Video: Idi Amin Dada Documentary – Uganda Discovery

A fascinating documentary about Ugandan dictator, anti-communist and Third Positionist Idi Amin. — Espresso Stalinist

Who killed Nick Berg?

May 29, 2004 Conspiracy theories about how the kidnapped American died in Iraq are flying around the world. Richard Neville explores the explanations. Iraq in flames, Washington an object of disgust. What to do? At this pivotal moment, CNN and Fox News are tipped off to a clip of an American citizen being beheaded. TheContinue reading “Who killed Nick Berg?”

Video in Spanish: El enigma de Corea del Norte (The Enigma of North Korea)

Green female Revolutionary Guards will “honour the memory of martyr Muammar Gaddafi”

Rough translation by I.A Libya The Female green resistance, “the Alzafa al Akhdar brigade (from the Revolutionary Guards) are ready and prepared to fight in honour of the Martyr Gaddafi who is still alive in our hearts. We are prepared to carry out missions to cleanse the country of the enemy. We have already undertakenContinue reading “Green female Revolutionary Guards will “honour the memory of martyr Muammar Gaddafi””

Video: the Nicaraguan Contras

  “But despite the efforts of the White House PR machine, the Contras increasingly appeared to be a particularly ruthless and bloodthirsty bunch. Stories of atrocities against civilian noncombatants certainly didn’t help. In the words of human rights group Americas Watch, ‘the Contras systematically engage in violent abuses … so prevalent that these may beContinue reading “Video: the Nicaraguan Contras”

Video – CIA Archives: Apartheid in South Africa – Raw Documentary Footage