PC (AP): Letter to the Russian Embassy in Santiago, Chile

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Under the 94th Anniversary of the October Revolution, leaders and members of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), PC (AP), 11:00 hours, delivered a letter to the Russian embassy, ​​were chanted slogans against the semi-fascist dictatorship of the Medvedev-Putin mafia, alive at 94 years of working and popular epic, the leaders of Communism: Lenin and Stalin.

The letter delivered by Comrade Eduardo Alejandro Aravena Artés and was greeted by a Russian delegation member, who announced his nervousness by the need to stop persecuting Communist fighters, who fought fascism and socialism for the restoration work .

Chile’s Communists from the Party, the PC (AP), thus fulfilling their internationalist duty of solidarity with the comrades of the former Soviet Union, while proudly commemorate the anniversary of the dawn of 1917 workers, the great Bolshevik Revolution.

National Communications Commission
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)


Thousands of demonstrators in Moscow celebrated the anniversary of the 1917 October revolution

In a new anniversary of the triumph of the Bolshevik Revolution, freedom for political prisoners who struggle to restore socialism.

Today, November 7 (October 25 in the old Russian calendar Gregorian), the workers and peoples of the world, commemorating the most important event in human history, from the emergence of social classes, and hence of class struggle, WIN of the working class, the oppressed and exploited, when the story took a turn through 180 degrees, that the hitherto oppressed and exploited, not only overthrew and destroyed the old power of the exploiters, but also initiated the construction of a new society, socialism, transitional society between capitalist society based on exploitation and oppression of workers and the masses, and the communist society free from exploitation and oppression of man by man.

Socialism Today, as a society and an expression of workers’ power does not exist in the former Soviet Union, the Soviet Union itself does not exist, but socialism is not dead in the land of Lenin and Stalin, on the contrary, he lives not only in the longing of the people and workers, but is present in the open struggle and concrete that they carry out. Everywhere, and as a result of popular pressure, are replaced monuments to Lenin and Stalin, the writings of them are increasingly read, the polls are saying that its inhabitants mainly want to return to live under socialism, the Russian authorities have expressed great concern that within the youth is living a true “STALIMANÍA”, young people have T-shirts with portraits of Stalin and get tattoos on their bodies with their image, demonstrations, labor strikes and student and multiply red flags with portraits of the leading Bolshevik leaders. Reactionary anti-working class government, anti national anti popular and Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev today, acting according to its reactionary nature, have been based and management based on repression, imprisonment of anti-fascist fighters and for socialism. Today there are hundreds of political prisoners in various jails in the countries of the former Soviet Union accused of various crimes invented by fascist police themselves, such is the case, among many others in Russia, fascism Solopov Maxin, arrested and imprisoned by the Alexy Gaskárov communist fighter, just for participating in demonstrations in July 2010 anti-fascist, and Nadezhda Raks, Larisa Romanova, Olga Nevskaya, Tatiana Nejorosheva, communist comrades on which the Russian police had fabricated evidence to hold them accountable for blowing up a police building; NO comrade, despite the constraints and torture, has acknowledged involvement in the incident.

Today, Russia is the most prominent of what was once the Soviet Union’s heroic and dignified lives in the paradise of the mafia, the evils of capitalism, where scandal has increased infant mortality and poor quality of life, reached in both the social decline that, according to the UN (an organization that no one, not a fool, could be accused of being a communist), argues that “Russia is experiencing a demographic crisis,” arguing that “143 million people in the 2005, and considering current demographic trends, by 2030 the country will have only 128 million people “. Today in capitalist Russia, life expectancy has dropped to just 60 for men and 65 for women.

In 1990-1991, 25 December last year, ended the Soviet Union, took the red flag of the Kremlin, giving an end to a long period of capitalist restoration, started from the XXII Congress of the Communist Party Soviet Union (1956), degeneration process led by the traitor and revisionist successor Nikita Khrushchev and Brezhnev, Andropov and Gorbachev, the latter being openly capitalist policies and summarized in the so-called “Perestroika” and “glasnost”, which gave to the grand final stab Proletarian Revolution of November 7, 1917.

In these moments when the various imperialist powers, led by Yankee imperialism, including Putin-Medvedev’s Russia, with blood and fire devastate the sovereignty and independence of countries, nations and peoples, and when they claim that the effects and consequences of the general crisis of capitalism, ie the imperialist crisis itself, as we live the highest and final stage of capitalism, imperialism, pay the workers and peoples, AS IT TAKES THE SOVIET UNION LENIN AND STALIN! .

Chile’s Communists, from the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action), PC (AP), faithful to the principles of Soviet Socialist Revolution, embodied in the Communist Party (Bolshevik) and its leaders, Lenin and Stalin, in this November 7, 2011, first express our tribute to the heroic deeds and proletarian socialism in the exURSS if existed and showed its superiority in relation to capitalism, while we demand that all reactionary regimes of the former Soviet Republics and in particular, the Putin-Medvedev government in Russia, to end the repression of the antifascist fighters for socialism, to release political prisoners.

The repression and prison have never been, and may not be in the land of Lenin and Stalin, to prevent the triumph of socialism, which no doubt once again restored in Russia and other republics of the former USSR, will again be based support and inspiration to the workers and oppressed peoples on a global level.

Experience a new anniversary of the immortal Soviet Revolution!

Socialism is more valid than ever, and will sooner or later be restored in the countries of what was once the Soviet Union!

Central Committee
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet people.
Santiago, November 7, 2011


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Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist, monarch of Latveria, owner, National Secretary of the American Party of Labor (APL).

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