troika has imposed ministers from a party of the extreme right. This is one more proof of the profoundly undemocratic character of this European formation at the service of the oligarchy, of the great imperialist powers such as Germany and France.

The banks want the peoples to pay for the debt that they themselves have created, and they demand that the States help them at a time of financial crisis. Now they continue increasing this debt by usurious interest rates on loans that they “grant” to the States.

The working class and the popular masses of Greece are not responsible for this debt that they have repaid several times over by the super-exploitation, the looting of the natural resources of the country, the sell-off of its patrimony, left to the voracity of the banks, the speculators, the big Greek bourgeoisie and the international financial oligarchy. We stand in solidarity with the Greek people and their refusal to pay the debt, their rejection of austerity and the “memorandum”, the latest version of the mega-austerity plans that have been imposed on them. The Greek people have clearly shown their rejection of all the parties that have agreed to submit to the demands of the troika: the EU, ECB and IMF.

German imperialism has come off better than its allies (and at the same time rivals) of the EU. However, the “German miracle” is based on a very aggressive policy of reduction of wages, flexibility on a large scale and massive recourse to precarious jobs within the country.

Given the increasing discontent and the willingness of large sectors of public and private sector workers to take part in the strike movement, the bosses and the government prefer to negotiate with the leaderships of the large union federations, an agreement that eliminates wage increases. Important sectors of the working class would have wanted more and preferred to initiate larger and broader confrontations with the employer’s association. This mobilization supposes the entry of the workers of Germany into the fight begun by the workers of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, to refuse to pay for the crisis and the debts of the capitalist system.

The peoples do not support the arrogance of the representative of German imperialism, Merkel, and her intention to make them pay for the crisis while at the same time advocating austerity that brazenly interferes in the policies of other countries. The fact that her ally Sarkozy has been removed from power in France, clearly due to the mobilization of the workers’ and union movement, is contributing to her isolation.

Today it is more necessary than ever to develop the mobilization against the so-called “Merkel-Sarkozy” European treaty, to increase solidarity among the peoples and to fight against the xenophobic and nationalist campaigns that try to make the peoples fight among themselves.

The parties of the extreme right are playing an active role in propagating these reactionary ideas. They proclaim their hatred against immigrants and “foreigners”, while they take advantage of the increasing discredit of the traditional parties of the right and the social-democrats, to make populist and nationalist speeches concealed by social phrases. The fight against the extreme right involves mobilizing broad masses of the workers and peoples to refuse to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

An Upsurge of Social and Political Protest

The rejection of the austerity policy continues to grow in all the countries. The spontaneous strike movements are linking up with the broader movement and the general strikes organized in different countries are mobilizing millions of workers, youths, men and women of the popular strata.

The youth are taking up the social and political fight, together with the working class, other working people and the political organizations. The young workers are contributing their dynamism and fighting spirit, upsetting the policy and practice of class conciliation and collaboration.

In the area of concrete struggles, the aspiration for unity is great. This translates into the creation of programs that unite the parties, the union members and those of the associations… We Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations are participating actively in the formation of the resistance, with all our available forces. We contribute our political proposals and our platforms of demands that reflect the immediate aspirations of the masses.

This united front policy is an urgent and immediate necessity, because one must build the unity of the workers and the union of all strata that are victims of the policy of the oligarchy, to oppose the austerity policy that wants to make us pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

Among the advanced sectors, consciousness is developing of the need for a global political alternative that breaks with the neoliberal and social-liberal policy, with the present policy of the oligarchy.

The aspiration for unity of the forces that are fighting against that policy, that are fighting against the capitalist system and for a revolutionary change in society is growing. Basing ourselves on these aspirations, we are working for the building of an alternative that breaks with the capitalist system.

In several countries political fronts have been formed that distance themselves from the socialist parties, from the social-democrats, from those who alternate in Power with the parties of the right. Although in many cases these political fronts are limited to electoral fronts, we are fighting for them to take root in the masses, to make them embryos of really popular fronts.

In this united front policy, we Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations do not conceal our banner. We are continuing our fight against the system of imperialism and its policy of domination, of exploitation of the peoples and of war for the control of raw materials. We are fighting for a revolutionary transformation of society and we are waging a fight for political unity, for unity of action, for the unity of the rank and file and at all levels, against the opportunist positions of class conciliation.

For the Next Period We Must Pay Attention to the Following Objectives and Areas of Common Struggle

* To denounce and fight the so-called “Merkel-Sarkozy” European treaty that seeks to inscribe in the constitutions of the European countries the neoliberal dogma of “reduction of national debt”, under the pretext of generalization of the austerity policy.

* To support and develop the refusal to pay the debt, especially in Greece, and to denounce and fight against the interference of the imperialist powers, the troika. The Greek people must be free to decide their political options.

* To support the right of each people to decide whether or not to remain in the euro zone, without interference, blackmail or pressure from other countries, specifically the imperialist powers and their supranational agencies.

* To develop solidarity with the struggle of the workers, the peoples and their political, union, social organizations, etc., of the countries of the EU and the countries of the world that are facing the same policy.

