Communist Party of Benin: Press for Activists and Supporters


Activists and supporters

At the initiative of the Union is the Nation, a consultation took place on the political situation in Benin in connection with the excesses of autocratic President Yayi Boni. This consultation took place CODIAM Cotonou on 13 June 2012 under the leadership of the Honourable IDJI Kolawolé.

The PCB was invited and participated. Most participants who spoke expressed concern about serious violations of freedoms and Yayi Boni’s Slide of the national economy.

The PCB reiterated its position on the autocratic power of Yayi Boni need to hunt here and now if we want to see the country preserve its democratic achievements and initiate development. In support of this position, the roadmap of the Government Transition Patriotic indicated by its secretary Philippe Noudjènoumè 1 since March 10, 2012.

The PCB said that each organization, whether political parties, trade unions, organizations defending human rights, civil society must be encouraged to be clear in defending the interests of the people against the excesses observed . This through public statements, various events (statements, marches, strikes, etc..). After these concrete actions in the mobilization and organization it will be possible to build alliances to fight to achieve the objective of the hour: Yayi Boni be from.

Cotonou, 13 June 2012

The Communist Party of Benin


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