Chile: Anniversary of the Birthday of Salvador Allende

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The anniversary of the birth of one of the great presidents have had democratic Chile was commemorated with a massive event.

This activity took place on June 24 in the municipality of San Joaquin, in the front of one of the greatest monuments in the country, which was the martyred president who dared to nationalize the copper industry and to promote measures for the people and against big corporations and Yankee imperialism, which was overthrown by a brutal and bloody fascist military dictatorship in 1973.

This event became present our Party, the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) – PC (AP), extensive spreading revolutionary literature, as well as lift up their red flags.

Also present at the occasion, along with other organizations, the Command Comprehensive Solidarity with Cuba and the Peoples Bicentennial – Chilean Chapter, who laid wreaths and whose deliveries took Comrade Alejandro Aravena, the PC (AP) , along with other colleagues, on behalf of both organizations.

National Communications Commission
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Published by Victor Vaughn

Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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