When the CIA and MI6 tried to overthrow Enver Hoxha: 1949-1953

“The CIA dropped some of its agents here. Flew them in from Italy and dropped them by parachute. But we got them. They had some fine radio equipment. They were going to set up a base here in Albania. At that time my brother was in the Central Committee and said he thought we oughtContinue reading “When the CIA and MI6 tried to overthrow Enver Hoxha: 1949-1953”

1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: America Is Perpetually at War with Its Own People

By Adam Hudson From the war on drugs to the war on terror, law enforcement’s battle against minorities serves as pacification. Police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes extrajudicially killed at least 313 African-Americans in 2012 according to a recent study. This means a black person was killed by a security officer every 28 hours. The report notes that it’s possible thatContinue reading “1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: America Is Perpetually at War with Its Own People”

Video shows Syrian rebel biting into soldier’s heart

A disturbing video which shows a Syrian rebel commander cutting the heart out of a soldier and biting into it shows that the country’s civil war has rapidly descended into sectarian violence and revenge killings, Human Rights Watch said on Monday. According to the New York-based organization, the video shows the founder of the rebelContinue reading “Video shows Syrian rebel biting into soldier’s heart”

Anniversary of the Liberation of Saigon, the Unification of Vietnam and the Victory of the Vietnamese People Against U.S. Imperialism

JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro and curb threat of Communism, claims explosive new book

Revelations made by journalist Bill Deane in new book ‘Smooth Criminal’ It tells story of alleged CIA spy and ‘one-man crime wave’ Dave Riley Claims criminals allowed on ‘crime sprees’ in US when not working for CIA Deane: ‘Riley was typical recruit: Intelligent, ambitious and without morals’ While JFK did not order the programme, Deane says heContinue reading “JFK secretly freed rapists, drug dealers and Mafia hitmen to kill Castro and curb threat of Communism, claims explosive new book”

KCNA on the Korean War

Pyongyang, March 29 (KCNA) — The Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) ended in a victory of the Korean people. But, its consequences were very devastating and disastrous. The U.S. bombing in the war left more than 8 700 factories destroyed and 90 000 hectares of farmland spoiled. Power stations and reservoirs were severely damaged and townsContinue reading “KCNA on the Korean War”

Syria’s Rebels Hype Their Child Soldier Training

‘Children Are the Best Soldiers I Know,’ Military Defector Insists It’s one of those things you’re not supposed to brag about, but Syrian rebels are praising their ability to attract child soldiers and turn them into “killing machines” to use against the Assad government. “Children are the best soldiers I know,” declared former Syrian Sgt.Continue reading “Syria’s Rebels Hype Their Child Soldier Training”

UN report exposes torture of Afghan detainees

An Afghan special forces soldier (AFP Photo / Daud Yardos) A new UN report has exposed cases of vicious torture of Afghan detainees, including beatings, hanging by the wrists and electric shocks. Many were handed over to authorities by foreign troops, despite numerous concerns about their previous treatment. A United Nations Assistance Mission in AfghanistanContinue reading “UN report exposes torture of Afghan detainees”

Pope Francis and General Videla

Pope Francis giving communion to General Videla, the leader of the fascist generals who ruled Argentina in the late 1970s (and disappeared more than 20,000).

Dirty Wars: Pope Francis’ Ties to Argentina’s Right-wing Junta

Democracy Now! reports this morning: While praised for his work with the poor, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — has long been dogged by accusations of his role during Argentina’s military dictatorship. We speak to Horacio Verbitsky, a leading Argentine journalist who exposed Francis’ connection to the abduction of two Jesuit priests.Continue reading “Dirty Wars: Pope Francis’ Ties to Argentina’s Right-wing Junta”

The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak

Michael Backman Global Research March 23, 2008 Global Research Editor’s note This incisive article by Michael Backman outlines the relationship of the Dalai Lama and his organization to US intelligence. The Dalai Lama has been on the CIA payroll since the late 1950s. He is an instrument of US intelligence. An understanding of this longstandingContinue reading “The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama’s Holy Cloak”

Left Anticommunism: the Unkindest Cut

BY MICHAEL PARENTI Despite a lifetime of “shaming” the system, NOAM CHOMSKY, America’s foremost “engagé” intellectual, remains an unrepentant left anticommunist. In the United States, for over a hundred years, the ruling interests tirelessly propagated anticommunism among the populace, until it became more like a religious orthodoxy than a political analysis. During the Cold War,Continue reading “Left Anticommunism: the Unkindest Cut”

North Korea or the United States: Who is a Threat to Global Security?

North Korea lost thirty percent of its population as a result of US led bombings in the 1950s. By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Most people in America consider North Korea as an inherently aggressive nation and a threat to global security. Media disinformation sustains North Korea as a “rogue state”. The history of the Korean war andContinue reading “North Korea or the United States: Who is a Threat to Global Security?”

Che Guevara on United Fruit

“The last Latin American revolutionary democracy – that of Jacobo Arbenz – failed as a result of the cold premeditated aggression carried out by the U.S.A. Its visible head was the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, a man who, through a rare coincidence, was also a stockholder and attorney for the United Fruit Company.”Continue reading “Che Guevara on United Fruit”

We Remember Wounded Knee

In February of 1973 the American Indian Movement and the Lakota Nation made a final stand for Native rights with siege at wounded knee. In the summer of 1968, two hundred members of the Native American community came together for a meeting to discuss various issues that Indian people of the time were dealing withContinue reading “We Remember Wounded Knee”