Paris, May 2012

Conference of the Parties and Organizations of Europe that are Members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML):

Communist Party of Albania

Communist Party of the Workers of Denmark – APK

Communist Party of the Workers of France – PCOF

Organization for the Construction of the Workers Communist Party of Germany

Organization for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-1955)

Communist Platform of Italy

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE (ML)

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey – TKP


APK: May 2012 – Capitalism in crisis: Workers go to battle

May 2012: The International Workers´ Day

Capitalism in crisis: Workers go to battle

Statement from APK

The present capitalistic world crisis began in 2007-08 and has yet not ended. It is the deepest and most profound crisis the world has seen since the 1930s, and it has proven that the capitalistic system is incapable of defeating its inherent contradictions and securing stable prosperity. That can only happen with a different social and economic system: socialism.

The EU, that supposedly should secure peace and prosperity for the Europeans, is in an abysmal crisis with whole nations on the verge of default.

As long as the capitalist system exists, the ruling class – the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class – and its state and governments also try to pass the burdens from the crisis on the workers and the general public.

It has happened with the massive support to the banks and the speculators, who triggered the crisis, including the bank packages. It happens through massive cuts on the public budgets – on pensions and other benefits, poorer schools and daycare centers, etc. – and through falling real wage and longer work time, including higher retirement age.

However, this neo-liberal prescription doesn’t help to overcome the crisis and create new and lasting growth. It puts the wheels to a halt, while the rich become richer and the general public poorer.

The picture is the same in the EU, in USA, and in the whole world. All places more or less dramatic neol-iberal cuts and deteriorations are being implemented.

This, on the other hand, triggers powerful protests from the workers and the people that pays for the feast, as we especially have seen in Greece, Spain and Italy, or Tunisia and Egypt.

Millions have gone in general strike and have demonstrated and acted in protest.

Regimes have been overthrown, governments replaced. In some European countries EU has inserted its own people. That is also the pattern in Denmark, although the cuts and the decline happens more gradually.

The VKO-government fell, and the Thorning government took over with promises about a new policy. It quickly turned out to be false. The SRSF-government is a government of cuts, that wants to scare the people to accept the slaughter of welfare by appealing to the will to make sacrifices and create a crisis awareness, that accepts social decline, while the profits of the capitalists aren’t challenged.

In ”the old days” reformists (social democrats and related people), advocated reforms as gradual improvements. They even saw it as a way to socialism. Today reforms are simply another word for cuts, and the reformists in S and SF have become neo-liberal people of cuts.

They cannot lead Denmark in the necessary new direction. On the contrary, they administrate the policies of EU, to the satisfaction of the Commission and to misfortune for the big majority.

They must be stopped. Their catastrophic course must be hampered.

The immediate tasks of struggle by the 1. May 2012 must be to secure, that the ”Finance Pact” – the charter of EU – will be sent to referendum. Moreover, it must be to halt the planned cuts on flexible jobs , early retirement for the disabled and ”cash help,” that follows after the slaughtering of the “afterwage,” the raising of the retirement age and the halving of the unemployment benefits.

The current tasks will moreover be to pull the Danish troops out of Afghanistan and put an end to more war policy.

The current tasks will be to go against the negative collective agreements with the fall in the real wage and social dumping, stop the tripartite negotiations that lead to new deteriorations, and prepare to overthrow the planned state budget law for 2013 that has cuts worth 16 billion DKK.

The task at hand is to place a popular and revolutionary alternative on the agenda.

Neither ”red” nor blue bloc
For a popular and revolutionary alternative

Work and welfare to all – social restoration!

– For a 35 hours workweek!
– Doubling of the unemployement benefits period [from 2 to 4 years], halving of the vesting time
– For a retirement age on 60!
– No to neoliberal reforms of the early retirement [for disabled], flexible jobs and the cash help.
– For a state educational grant to live on!
– No to a decrease in the real wage and higher working time – No to the collective agreements for 2012!

Referendum on the Finance Pact! Stop the eurostate of the monopoles!

Yes to diversity – Active struggle against racism, fascism, and right extremism!
No to the wars and occupations of imperialism! Out of Afghanistan NOW!

Common struggle against the capital – Let the rich pay the crisis!

International solidarity in the struggle of the workers and the peoples!


25. April 2012


1) Basically bailout of banks.

2) Openly bourgeois government (Venstre, Conservative People´s Party, Danish People´s Party).

3) The incumbent socialdemocratic government (Social Democrats, Danish Social-Liberal Party, Socialist People´s Party).

4) A pact made by EU that forbids member countries from having more than 0,5% of GPD of deficit in the public budgets, and no more debt than 60 % of GDP.

5) Special jobs for people, that are unable to have a ”normal” job.

6) Kontanthjælp. Transfer income to people who cannot provide for themselves and/or their families. E.g. after two years of unemployment, where the right to the higher unemployment benefits ends.

7) Efterløn – a form of early retirement, 5 years before retirement age for people born before 1956. For people born on 1. July 1959, and later, it will be 3 years (between 3 and 5 years for people born between 1956 and July 1959).


APK: Unity Against the Blue-Red Policy of Cuts!

A new policy has not come with the SRSF (1) government. There needs to be a struggle against the blue-red majority and neo-liberal policies.

Communist Policy 20, 2011

In international media like Newsweek a picture of the Thorning-government as ”really red” – at least on paper – is being drawn. Newsweek calls the Thorning-government “the most left-wing in Europe.”

In the Guardian, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen (2) is nominated to be the left-wing´s new queen, who has got more personal votes than the incumbent prime minister:

“In a time where a large part of the European left is in despair over its inability to transform the three-year old financial crisis into an electoral success, Denmark is now the exception.”

Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen´s first reaction to the new government platform was that Enhedslisten (the Unity List) agrees with some points of it and recognizes itself in it.

But now the hangovers are coming. The new government is not coming with a new policy. It continues virtually where the worn out VKO-coalition (3) left off.

APK refused to participate in the prevalent left-wing fraud that a Thorning government would also mean a new policy for the benefit of the workers and the large majority. The reform of retirement and the slaughter of the ”after wage” stand firm (4), the unemployment benefits are being halved, the firings in the public sector continue, and Thorning is focusing on keeping the wages calm and putting the working-time up high.

Troels Riis Larsen, spokesman for APK, says that there is nothing to wait for. A broad unity against the blue-red policy that now is to be run through, must be created:

– There is no serious new policy coming from the new Folketing and the new government.

It must be clear for all now, he says:

-The time has come to examine the consequences of what is happening. That can only be that there must not be fueled expectations to the parliamentarian game, or illusions that the 12 mandates of the Unity List will change the downward direction.

Troels Riis Larsen continues:

– APK thinks that the blue-red majority should not have peace to implement and continue the reactionary policy that people have rejected with their votes, within opinion polls, and in widespread protests for many years.

A new broad movement that will put an end to the slaughterings of welfare, the breakings of promises, and the continued policy of war must be created. A movement of all forces that are serious when they say that there must be a new policy and a fundamental break with the VKO period.

In that context it does not matter whether one has supported a Thorning goverment or not.

-The Unity List has both a special duty and special possibilities in participating to create such a movement. In our view only such a unity of popular movements, labour, and political forces could slow down the blue-red storm that will come fast.

See also:

APK: 12 demands to a new government

The netpaper 14. October 2011


(1) S: Socialdemokraterne
R: Radikale Venstre
SF: Socialistisk Folkeparti
All those three parties participate in the Helle Thorning-Schmidt government.

(2) Political spokesperson of Enhedslisten.

(3) V: Venstre
K: Konservative
O: Dansk Folkeparti

(4) Originally proposed by the former Lars Løkke Rasmussen government, and is now to be accepted by the new government: Everyone who was under 45 years in the end of 2010 will lose the right to the afterwage (efterløn – a form of early retirement, 5 years before retirement age, is at 60 years (65 years retirement age)), Those who are 45-54 years old will get a shorter afterwage (4½ year for those who are 54 and 1 year for those who are 45). Those who are 55-56 will go later on afterwage, but it will still be 5 years. Those who are 57 or older, including those who already are on afterwage, will not be victims of any changes. The afterwage will be replaced by a “senior early pension”, which will be harder to get than the afterwage.

The retirement age will be raised, so it will fx be 67 in 2022, and for those who are in the beginning of their 30´ies will get a retirement age on 71 years.

APK: Danish elections ends 10 years rule of the right – installing a coalition government led by Social Democrats

By Kommunistisk Politik International

Ten years rule of warmongering, racist and reactionary policies has been rejected, paving the way for another neoliberal government led by social democrat Helle Thorning Schmidt, the first woman to become prime minister

The general elections to the Danish parliament on September 15th finished a ten year old government coalition of two bourgeois right parties, led by the right liberal party Venstre (V), together with the Conservatives (K)

This so called center-right VK-government was for almost 8 years led by the international war criminal Anders Fogh Rasmussen, presently general secretary in NATO, and for the last two years by Lars Løkke Rasmussen It has all along been supported by the extreme right party Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party- O), that has set an anti-immigrant, racist and islamophobic agenda, that has made Denmark infamous as a front runner for reactionary politics.

For the past decade Denmark has pursued a so-called ‘activist foreign policy’ – which basically means being in the front rows of the imperialist wars, initiated by the US and NATO: Afghanistan, Iraq and now also bombing Libya.

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APK: Party Leaders Debate Without Forbidden Words

Election to the Folketing (1) 2011 – Election commentary

There are some words that are reluctant to pronounce in Danish politics, and that not at all belong in an electoral campaign, that is dominated by the conflict between two blocs.

The media has no room for other things than that, and the derivatives – like who is the best, smartest, most responsible or prettiest prime minister candidate.

That there are unwanted or downright forbidden words that do not tolerate being uttered, was revealed in the first party leader debate on TV. It took place the same evening, as the election to the Folketing was called for (2)/

The themes were economic policy, ”welfare” and health. The following total unwanted words in that context weren´t used. Not one single time, and not by one of the politicians from the 9 parties (3) and two blocs:

Euro crisis
Euro plus pact
Libya – Afghanistan – Iraq

There is also an unwritten list over fully banned words that can not even be whispered. Among them are:

Working class
Class struggle

For Lars Løkke (4) and VKO (5) the election is about ”sustainable welfare” (with VKO!) or “irresponsible borrowing” (with S/SF/R/Ehl [6]).

For Helle Thorning (7) and “red” bloc it is about two roads through the crisis: “the road of cuts” (VKO) or “the road of solidarity” (S/SF). The latter consists in extending the work time in solidarity with the capitalism that is hit by crisis.

The Danish ”close-your-eyes idyll” and the political harmony was not challenged in the debate. Consequently the bourgeois commentators think that it was really good. On “a high level”, Hans Engell (8) declared.

