Vietnam & Trotskyism: Three letters from Ho Chi Minh

Sent from China to the Vietnamese CP in 1939 (* Ho Chi Minh refers in these letters to a number of Chinese communists, by names translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, and the editors have been unable to establish their identity. The names are left in the French-Vietnamese translation). First Letter Kwelin, 10 May 1939 DearlyContinue reading “Vietnam & Trotskyism: Three letters from Ho Chi Minh”

‘If You Do Not Follow the Order You Will Be Shot’ – New facts about the murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg

On the Eightieth Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg Eighty years ago on 15th January, 1919 the leadership of the Communist Party of Germany, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, were brutally assassinated. It was a momentous loss for the German and international working class movement and it had widespread and long-termContinue reading “‘If You Do Not Follow the Order You Will Be Shot’ – New facts about the murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg”

On Closed Speech of Khrushchev at the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU

George Gruenthal Book Review:  Khrushchev Lied, by Grover Furr Prof. Grover Furr has done a great service to Marxist-Leninists and all revolutionaries and to all those who are interested in historical truth. He has picked out 61 major statements from Khrushchev’s 20th Congress speech, checked them against other material, especially from the Russian archives thatContinue reading “On Closed Speech of Khrushchev at the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU”

ICMLPO (Unity and Struggle): NATO: Organization of War and Terror

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded 60 years ago by a coalition of Western capitalist countries, led by the U.S., as an organization of military encirclement, aggression, attack and war against the Soviet Union and the people’s democracies. NATO was conceived as an instrument of aggression of the imperialist camp that was trying toContinue reading “ICMLPO (Unity and Struggle): NATO: Organization of War and Terror”

Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question

April 2006 Introduction Different Paths in the Kurdish Movement The US invasion of Iraq has had, among other things, a profound effect on the Kurdish question itself. New alignments, new developments and dissociations are evident and three years after the invasion, there is a need to summarise new factors in this century-old ‘big game’. OfContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question”

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey: The Kurdish Movement’s Direction of Development

September 1999 The Turkish bourgeoisie’s war threat to Syria with the support of US imperialism, the driving of the PKK leaders out of Syria, and the bringing of A. Ocalan to Turkey through an international operation – all these events have inflamed discussions about the Kurdish question both in Turkey and in the international arena.Continue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey: The Kurdish Movement’s Direction of Development”

On Jaime Hurtado

Jaime Hurtado was the Popular Democratic Movement (MPD) candidate for President in the 80’s and 90’s. The Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE) was recognized by the Party of Labor of Albania as a fraternal party and Hurtado and others visited the country during the socialist period. He was assassinated during the 1999 election. ItContinue reading “On Jaime Hurtado”

The German Situation and the Question of Social-Fascism

The greatest factor in the stabilization of capitalism after the first round of wars and revolutions was Social-Democracy. In such countries as Germany and Austria the Social-Democratic leaders actually undertook to organize and maintain the capitalist State against the revolutionary onslaught of the workers. A German Social-Democrat, Noske, drowned in blood the workers’ revolution inContinue reading “The German Situation and the Question of Social-Fascism”

Karl Liebknecht on the Spartacist Uprising

“Yes. The revolutionary workers of Berlin have been defeated. Yes. Hundreds of their best have been slaughtered. Yes. Many hundreds more have been thrown into dungeons. Yes. They were defeated because they had been abandoned by the ones they relied on: the sailors, the soldiers, the security forces, the people’s militia. Their power was inhibitedContinue reading “Karl Liebknecht on the Spartacist Uprising”

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s Analysis of Kemalism

Translated from Turkish by Batuhan S. Tumer & Espresso Stalinist Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was the founder and leader of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML). He was also one of the most prominent Marxist theorists in Turkey, this critique of Kemalism being his most known work. This was the first left-wing revolutionary analysis of Kemalism.Continue reading “Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s Analysis of Kemalism”

Enver Hoxha on Andrey Vyshinsky and the Moscow Trials

The following day Vyshinsky was to come from Moscow. The name and personality of Vyshinsky was great and well known to all of us on account of the important role he had played as state prosecutor in the Moscow trials against Trotskyites, Bukharinites, rightists and other traitors of the Soviet Union. During the war IContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Andrey Vyshinsky and the Moscow Trials”

Trotskyism Revisited

I. Trotsky and the FBI  Red Youth An article appeared in The Independent on the 25/11/1993 which gave details of a friend of Leon Trotsky’s living in Mexico, Diego Rivera, who provided information to the FBI on anyone that he suspected of being GPU (Soviet intelligence) agents. His allegations were directed against anyone working in such organisationsContinue reading “Trotskyism Revisited”

The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky

by David Alfaro Siqueiros David Siqueiros is well-known as a master of Mexican revolutionary mural art as well as a combatant in the defence of the Spanish democratic republic from fascism. His role in the assault of the house of Leon Trotsky in May, 1940 has long been clouded in obscurity. Siqueiros’ speech in court whichContinue reading “The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky”

Diego Rivera’s Dirty Little Secret

Diego Rivera’s dirty little secret: His murals are magnificent celebrations of socialism; his friendship with Trotsky and his marriage to Frida Kahlo are leftist legend, but new evidence shows that he betrayed his comrades to his enemies. Phil Davison reports by Phil Davison Thursday 25 November 1993 In 1932, Diego Rivera was commissioned to paintContinue reading “Diego Rivera’s Dirty Little Secret”

Enver Hoxha on Africa

“Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have wonContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Africa”