Peking Review on Environment and Development

Environment and Development by Chu Ko-ping Peking Review May 14, 1976, p. 19 The question of environment and development is of common concern to various countries in the world. The numerous developing countries are speeding up the development of their national economies and, in the course of such development, are protecting and improving the environmentContinue reading “Peking Review on Environment and Development”

EMEP: Tunisian Workers Communist Party Changes Its Name

Please note that this is a computer translation from Turkish and is not entirely accurate. — Espresso Stalinist Tunisian Workers’ Communist Party (PCOT) resulted in an on-site-standing name change debate. Party, the Workers’ Party of Tunisia as a way to continue after that. Secretary-General of the party that Hamma Hammami, a tactical move in orderContinue reading “EMEP: Tunisian Workers Communist Party Changes Its Name”

Tunisian Workers Communist Party Changes Name to Tunisian Workers Party

Tunisia’s eminent communist political party, the Tunisian Communist Workers Party (POCT), has officially changed its name to Tunisian Workers Party (POT). POT decided to omit the word “communist” from their title following a series of discussions that have been ongoing since February that concluded with a general referendum within the party. “Our goal is toContinue reading “Tunisian Workers Communist Party Changes Name to Tunisian Workers Party”

Tunisian Youth Arrested in Morocco to be Released

Nineteen year old Tunisian, Aymen Bhiri, will be released today from Moroccan police custody reported Radio Kalima. He was arrested for participating in an unemployment protest on Saturday in Casablanca. Bhiri, a member of the Tunisian Communist Workers Party (POCT), was in Morocco to meet with friends and activists there, according to Mohamed Mzem, aContinue reading “Tunisian Youth Arrested in Morocco to be Released”

At Least 30 Killed as South African Police Open Fire on Thousands of Striking Miners

South African police opened fire at striking miners at the Marikana platinum mine, killing at least 30 protesters. The incident became the bloodiest industrial dispute in South Africa in the 20 years since the end of the country’s Apartheid regime. ­South African Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa confirmed the death toll: “A lot of peopleContinue reading “At Least 30 Killed as South African Police Open Fire on Thousands of Striking Miners”

Communist Party of Benin: Press for Activists and Supporters

PRESS Activists and supporters At the initiative of the Union is the Nation, a consultation took place on the political situation in Benin in connection with the excesses of autocratic President Yayi Boni. This consultation took place CODIAM Cotonou on 13 June 2012 under the leadership of the Honourable IDJI Kolawolé. The PCB was invitedContinue reading “Communist Party of Benin: Press for Activists and Supporters”

Reagan’s embrace of apartheid South Africa

His foreign policy legacy includes an alliance with a racist government By Justin Elliott The regime of apartheid in South Africa, under which nonwhites were systematically oppressed and deprived of their rights, is remembered as one of the worst crimes against humanity of the 20th century. Despite a growing international movement to topple apartheid inContinue reading “Reagan’s embrace of apartheid South Africa”

This Is My Will: Muammar Gaddafi

This is my will. I, Muammar bin Mohammad bin Abdussalam bi Humayd bin Abu Manyar bin Humayd bin Nayil al Fuhsi Gaddafi, do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim. Should I be killed, IContinue reading “This Is My Will: Muammar Gaddafi”

Kwame Nkrumah on African Resources & Neo-Colonialism

If Africa’s multiple resources were used in her own development, they could place her among the modernised continents of the world. But her resources have been, and still are being used for the greater development of overseas interests. — Kwame Nkrumah, Axioms of Kwame Nkrumah (NY: International Publishers, 1969), p. 22.

Kwame Nkrumah on Neo-Colonialism

“The result of neo-colonialism is that foreign capital is used for the exploitation rather than for the development of the less developed parts of the world. Investment under neo-colonialism increases rather than decreases the gap between the rich and poor countries of the world.”  —  Kwame Nkrumah, Axioms of Kwame Nkrumah  (NY: International Publishers, 1969),Continue reading “Kwame Nkrumah on Neo-Colonialism”

Kwame Nkrumah on Imperialism

“The fortunes of the African revolution are closely linked with the world-wide struggle against imperialism. It does not matter where the battle erupts, be it in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the master-mind and master-hand at work are the same. The oppressed and exploited people are striving for their freedom against exploitation and suppression. GhanaContinue reading “Kwame Nkrumah on Imperialism”

Kwame Nkrumah on African Revolution

“There can be no co-existence between African independence and imperialist and neo-colonialist domination; between independent Africa and racist, minority, settler governments.” “Until colonialism and imperialism in all their various forms and manifestations have been completely eradicated from Africa, it would be inconsistent for the African Revolution to co-exist with imperialism.”   — Kwame Nkrumah, AxiomsContinue reading “Kwame Nkrumah on African Revolution”

Kwame Nkrumah: “I Speak of Freedom”

I Speak of Freedom 1961 For centuries, Europeans dominated the African continent. The white man arrogated to himself the right to rule and to be obeyed by the non-white; his mission, he claimed, was to “civilise”Africa. Under this cloak, the Europeans robbed the continent of vast riches and inflicted unimaginable suffering on the African people.Continue reading “Kwame Nkrumah: “I Speak of Freedom””

Free Libya is Green Libya: Supporting the Real Libyan Revolution

by W. Yusef Doucet “Will they now stand up and assume the real leadership necessary to make themselves relevant, or is overcoming their class allegiance to the Western bourgeoisie just too much to fathom? That’s probably too much to expect from a class trained to protect the interests of its benefactors in order to protectContinue reading “Free Libya is Green Libya: Supporting the Real Libyan Revolution”