For most people it was hard to determine a winner. It was almost “a draw”. The loser is easy to see: The truth about the situation of Denmark in the Election to the Folketing 2011.

The Internet newspaper [of APK] 27. August 2011


1) Danish parliament.

2) NB! The meaning is ”the same evening as the day the election was called for” . The day: 26. August.

3) 1. Enhedslisten
2. Socialistisk Folkeparti
3. Socialdemokraterne
4. Radikale Venstre
5. Dansk Folkeparti
6. Venstre
7. Konservative
8. Liberal Alliance
9. Kristendemokraterne
# 1, 2, 3, and 4 are ”red bloc”. # 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are ”blue bloc”.

4) Danish incumbent prime minister and leader of Venstre

5) Venstre, Konservative, and Dansk Folkeparti. The two first are in the government, while DF is supporting (some say is the de facto leader).

6) Socialdemokraterne, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Radikale Venstre, and Enhedslisten.

7) Leader of Socialdemokraterne


APK: 12 Demands to a New Government

12 demands to a new government (1)

1. Stop the wars NOW! Welfare to ALL!

2. Jobs to the unemployed, places for interns/trainees/apprentices without places! Start environmentally friendly work: climate friendly energy, renovation of schools, homes, roads, sewerage etc. Places for trainees/interns/apprentices to all – now!

3. The working time must go down, not up! Scrap the lies about shortage of labour power and burden of old people! (2) Right to unemployment benefits in minimum four years – with right to education! Defend the real wage!

4. Right to a life after work! Hands off the “afterwage,” (3) retirement age, and pensions! Restore ”afterwage” from 60 years, state pension from 65 years! Full regulation and equality on transfer payments!

5. Free education to all, equal rights! Drop the reductions of the state educational grants, (4) educational grants to live on! Drop the cuts in education! Abolish users fees! Housing, that can be paid! No to youth unemployment!

6. More hands to welfare, not fewer! Stop the undermining of the public sector! Equal pay now! No privatization of health, the social sector, and public administration! Equal access to medical treatment! A well functioning eldercare! Better conditions for the children families! Stop the cuts on the weakest of the society!

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Greetings to the first legal Congress of PCOT from APK, Denmark

Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark, July 2011

Dear delegates, dear comrades,

On behalf of the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark and on behalf of the Danish working class and youth we heartily greet the first congress of PCOT held in legality after the ouster of the social fascist clique of Ben Ali and consorts.

We are happy to be able to celebrate together with you this historic event for the Tunisian workers, the youth and the entire people. This is indeed a Party Congress not only of great national importance, but also of significance to the whole progressive and revolutionary global community, to the international working class and the international Marxist-Leninist communist movement.

Today Tunisia has become synonymous with its glorious revolutionary people; it is known as the cradle of the Arabic uprisings that has begun to shake the present world order of exploitation, suppression and war.
The Tunisian people with its heroic youth and workers dared defeat a long term and seemingly stable autocratic and dictatorial regime. Even if that regime enjoyed the support of the strongest and most reactionary forces of the world, including US imperialism and the imperialist United Europe of the monopolies.
We should not forget either, that Ben Ali and his despicable Party were also members of the counterrevolutionary reformist Socialist International that hailed them as a progressive Arab figure and force.

The Tunisian people persisted and did not bend to neither the violence and terror of the regime nor to the false promises of reform from Ben Ali and his successors. It did nor listen to the sugarcoated talk of ‘democracy’ and ‘aid’ from the imperialist countries, that strongly supported Ben Ali and his clique. It persisted in the demand that Ben Ali and his party should leave the Tunesian scene completely, its institutions and organizational structures be abolished and those guilty of grave crimes against the people should be punished.

We know that you, the comrades of PCOT fighting in illegality, being the permanent target of the forces of repression, played a great role in pointing out the direction of the revolutionary struggle and in mobilizing and uniting the people around the basic demands of the revolution at different stages in the struggle.
We rejoice in the fact that it is a genuine Marxist-Leninist party, a member Party of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and organizations that played this leading role in the struggle.
This fact is no coincidence. Only a revolutionary Party, guided by the immortal principles of Marxism-Leninism, experienced in different forms of struggle, possessing the richness of the revolutionary experience of the international working class, will be able to assume the leading role in the revolution, pushing it further forward towards its historic objectives.

No matter what difficulties and twists the Tunisian revolution has encountered and will encounter a merit of world wide significance belongs to the revolutionary people, its communist Party and all progressive forces and organizations. This is the merit of bringing to the fore the question of revolution as the vehicle of any real change. It has destroyed the agenda of the imperialist New World Order that with US imperialism at the head has shaped a world of increased mass poverty and permanent wars. It has destroyed the reformist, revisionist and religious agendas, that always end in betrayal and compromise.

The revolution is once more on the global agenda. It is a question taken up for solution. The revolution – be it democratic, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist or socialist – is the aspiration and the only possible road of the peoples, the working class and its revolutionary parties. Defeating the forces of imperialism and reaction is the primary condition for any real change. No demagogue in The White House, no populist leader or party can create this change. It is only the revolutionary people, the heroism of the mass struggles, led by the Party of the revolutionary workers that can create a better future and a more just world.

