CIA Report on Smurf Communism

Isolated Utopian Village said to be model for Communist society By Christian Bladt Earlier this month, the CIA recently de-classified thousands of pages of documents from the Cold War era pertaining to what was referred to as “The Blue Menace”. For decades, the US government has kept a watchful eye on a small village ofContinue reading “CIA Report on Smurf Communism”

Southern CA Muslims Say FBI Agent Provocateur Dealt Drugs & Engaged in Sexual Blackmail

“…Agents Armstrong and Allen on several occasions talked about different individuals that they believed might be susceptible to rumors about their sexual orientation, so that they could be persuaded to become informants through the threat of such rumors being started. …” Muslims Say FBI Informant Dealt Drugs While Snooping on Believers’ Sex Lives By BRIDGETContinue reading “Southern CA Muslims Say FBI Agent Provocateur Dealt Drugs & Engaged in Sexual Blackmail”

The Neo-Nazis of Mongolia: Swastikas Against China

By Mitch Moxley Monday, July 27, 2009 In the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator, “Shoot the Chinese” is spray-painted on a brick wall near a movie theater. A pair of swastikas and the words “Killer Boys …! Danger!” can be read on a fence in an outlying neighborhood of yurt dwellings. Graffiti like this, which canContinue reading “The Neo-Nazis of Mongolia: Swastikas Against China”

Espresso Stalinist 2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 180,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 8 days for that many people to seeContinue reading “Espresso Stalinist 2011 in review”

Spielberg Used Real Nazis in Saving Private Ryan

” … Members of a neo-Nazi organization have joined a British group of war re-enactors… The Second Battle Group … has appeared in movies like Steven Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ … ” BBC: WWII Re-Enactors Share Nazi Views by Staff Members of a neo-Nazi organization have joined a British group of war re-enactors whoContinue reading “Spielberg Used Real Nazis in Saving Private Ryan”

On Lavrenty Beria: One Criticism on Marten’s “Another View of Stalin.”

From Red Comrades: This (ON BERIA) is related to Ludo Martens’ book “Another View of Stalin.” It is a critique of his assessment of Beria. The rest of the Martens’ book relies on facts. However oddly, in stark contrast to the rest of the book, the analysis of Lavrenty Beria does NOT show facts atContinue reading “On Lavrenty Beria: One Criticism on Marten’s “Another View of Stalin.””

Freedom Rider: Christopher Hitchens, White Man

by Black Agenda Report editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley There was nothing witty, cute, or endearing about the late Christopher Hitchens, a racist to the core whose association with the Left served only to discredit it. “Beneath his mutterings against ‘Islamofascism’ he was nothing more than an angry white guy who wanted brown peopleContinue reading “Freedom Rider: Christopher Hitchens, White Man”

KKE 1918-55: Svetlana Stalin, the last living child of Joseph Stalin, died

Joseph Stalin had three children: Yakov, Vasily and Svetlana. Yakov was arrested by the Hitlerite in early July 1941 and executed on April 14, 1943 following the refusal of Joseph Stalin to the exchange with a German general. As stated by cde Yannis Karastathis in his book “Against antistalinist – anticommunist hysteria” (Athens 1993) Stalin’sContinue reading “KKE 1918-55: Svetlana Stalin, the last living child of Joseph Stalin, died”

Merry Stalinsmas, one and all!

December 21st, 2011 This is the Espresso Stalinist, wishing you all a wonderful Stalinsmas. May we all show each other the comradely love and exhibit revolutionary fervor. This is the true meaning of Stalinsmas. Keep Stalinsmas a time of celebration, love, revolution and socialism! Merry Stalinsmas, one and all!

Junk food as ‘Addictive as Drugs’ – Why Junk Food is Addictive

“When researchers electronically stimulated the part of the brain that feels pleasure, they found that the rats on unlimited junk food needed more and more stimulation to register the same level of pleasure as the animals on healthier diets.” Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin, scientists have found. A diet of burgers, chips,Continue reading “Junk food as ‘Addictive as Drugs’ – Why Junk Food is Addictive”

Mike Ely tries to troll the Espresso Stalinist, attempts to smear Beria, fails

Recently, I posted a re-print of Grover Furr’s responses to Mike Ely’s charges against Beria. In response, Mike Ely attempted to troll me on this same re-print. A screenshot of his comment is here (click for full size): The text says, “I have to say to our socialist Joe Paternos: that photo is one ofContinue reading “Mike Ely tries to troll the Espresso Stalinist, attempts to smear Beria, fails”

More on Right-Wing Hedonism

Postmodernists chafe against all forms of what they call “the norm” except moral equivalences. Postmodernists may rebel against this or that societal expectation, but no matter what they rebel against, they never cease to compare things that aren’t comparable and insist that everything is relative. One example is their perception of violence as being “allContinue reading “More on Right-Wing Hedonism”