“Sunshine” by Jonathan Edwards

This is an anti-war song written by Jonathan Edwards. Sunshine was written in 1971 during the last years of the Vietnam War as a protest song. The conflict in Vietnam lasted from 1959 to 1975 (with the U.S joining in late 1964) and most of the soldiers who served were between the ages of 18Continue reading ““Sunshine” by Jonathan Edwards”

“Mao Tsetung Has Died” by Enver Hoxha

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 1976 Today the death of Comrade Mao Tsetung was reported. His death saddens and worries us, especially in this disturbed situation. It is a great loss for China. In my opinion, Mao Tsetung was a revolutionary, a personality of importance, not only for China but on an international level. Mao Tsetung ledContinue reading ““Mao Tsetung Has Died” by Enver Hoxha”

Ho Chi Minh shown as sympathetic to the Albanian-Chinese line in Khrushchev’s Memoirs

“I remember when the conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties in Moscow was being held in [November] 1960 […] The Chinese spoke out against us. Enver Hoxha conducted himself especially rabidly as an agent of Mao. [….] Ho came over to me then and said: “Comrade Khrushchev, you ought to concede the point to them.”Continue reading “Ho Chi Minh shown as sympathetic to the Albanian-Chinese line in Khrushchev’s Memoirs”

DPRK celebrates centennial of Kim Il-Sung’s birth

PYONGYANG, April 15 (Xinhua) — The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is carrying out a great military parade here on Sunday morning to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of founding leader Kim Il Sung. In a speech delivered at the grand event, DPRK leader Kim Jong Un lauded the historic contributions toContinue reading “DPRK celebrates centennial of Kim Il-Sung’s birth”

Communist Ghadar Party of India: Women must organise and wage united struggle to affirm their rights as women, as workers and as human beings!

Call of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 1 March, 2012 International Women’s Day, on 8 March, 2012, comes at a time when more and more women are coming out on the streets, in our country and all over the world. They are protesting against their conditions and demanding their rights asContinue reading “Communist Ghadar Party of India: Women must organise and wage united struggle to affirm their rights as women, as workers and as human beings!”

Media on North Korea

This article gathers and sources statements on the recent developments in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea. As always, a re-posting of these analyses does not imply an absolute endorsement of them. — Espresso Stalinist “The US and the west have been virtually proved wrong on all major issue of NorthContinue reading “Media on North Korea”

J.V. Stalin on the Peoples of the East

“What has happened has been that the socialist revolution has not diminished but rather increased the number of languages; for, by stirring up the lowest sections of humanity and pushing them on to the political arena, it awakens to new life a number of hitherto unknown or little-known nationalities. Who could have imagined that theContinue reading “J.V. Stalin on the Peoples of the East”

Marx & Engels on Colonialism in India

“The profound hypocrisy and inherent barbarism of bourgeois civilization lies unveiled before our eyes, turning from its home, where it assumes respectable forms, to the colonies, where it goes naked” The Future Results of the British Rule in India New-York Daily Tribune, August 8, 1853 “However infamous the conduct of the sepoys [the native IndianContinue reading “Marx & Engels on Colonialism in India”

Video in Spanish: El enigma de Corea del Norte (The Enigma of North Korea)

Democratic Korea in solidarity with Occupy movement

Biggest Protest against Capitalism in 300 Odd Yrs Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) — The working masses’ struggle against capitalism was staged all at once across the world on Oct. 15 and 16. This was the biggest organized one ever in history of capitalism spanning more than 300 years. Taking part in it were millions ofContinue reading “Democratic Korea in solidarity with Occupy movement”

PCMLE: Vietnam: A Popular and Anti-Imperialist Revolution

En Marcha, October 14, 2009 Commercial and monetary relations, linkages with international institutions and transnational corporations that are practiced in Vietnam attest to the validity of a capitalist economy. As a result, have increased levels of corruption and waste and links to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have made commitments to be metContinue reading “PCMLE: Vietnam: A Popular and Anti-Imperialist Revolution”

Retrospect: A Nervous China Invades Vietnam

By TERRY MCCARTHY Monday, Sept. 27, 1999 Early in the morning of Feb. 17, 1979, Chinese artillery batteries and multiple rocket launchers opened fire all along the Vietnamese border with protracted barrages that shook the earth for miles around. Then 85,000 troops surged across the frontier in human-wave attacks like those China had used inContinue reading “Retrospect: A Nervous China Invades Vietnam”

Kim Jong-il’s Death is a Danger for North Korea, not its Neighbors

By Stephen Gowans There are a few facts to keep in mind to understand what’s going on in the wake of the death this week of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. #1. US foreign policy vis-a-vis North Korea has always sought to force the latter’s collapse to pave the way for its absorption into theContinue reading “Kim Jong-il’s Death is a Danger for North Korea, not its Neighbors”