Imperialism and global reaction has been frightened by the spectre of revolution that has insisted on reappearing though they have buried it many times over. They have hastened to try to distort, strangle and lead the revolution astray. They will try to install obedient regimes, distorting the just demands of the Arab peoples against their reactionary rulers, and even launch aggressive wars to that end as has happened in neighboring Libya. No progressive regime can be born from the NATO missiles. They will try to make you suffocate in the great burden of debt. That is why we demand the annulment of the debt of Tunisia to international finance capital.

Our Party will do what it can to learn from, support and defend the Tunisien revolution. For many years of your forced illegality we have campaigned for the release of the political prisoners of the Ben Ali regime and against the persecution of Comrade Hamma Hammami and many other comrades.

Now we wish, dear Comrades, that your efforts to develop the program and the new tasks of the Tunisian revolution from this Congress will be crowned with complete success, adding new victories to those already achieved.

The entire progressive world will listen to the revolutionary signals from this historic Congress.

Hail the Congress of PCOT!
Long live the glorious Tunisian revolution and its heroic youth, workers and people!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Long live the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations!
Glory to Marxism-Leninism!

Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne

Support Ship to Gaza: Freedom Flotilla II

From APK

A little over a year ago, Israeli special forces boarded the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza with relief supplies to the people, medicine and construction materials to rebuild schools, hospitals etc.. 9 militants killed – and Israel’s criminal and barbaric act was condemned worldwide.

Now, these days, puts the Freedom Flotilla II Stay Human sail to break it no less illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza that keeps the Palestinian population imprisoned in a ghetto at the subsistence level. About 10 ships with a background in campaigns in over 20 countries with nearly 500 brave activists will try to reach the population in Gaza with both relief as a visible example of the worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Frihedsflotillerne is a magnificent and totally peaceful humanitarian operation of an international character. Therefore, the danger to the Israeli blockade and occupation, and this has consistently sought to stigmatize the fleet and the activists who support terrorism and ‘terrorists’.

Israel has threatened again to attack the flotilla of military and prevent it from coming to Gaza. And its main support U.S. has threatened to imprison American participants of “conspiracy to support a terrorist organization” (Hamas).

This year is also the Danish solidarity movement with Palestine represented by and a number of participants in the voyage.

The Danish Government has accepted Israel’s violations of international law. It did not condemn Israel’s brutal killing on the ship Mavi Marmara last year and has warned Israel not to intervene militarily against the new flotilla or threatened to take the consequences of another attack. That it does so is a minimum requirement.

The Danish government is as close ally of Israel complicit in and share responsibility for Israel’s continued violation of international law and the oppression of the Palestinian people, although it claims to be in favor of the Palestinians achieve their national rights.

On the contrary, been busy implementing terror laws, aimed at political protests and used to neglect solidarity initiatives to support the Palestinian liberation organization, the PFLP, like Israel, USA and the EU has placed on their ‘terrorist list’.

This has led to scandalous political judgments against initiatives Fighters & Lovers, The Association Rebellion and later Horserød-Stutthof Association and the professional club in Copenhagen – with conditional and unconditional prison sentences for terrorist activities, but for solidarity.

We need an even stronger international support for the Palestinian people struggling for a free and independent Palestine and to achieve their full national rights against a brutal repression, occupation and blockade power that has the support of the world’s only superpower and has ‘allowed’ to deny Palestinians their rights in more than 60 years.

There must be an international solidarity movement as strong as in matches against South African apartheid regime. The Zionist Israel is today the apartheid state.

Therefore, aid to solidarity initiatives Ship to Gaza / Frihedsflotille 2 developed. Therefore, the international BDS campaign – boycott of Israeli goods and goods produced in illegal settlements, boycott divestment and sanctions against Israel for violations of international law – will become even stronger.

Support ship to Gaza / Frihedsflotille II!

Support BDS campaign! Boycott Israel!

Political declaration of the European Regional Meeting of the ICMLPO, Copenhagen, May, 2011

Let us prepare for the sharpening of the class struggle

In the capitalist world still in deep crisis, the wind of popular revolts and of revolution is coming from the Maghreb and countries of the Middle East. The people of these countries have risen up, one after the other, against regimes of tyranny, often sold out to imperialism. They are struggling for democracy; they want to live in dignity, to work, study and contribute to the development of their country and to get rid of the corrupt regimes that have enriched themselves at their expense by selling the country and its wealth to the imperialist powers.

The revolution began in Tunisia. The resistance of the working class, of the youths, peasants, democrats and popular sectors was organized in spite of the ferocious repression of Ben Ali’s regime, supported until the last minute by its imperialist godfathers.

In this fight, the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT) has played an essential leading role. Together with other forces, it is struggling today in order for this revolutionary process to continue to its end. It is the Tunisian revolution that expelled Ben Ali. It encouraged other people of the Maghreb and the Middle East to rise up. From Egypt to Yemen, from Morocco to Syria, movements have developed, provoking a large movement of sympathy among the workers, youth and peoples all over the world.

The imperialist powers that consider this region as their private hunting ground have been taken by surprise. They pretend to support these popular movements, in order to try to make use of them for their own interests. In Libya they have found forces ready to collaborate with them, and Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama launched a war that is plunging this country into chaos. For the first time in its history, NATO is intervening militarily in this region, to show the will of the imperialist powers to halt the popular movements and to establish their total control of all of Libya’s resources, especially oil, gas and water. They are also interested in Libya’s geostrategic position on the African continent and in the Mediterranean region.

