Flawed sentencing the main reason for race disparity

The following are a series of revealing articles on the connection between the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contras and the smuggling of illegal drugs, particularly cocaine. They are among the first exposés about Contra drug smuggling published in the United States. They were written by journalist Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury News in 1996 underContinue reading “Flawed sentencing the main reason for race disparity”

CIA Report on Smurf Communism

Isolated Utopian Village said to be model for Communist society By Christian Bladt Earlier this month, the CIA recently de-classified thousands of pages of documents from the Cold War era pertaining to what was referred to as “The Blue Menace”. For decades, the US government has kept a watchful eye on a small village ofContinue reading “CIA Report on Smurf Communism”

Merry Stalinsmas, one and all!

December 21st, 2011 This is the Espresso Stalinist, wishing you all a wonderful Stalinsmas. May we all show each other the comradely love and exhibit revolutionary fervor. This is the true meaning of Stalinsmas. Keep Stalinsmas a time of celebration, love, revolution and socialism! Merry Stalinsmas, one and all!

Badass of the Week: Skanderbeg

That old dude carving people in half with a gigantic sword is Skanderbeg. Skanderbeg is the national hero of Albania. He’s a hardcore, skull-crushing Albanian hardass who fought for 20 years on the side of the Ottoman Empire, then got bored of that, flipped his shit, and spent the next 25 years leading an AlbanianContinue reading “Badass of the Week: Skanderbeg”

Are the Smurfs Communist?

From RSA Madrid For many it is said that the Smurfs, the beloved cartoon series created by the  Belgian cartoonist Peyo, represented the ideal society imagined and longed for by Communists. To argue so great statement, they bring to the fore various different reasons. – First it was claimed that lived in the forest inContinue reading “Are the Smurfs Communist?”

40 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist

by J. Slavyanski of the APL 1. Constantly insist that Marxism is discredited, outdated, and totally dead and buried. Then proceed to build a lucrative career on beating that supposedly ‘dead’ horse for the rest of your working life. 2. Remember, any unnatural death that occurs under a ‘Communist’ regime is not only attributable toContinue reading “40 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Successful Anti-Communist”

Capitalist Terms Glossary

Freedom – the ability to exploit others if you have the money, and the ability to starve to death if you do not. Capitalism – global oil-burning economic system that centralizes economic power in the hands of a few thousand landowners and business owners. Prone to periodic crashes, poverty, imperialist wars that kill millions, starvationContinue reading “Capitalist Terms Glossary”

Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ (Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet)

Stalin wasn’t stallin’ When he told the beast of berlin That they’d never rest contented Till they had driven him from the land So he called the yanks and english And proceeded to extinguish The fuhrer and its vermin This is how it all began Now, the devil, he was reading In the good bookContinue reading “Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ (Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet)”