Liberal Holocaust: Imperialism and the Democratic Party

This is a good article from a website that is now down. I disagree with several parts, particularly the labeling of North Korea as a “Stalinist dictatorship,” referring to the Soviet Union as an “empire,” saying that Titoite Yugoslavia was a “Leninist revolution” and denying the genocidal actions of the Milošević government. Regardless, this article makesContinue reading “Liberal Holocaust: Imperialism and the Democratic Party”

Pol Pot Was Not and Is Not A Communist

Who Is and Was Really Responsible for Genocide in Cambodia? Pol Pot Was Not and Is Not A Communist  (originally published in Challenge-Desafio, PL Magazine Supplement, February 19, 1986) Apologists for capitalism are always inventing lies to “prove” how terrible communism is. In recent years one of their favorite tales concerns the mass killings inContinue reading “Pol Pot Was Not and Is Not A Communist”