As the G-8 summit has shown, the big imperialist powers are speaking of “helping” these people, but they are trying to enchain them with debts. Today the debt mechanism is an essential instrument of the neocolonial policy of imperialism. We denounce this policy of enslavement and say that on the contrary, these people do not need new debts.

It is not over yet, but with these movements, the class struggle has taken a new dimension, a new scale internationally. These people are standing up and are giving a new breath to the revolution, to the fight for national and social emancipation. They have shown that it is the people who make history and that a people united can overturn the imperialist order, can overthrow dictatorships.

The idea of the revolution is again on the agenda

The working class, the toiling people, the youth and the peoples of the world are in solidarity with this fight that inspires and stimulates them to reinforce their struggle against the capitalist imperialist system that makes them pay for its crisis. Far from being over, much less overcome, a new crisis is threatening to explode: the state debt crisis, especially in the EU. The financial oligarchy, the monopolies have put the States into debt in order to save the financial system, the banks and big monopolies. For this, billions in public money, taken from the social budgets, have been used. At the same time, wages have been lowered, and misery and precariousness have struck ever larger sectors of the masses.

The financial markets are speculating on the bankruptcy of States; they are demanding more austerity, new privatizations and new cutbacks in social rights. In order to save Euro, the leaders of big powers in the EU, the IMF and the ECB [European Central Bank] want to impose a mega-austerity plan; the so-called “stabilization plan”, which, in reality, will push even more workers of the cities and the countryside, the youths and working women into misery and insecurity, and will increase the super-exploitation in the companies. To impose such a policy of social regression, the governments of the right, social democrats and social liberals are reinforcing the reactionary laws in order to criminalize the developing social struggle. They do not hesitate to copy the racist themes of the extreme right parties which are developing a populist propaganda. We denounce the reinforcement of “fortress” Europe and say: “it is not the immigrants who should be expelled, but Sarkozy, Berlusconi and company!”

The working class, popular masses and peoples are resisting, refusing to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

In several countries, the youths, who are the first victim of mass unemployment and precariousness, are taking to the streets and occupying public places in cities, shouting their anger at a society that has no future to offer them. In all the countries, from Greece to the United Kingdom, from Portugal to Italy, from Ireland to Spain, the working class and popular masses are demonstrating; resisting, expressing their refusal to pay for the crisis of the system.

We are working to develop this resistance, to develop the international solidarity and to merge these fronts of struggle into a general challenge to the capitalist system, which is responsible for the crisis, wars and accidents, as the one at the Fukushima nuclear plant. It is the race for maximum profit that is sacrificing the security of the workers and peoples. We support the struggles of the workers and peoples of Europe who refuse to pay for the debts of the capitalist and we say that it is the rich, the speculators and big shareholders who must pay for them.

We support the struggles against privatization and liquidation of public services, in health, education, social protection…

We support the strikes and struggles of the workers for higher wages, the mobilizations against layoffs, against lowering of wages and worsening of social conditions.

We appeal to reinforce in each country and internationally the combat against the “pact of stabilization”.

We denounce and combat racism and struggle for equality of rights, between all the workers, which permits to struggle together against our common enemies.

We denounce imperialism’s war policy and call for solidarity with the struggles of the peoples in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

We call for a large movement of solidarity with the revolutionary process in Tunisia and for support to our fraternal party, the PCOT.

We are working to unite the forces that oppose the policy of the bourgeoisie and reaction, the policy of imperialist war, for building fronts in the struggles, among the rank-and-file, in action.

The class struggle has accelerated in a few months

We appeal to the working class, the youths, the toilers of the city and countryside, the women of the popular sectors, to intensify their struggles to defend their social and political rights and gains.

We call on the political and social organizations that want to break with this system, for social change, to prepare themselves for the new developments in the class struggle, for the battles and confrontations at a higher level.

Copenhagen, May 2011

Solidarity With the Struggle of the Arab Peoples!

We, the parties and organizations of Europe that are members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), affirm that the popular uprisings in North Africa and the Near East have been caused by the terrible material conditions of life of the popular masses and the imposition of despotic regimes in those countries.

These conditions have objectively gotten worse as a result of the worldwide crisis of capitalism.

There are deep problems related to the question of democracy, and above all to the social question, the exploitation, poverty and inequality, created by the imperialist policy of looting and oppression of the peoples of the dependent countries.

These democratic and revolutionary processes are continuing, fighting to overthrow the despotic regimes and reactionary forces, to completely eliminate the privileges of the oligarchies, to win political liberties, to break the dependence on imperialism and to open the perspective of a new society.

These events demonstrate the revolutionary abilities of the peoples of the dependent countries, of the oppressed young people, who are the real protagonists of the process in motion.

These are very important for the proletariat, because they weaken the positions of capitalism; they can transform the dependent countries from reserves of imperialism into reserves of the proletarian revolution.

These movements in general have a progressive nature and offer precious lessons for the international proletariat, because they educate the exploited through struggle, and they instill confidence in their own one force and again put the idea of the revolution on the agenda.

We resolutely support the revolutionary and liberation movements of the oppressed peoples, which strengthen the international front of struggle against imperialism. In particular we must support the democratic revolution of the Tunisian people against the dictatorship of Ben Ali, a revolution in which the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (PCOT) is playing an important role, acting with decisiveness and clarity of ideas in this revolutionary process.

