An Obituary for General Vo Nguyen Giap (1911-2013)

by CARLOS BORRERO The Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap has died. Throughout what was once known as the Third World as well as among those with revolutionary consciousness in the centers of imperialism, we pay tribute to one of the most important figures of the struggle of the oppressed for national liberation and socialism. GeneralContinue reading “An Obituary for General Vo Nguyen Giap (1911-2013)”

V.I. Lenin on Anti-Semitism

“Anti-Semitism means spreading enmity towards the Jews. When the accursed tsarist monarchy was living its last days it tried to incite ignorant workers and peasants against the Jews. The tsarist police, in alliance with the landowners and the capitalists, organised pogroms against the Jews. The landowners and capitalists tried to divert the hatred of theContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on Anti-Semitism”

V.I. Lenin on World Imperialism and the Great War

“It is proved in the pamphlet that the war of 1914-18 was imperialist (that is, an annexationist, predatory, war of plunder) on the part of both sides; it was a war for the division of the world, for the partition and repartition of colonies, and spheres of influence of finance capital, etc. Proof of whatContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on World Imperialism and the Great War”

Karl Liebknecht on the Spartacist Uprising

“Yes. The revolutionary workers of Berlin have been defeated. Yes. Hundreds of their best have been slaughtered. Yes. Many hundreds more have been thrown into dungeons. Yes. They were defeated because they had been abandoned by the ones they relied on: the sailors, the soldiers, the security forces, the people’s militia. Their power was inhibitedContinue reading “Karl Liebknecht on the Spartacist Uprising”

Enver Hoxha on Salvador Allende: The Tragic Events in Chile – A Lesson for the Revolutionaries of the Whole World

Article published in the newspaper “Zeri i popullit” October 2, 1973 In Chile the counter-revolutionary storm continues to rage against the working masses, the patriots and fighters of that country. The rightist forces which seized power as a result of the September 11 coup d’état have established a reign of terror which even the HitleritesContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Salvador Allende: The Tragic Events in Chile – A Lesson for the Revolutionaries of the Whole World”

Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) – Reformism: the Gateway to Fascism

Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) Eduardo Artes August, 1998 Some factors to explain the defeat of September 11, 1973 and to advance towards victory. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the fascist military coup of September 11, every social class, even some class sectors. through their organizations, ranging from the bourgeois Armed ForcesContinue reading “Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) – Reformism: the Gateway to Fascism”

Syria calls on Turkish PM to resign over crackdown

Syria gleefully turned the tables on Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday over his response to anti-government demonstrations, calling on him to halt the violent repression of peaceful protests or resign. Erdogan, a former ally of Bashar al-Assad, turned against him after the Syrian uprising erupted in March 2011, which has since descended into aContinue reading “Syria calls on Turkish PM to resign over crackdown”

Anniversary of the Liberation of Saigon, the Unification of Vietnam and the Victory of the Vietnamese People Against U.S. Imperialism

British have invaded nine out of ten countries – so look out Luxembourg

By Jasper Copping Every schoolboy used to know that at the height of the empire, almost a quarter of the atlas was coloured pink, showing the extent of British rule. But that oft recited fact dramatically understates the remarkable global reach achieved by this country. A new study has found that at various times the BritishContinue reading “British have invaded nine out of ten countries – so look out Luxembourg”

Book Review: Bruce Cumings’ North Korea: Another Country

BY SOPHIA SOLIVIO Bruce Cumings is the Chairperson of the History Department and Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History and the College at the University of Chicago. In 1975, he received his PhD from Columbia University. Cumings’ professional and academic credentials make his compilation of complaints primarily in regard to theContinue reading “Book Review: Bruce Cumings’ North Korea: Another Country”

KCNA on the Korean War

Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) — The Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) ended in a victory of the Korean people. But, its consequences were very devastating and disastrous. The U.S. bombing in the war left more than 8 700 factories destroyed and 90 000 hectares of farmland spoiled. Power stations and reservoirs were severely damaged and townsContinue reading “KCNA on the Korean War”

Former Drone Operator turned Whistleblower: “I saw men, women and children die”

by Ezra Van Auken American drones have been a problem around the world since their inception in the early 2000s; in the past year or so, the advocacy against drones has increased immensely. This could be partly due to the acceleration of drone strikes that have occurred in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya – alongContinue reading “Former Drone Operator turned Whistleblower: “I saw men, women and children die””

Pope Francis and General Videla

Pope Francis giving communion to General Videla, the leader of the fascist generals who ruled Argentina in the late 1970s (and disappeared more than 20,000).

Dirty Wars: Pope Francis’ Ties to Argentina’s Right-wing Junta

Democracy Now! reports this morning: While praised for his work with the poor, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — has long been dogged by accusations of his role during Argentina’s military dictatorship. We speak to Horacio Verbitsky, a leading Argentine journalist who exposed Francis’ connection to the abduction of two Jesuit priests.Continue reading “Dirty Wars: Pope Francis’ Ties to Argentina’s Right-wing Junta”

On the deaths in Stalin’s USSR

In the West, when Stalin’s name is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the “millions of deaths” under his “ruthless regime”. For decades, fascist and capitalist propagandists alike perpetuated this vision of Stalin as a monster, employing the best World War 2 and Cold War propagandists to slander Stalin’s role as aContinue reading “On the deaths in Stalin’s USSR”