KKE 1918-1955: On the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Greek Democratic Army

Article published in Revolutionary Democracy Vol. XIII, No. 2, September 2007. In the end of spring of 1945, coming back to Greece from the German concentration camp in which he was imprisoned, Nikos Zachariades, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Greece, came across and faced a specific reality. a) A large political, progressiveContinue reading “KKE 1918-1955: On the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Greek Democratic Army”

PCMLV: Che – Marxist-Leninist

A year ago we published the article with the name “News of Che and the struggle against opportunism” in our newspaper Revolutionary Steel. Today, we celebrate 4 years of the existence of our glorious party under the motto Marxist-Leninist Che! We feel the need to rewrite, adding some elements that because of time we wereContinue reading “PCMLV: Che – Marxist-Leninist”

Ramiz Alia, the Albanian Revisionist, Dies

Tirana, October 7 (EFE) .- The last communist president of Albania, Ramiz Alia, died today at age 85, according to medical sources. Alia was hospitalized for several days in a sanatorium in Tirana due to lung disease. Born in Shkodra, in northern Albania, Alia was a partisan leader who led the fight against the NaziContinue reading “Ramiz Alia, the Albanian Revisionist, Dies”

Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar

BOOK REVIEW ‘SOCIAL DEMOCRACY, THE ENEMY WITHIN’ Harpal Brar 1995; ISBN 1-874613-04-4 INTRODUCTION This book is a valuable contribution to the critique of social democracy and its counter-revolutionary role. The first half of the text is concerned with an examination of the origins of the Labour Party (the main party of social democracy in thisContinue reading “Book Review: “Social Democracy: the Enemy Within” by Harpal Brar”

Bill Bland on “Stalinism”

‘STALINISM’ An Address to the Sarat Academy in London on 30 April 1999 by Bill Bland I am grateful to the Sarat Academy for inviting me to speak to you on ‘Stalinism’. However, your choice of subject presented me with some difficulty, since I am a great admirer of Stalin and the word ‘Stalinism’ was introducedContinue reading “Bill Bland on “Stalinism””

Series on Maoist Revisionism: The Anti-Leninist Theory of “three worlds” in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance

The formation of the warmongering U. S.-China alliance is in complete accordance with and is the very fruit of the anti-Leninist theory of “three worlds”. This so-called “great strategic concept” of the Chinese revisionists is being put into full effect by the Hua Kuo-feng-Teng Hsiao-ping clique. It is the “three worlds” theory which guides theirContinue reading “Series on Maoist Revisionism: The Anti-Leninist Theory of “three worlds” in Service to the Warmongering U.S.-China Alliance”

The Revisionists of “K”KE – Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies

From KKE (1918-55) “the ideas of perestroika correspond to the requirements of the reorganization of socialism, and contribute significantly to the development of the modern… theory of socialism, socialism has never been more attractive” (A. Papariga, “Pravda” June 25, 1991) (p. 8-9). “As a concept, perestroika rendered invaluable services to the international movement. Of course,Continue reading “The Revisionists of “K”KE – Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies”

Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals

Thanks for all the remarks! Here are a few replies. I’ll be brief. Mike Ely wrote: “Give us a short, simple list of your evidence for this global Trotsky-Bukharin-Nazi conspiracy. You can’t because it didn’t exist.” Either you have not studied the materials or you don’t remember them. There were a series of inter-related conspiracies.Continue reading “Grover Furr stomps Kasama Liberals”

Grover Furr defends research on Moscow Trials from Charlatan Mike Ely

-The following is a response written by Grover Furr on the Kasama Project website- Someone brought to my attention that my research is being discussed here. I asked Mike Ely if I could respond, and he agreed that I could. I welcome criticism! But to be valuable, it has to be accurate. Here are someContinue reading “Grover Furr defends research on Moscow Trials from Charlatan Mike Ely”

Why was Bukharin Executed?

Bukharin, Nikolai Ivanovich (1888-1938): Publicist and economist, member of the Bolshevik Party since 1906. In the years of World War I (1914-1918) adopted an anti-Leninist position on the issues of the proletarian dictatorship, the State, the right of nations to self-determination and others. In 1917 he denied the possibility of the triumph of socialist revolutionContinue reading “Why was Bukharin Executed?”

Excerpts from: Enver Hoxha – Report to the 7th Congress of the PLA

Introduction Dear Comrades! It has been exactly five years since the Party met for its sixth Congress and adopted the guidelines for the economic and social development of the country for this period. The major tasks it undertook then have been successfully fulfilled. Today our Party comes together for its seventh Congress, prepared and determinedContinue reading “Excerpts from: Enver Hoxha – Report to the 7th Congress of the PLA”

Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism

This is an old book review by MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) of a work by Ludo Martens entitled, The Collapse of the Soviet Union: Causes and Lessons: For the Revolutionary Revival of the International Communist Movement. I am not a Third-Worldist or a Maoist, but this review has a principled theoretical stance regarding the International CommunistContinue reading “Maoism on Foreign Affairs vs. Pseudo-Marxist Geopolitical Pragmatism”

The Experience of Nepal Summed Up

“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” –“The Communist Manifesto.” “We do not believe that private property should be abolished.” –Prachanda, Interview with BBC on 09/03/2008. Introduction Perhaps you’ve heard the various communist parties claim that there has been a revolution inContinue reading “The Experience of Nepal Summed Up”

The Albanian People Will Stand By the Yugoslav Peoples

How did the Party of Labour of Albania under the leadership of Enver Hoxha look upon its role in the event of an imperialist attack upon Yugoslavia? The following excerpt from a ‘Zeri i Popullit’ Editorial of 1980 and which was broadcast by Radio Tirana on January 19th 1980 reminds us that in such anContinue reading “The Albanian People Will Stand By the Yugoslav Peoples”

The CPUSA a Revolutionary Party?

From the FAQ on the official website of the CPUSA: Why does the Communist Party oppose Violence? Communists believe that social change can only be accomplished through the united action of mass movements which express the majority will of the people. Peaceful methods of change are not only the right thing to do, they areContinue reading “The CPUSA a Revolutionary Party?”