Imperialism is trying to crush or control these revolutionary processes by various means, among others economic suffocation. Therefore we propose to carry out a broad campaign of international solidarity to demand the cancellation of Tunisia’s foreign debt. This debt is an important weapon in the hands of imperialism to strangle the peoples and maintain the countries in conditions of dependency.

From the beginning of the popular revolts, imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism and the European powers such as France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Spain, etc., have intervened in the region, directly or indirectly, to regain control and take advantage of the situation.

The war that the imperialist powers are carrying out in Libya through their military arm, NATO, is a reactionary, imperialist war of looting of the dependent countries, of social and national oppression, to suffocate the revolutionary movements.

Its objectives are: to install a puppet government in Libya that will allow them to obtain advantageous prices of petroleum, gas and water; the appropriation of Libya’s financial wealth; to take control of a strategic area, preventing and drowning the popular revolutions; and to expel other rival capitalist powers from the region.

This is the first time that NATO has intervened in this region, and this is part of its new strategy to control the region and the continent. We must unmask and reject NATO’s criminal policy of war and terror, in which the EU is also taking part.

We demand the immediate end of the war, the withdrawal of the imperialist armed forces from Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq; we demand withdrawal from NATO and the EU, the closing of U.S. military bases, the use of public money for social service and assistance and not for war. We will pursue a policy of peace and solidarity with the peoples in struggle.

We support the development of the popular movement and defend the sovereignty and national independence of every country. We denounce the interference and threats of new imperialist interventions especially in Syria.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the population of Gaza who are suffering from a cruel blockade, organized by the racist State of Israel, and we demand its immediate end. We support the fight of the Palestinian people for effective recognition of their full national rights. We condemn the criminal Zionist policy and at the same time we denounce the complicity of the EU with Israel on the political, economic and military level.

We demand the end of the racist and xenophobic policy against immigrants, a policy that extends across Europe; we denounce the militarization of the Mediterranean by the imperialist powers that at the same time speak hypocritically about human rights.

We denounce the parallel that the reactionary forces are making between Islam and terrorism.

We say No to the maneuvers of the European Commission in its relations with the African countries, to the policy of free markets, to privatization and the destruction of public services!

Long live the struggle and international solidarity of the peoples!

Copenhagen, May 2011

Nuclear power and capitalism are a lethal combination!

The Fukushima meltdown disaster proves once again that our environment and the safety of the workers and people may be sacrificed because of the greed for maximum profit that reigns under the capitalist mode of production.

The nuclear lobby has consistently told lies, claiming that nuclear power is “entirely safe”. Fukushima, Chernobyl and Harrisburg prove the opposite. This proof is emphasized by the fact that the financial insurance monopolies themselves refuse to insure nuclear plants.

Even if the plants were “safe”, this still would not solve the problem of toxic radioactive waste. This waste is poisoning oceans and rivers every day. Uranium and plutonium lie unprotected in contaminated areas, and inside the nuclear plants themselves.

Nuclear power is expensive and a limited source of energy.

The safety of the workers in the nuclear power plants and of the people in the nearby areas is ignored. They are forced to work in contaminated areas, and are the first to suffer when accidents occur.

Because of the first strike strategy of the NATO alliance, Europe is also being polluted by hundreds of missiles with nuclear warheads belonging to different atomic powers, mainly the USA. These are a potential disaster for all, friend or “foe”. The peoples should demand that such weapons be banned from their territory, as some countries already have done.

The civil use of atomic energy originated as a by-product of military production. Even today, the civilian and military sectors are intertwined. The military and police are always involved in safeguarding the nuclear energy plants, making them into semi-militarized zones. In this way, faults and accidents can also be kept secret from the public, totally undermining democracy.

Our immediate demands are therefore:
1) Immediate start of renewable and sustainable energy production.
2) Immediate closure of all old nuclear plants.
3) No to new nuclear plants.
4) Existing plants must shut down as soon as possible

These demands are entirely just and reasonable. The peoples do not want to be dependent on nuclear power. The people of Italy have demanded a referendum to reject construction of new nuclear plants in their country; in Sardinia 97 precent of the voters said no to nuclear power in a recent consultative referendum.

We demand that the monopolies responsible for the pollution and contaminated waste resulting from the nuclear industry be compelled to pay all costs of the devastation and of dismantling of old power plants.

We still do not know the long-term consequences of the disaster in Fukushima. When a catastrophe of such a dimension occurs in a highly advanced country like Japan, similar disasters may occur anywhere. Capitalism and imperialism are incompatible with safeguarding our environment; this system is incompatible with a sustainable future.

Copenhagen, May 2011

Long live the combative youth!

The youth in Spain are continuing their action in Madrid, Barcelona and dozens of other cities in that country. In Spain, where more than 40% of young people are unemployed, the youth are in the streets for their essential and vital demands. The youth are calling for jobs, a sufficient income, housing, the right to training and education for all, etc.

The youth have united around the slogan “Real Democracy Now!” which expresses their dissatisfaction with the destruction caused by the capitalist system of exploitation and are launching a cry of revolt against it.

The capitalist system is experiencing one of its deepest crises in a century. As always, the bill is presented to the workers, who are in no way responsible for the outbreak of this crisis, while the monopolies and the banks are filling their pockets and coffers. The weight of the crisis is being placed not only on the backs of the oppressed peoples and nations of the world, but also on the backs of the workers and peoples of the advanced capitalist countries. The youth are particularly subjected to these attacks and, as such, they have taken their place at the forefront of this struggle.

