Expose Ryan Towne for the Racist Fascist That She Is

As some of you may know there is a young woman out there claiming to be a Marxist-Leninist of the Pro-Enver Hoxha tendency with a bombastic and abrasive attitude towards anything in contrast to her views. This young woman goes by the name of “Ryan Towne” and some of you may well be FB friendsContinue reading “Expose Ryan Towne for the Racist Fascist That She Is”

Forty years of African Liberation Day! Time to build the Party to complete the struggle

Published Dec 2, 2011 When the first African Liberation Day (ALD) demonstration was held in 1972, the U.S. front of the African liberation movement was reeling from deathblows being delivered by the U.S. government in a counteroffensive that had littered the international landscape with the bodies of murdered black freedom fighters around the world. Hundreds,Continue reading “Forty years of African Liberation Day! Time to build the Party to complete the struggle”

African alibi: What we learn from Anglo-Saxon fear of Lumumba, President

AFRICAN FOCUS By Tafataona Mahoso Sunday, March 07, 2010 – sundaymail.co.zw Despite the nominal co-optation and ascendancy of an African-American, Barrack Obama, to the presidency of the leading Anglo-Saxon power on earth, the intensity of Anglo-Saxon fear of an African revolution in 2010 is at the same level if not worse than it was inContinue reading “African alibi: What we learn from Anglo-Saxon fear of Lumumba, President”

US Government Report Undermines Zimbabwe Opposition’s Claim of Independence

By Stephen Gowans The US government had a hand in formulating the policy platform of the Tsvangirai faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, and funded community-based newsletters to create a platform to persuade Zimbabweans to accept Washington’s point of view, according to a US government report. The report boasts thatContinue reading “US Government Report Undermines Zimbabwe Opposition’s Claim of Independence”

Mollycoddling Mubarak, Mugging Mugabe

By Stephen Gowans Led by the United States, Western countries spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on what they called democracy promotion. This usually involves promoting pro-private property, pro-free trade, and pro-foreign investment forces in foreign countries where these principles are not firmly implanted. Generous funding is showered upon media, human rights groups,Continue reading “Mollycoddling Mubarak, Mugging Mugabe”

US Ambassador Echoes Cecil Rhodes

By Stephen Gowans September 24, 2011 – http://gowans.wordpress.com When in 1916 Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin expounded what historian V.G. Kiernan would later call virtually the only serious theory of imperialism, despite its shortcomings (1), Lenin cited Cecil Rhodes as among the “leading British bourgeois politicians (who) fully appreciated the connection between what might be calledContinue reading “US Ambassador Echoes Cecil Rhodes”

Opposition MDC was formed to revive colonial domination

Never before, at any point in the history of this country, has the subject of elections haunted people’s minds as did the 2002 presidential elections. The final week preceeding these elections was taken up by national debate during which the electorate was concerned over who would win. What each one of the five candidates stoodContinue reading “Opposition MDC was formed to revive colonial domination”

Zimbabwe: Let the Bones of Cecil Rhodes Rot Somewhere Else

“The victims of British imperialism have every right to expunge the influence – including the rotting bodies – of their former oppressors and tormentors.” The mayor of Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, says the remains of the infamous British imperialist Cecil Rhodes should be dug up and sent back to Great Britain. Sounds like aContinue reading “Zimbabwe: Let the Bones of Cecil Rhodes Rot Somewhere Else”