By their dynamism, the youth are in the front ranks of the fight, to defend their own demands and contribute their strength, energy and enthusiasm to the previous generations.

The youth of Spain and of all Europe, ready to follow that example, wish to have the best conditions of work and life; they do not want to be condemned to more precarious conditions than those of their parents.

We, as Marxist-Leninist parties of Europe, members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), highly value and warmly salute the fight of the youth of Spain. We think that the demands of this movement. in which the communist youth are playing an active role, are very reasonable, achievable and necessary.

We call on the youth of all Europe, and particularly those of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Great Britain, who have been the object of virulent attacks by capital, to be inspired by the example of the youth of Spain, by their rebellion against exploitation, against reaction, against social injustice, and bring this movement forward.

Since the youth are condemned to live “without work, without a roof, without a future,” they will prove, through their mobilization, that they are able to live “without fear!”

Long live the combative youth!

The youth are the future, the future is socialism!

Copenhagen May 2011

European Regional Meeting of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)
Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark – APK
Communist Party of the Workers of France – PCOF
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-1955)
Communist Platform of Italy
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway (Revolusjon)
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE(m-l)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey – TDKP
Organization for the construction of a Workers’ Communist Party of Germany (Arbeit Zukunft)

The APK supports “The People’s Movement against the EU” in the elections June 7th

By the Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark

The Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark fight for the dissolution of the European Union as an imperialist tool of the monopolist bourgeoisie and fight against the neoliberal and reactionary policy of the EU, that is applied in all member countries.
Our entire struggle against social cutbacks and police state-tendencies in Denmark is closely connected to our struggle against the EU.

We strongly raise the demand, that Denmark leaves the EU. We cherish no illusions that the EU may evolve into some kind of democratic institution, representing the needs and wishes of the peoples.

The European Union is closely connected to American imperialism and the predatory wars through the NATO and other imperialistic organizations.

The European parliament has not been recognized as a legitimate democratic institution by the peoples of Europe, and not by the Danish people either. When no party or list exist that represents the aspirations of the people the obvious choice would be to boycott the elections.

In Denmark our Party have supported and supports the The People’s Movement against the EU (Folkebevægelsen mod EU) and its participation in the elections. Folkebevægelsen mod EU has long been represented in the so-called European Parliament.

The Peoples Movement Against the EU is a genuine peoples’ movement and a broad coalition struggling with the aim of getting Denmark out of the EU, without any illusions of changing the EU ‘from the inside’.
The work of The People’s Movement against the EU in the union parliament has mainly been to show the anti-democratic structures of the EU, and the connection between the neo-liberal cutbacks in Denmark and the policies of the EU.

This movement has been a major factor in the two referendums won by the Danish opponents to the European Union.

The first was in 1992, with the No-vote on the Maastricht Treaty. This made a great impact, but was followed by a defeat in the referendum the following year, which the Yes-vote won, while Denmark was excluded from full participation in the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty.

These ‘Danish exceptions’ were: the economical union’s third phase (The Euro currency), Union citizenship, and parts of the military and legal program of the Union.

The second victory was a referendum in 2000 on the Danish participation in the 3rd phase of the economic union – that is a.o. the replacement of the krone with the euro. The No-vote won.

The Danes had been promised to vote on the European Constitution, but this was annulled after the No-votes in Holland and France. No referendum was allowed about the new version of this constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, which was rejected by the Irish people, the only country where a referendum has been held. The People’s Movement against the EU continues the struggle against this treaty.

Copenhagen May 27th 2009

Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne (APK)

Website of Folkebevægelsen mod EU
The People’s Movement against the EU

APK: May 1, 2011 – the Character of the Class Struggle

Stop the wars! Start the welfare!
Endorsed by APK

We have seen people stand up in the struggle against dictators and tyrants, against thieves who live like kings and parasites, living on our labor. Most of North Africa is in turmoil and the people are demanding freedom, justice and work. A revolutionary storm has arisen – but imperialism and reaction will try to crush it and stop it before it seriously threatens the deeply unjust ruling world order based on plunder and exploitation of the proletariat and peoples.

Wars and occupations under false pretexts are everyday life in the ‘new world order’ – in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – and more are under preparation.

In Denmark, as elsewhere in Europe, we are working under increasing pressure. Hard-won rights are undermined by terrorism legislation and the collective responsibility of caring for the weak through our welfare system is being dismantled piece by piece.

Extensive attacks on education, unions, retirement and wages are all coordinated from the neo-liberal Europe.

War criminals form the government, while we participate in an illegal war, the persecution and oppression of other countries is also pursued here. But the rift and mistrust between the oppressed only reinforces power.

VKO’s government deserves, after 10 years of casualties, to be sent off into the murk of history. But S / SF / R does not represent a real alternative to war policy and EU policy with its welfare slaughter. Only a comprehensive popular resistance from below – from workers, civil servants, the working people and student youth – can slow down the capitalist crisis policy and set a new agenda that begins with stopping the wars and starting welfare!

Neither cuts or longer hours!

Unite against welfare slaughter!
Let the rich pay for the crisis!

Denmark out of the EU!
Stop the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya!
Stop U.S. and NATO! Denmark out NOW!

Stop force and climate destruction, NOW!

Unity and solidarity across borders!

Socialism is the future!

27. April 2011