“My Life With Enver” Nexhmije Hoxha’s Memoirs (Part 4)

12. Towards a free life – in the mountains After being on duty with the partisans in the mountains, I left Tirana on March 20th; the city I would not return to until its liberation. Along with my joy, I also felt an emptiness in my soul. I was leaving the city in which IContinue reading ““My Life With Enver” Nexhmije Hoxha’s Memoirs (Part 4)”

“My Life With Enver” Nexhmije Hoxha’s Memoirs (Part 3)

(Above) Anti-fascist demonstration in Tirana where Nexhmije saw Enver for the first time. They would later meet in a Partisan safehouse. 9. In Kucaka. Another Yugoslav emissary In Kucaka, near Korca, I met-up again with Enver. It had been a long time we had seen each other and we spent some time talking. He toldContinue reading ““My Life With Enver” Nexhmije Hoxha’s Memoirs (Part 3)”

Thoughts on Titoism & its Revisionist Implications for the Future of Marxism-Leninism

“The Yugoslav communists and the Yugoslav people must attend to that matter; it is up to them to solve the problems of the present and the future of their country. It is in this context, also, that I see the problem of Kosova and the Albanian population living in other parts of Yugoslavia. We mustContinue reading “Thoughts on Titoism & its Revisionist Implications for the Future of Marxism-Leninism”

Michael Parenti: Must We Adore Vaclav Havel?

From the Red Phoenix: No figure among the capitalist restorationists in the East has won more adulation from U.S. officials, media pundits, and academics than Vaclav Havel, a playwright who became the first president of post-Communist Czechoslovakia and later president of the Czech Republic. The many left-leaning people who also admire Havel seem to haveContinue reading “Michael Parenti: Must We Adore Vaclav Havel?”

PCMLE: The Struggle of the PLA against Revisionism

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). The first big fight was faced by Albanians against Khrushchev, Nikita Khrushchev led sect presented at the XX Congress of the CPSU ineffable a violent attack on the principles of Marxism-Leninism … After the Second World War and the Communist proletariat wereContinue reading “PCMLE: The Struggle of the PLA against Revisionism”

PC (AP) Statement on Kim Jong-Il’s Death

I post this article here despite disagreements with the PC(AP)’s line on the DPRK, which seems to differ from most M-L parties. — Espresso Stalinist Dear comrades: On December 17 comrade Kim Jong Il, top leader and leader of the Labour Party of Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Korean people, died. His deathContinue reading “PC (AP) Statement on Kim Jong-Il’s Death”

Soviet Politicians on Beria

These are more excerpts to contribute to an all-around analysis of Beria and his role. I will point out that all these quotes come from a single source and as such should be taken with a grain of salt and not taken as the “final word” on these matters. — Espresso Stalinist BULGANIN: All theseContinue reading “Soviet Politicians on Beria”

Beria on East Germany

Beria… advanced the following argument: “Why should socialism be built in the GDR? Let it just be a peaceful country. That is sufficient for our purposes…. The sort of country it will become is unimportant.” Chuev, Feliks. Molotov Remembers. Chicago: I. R. Dee, 1993, p. 334 MOLOTOV: A stable Germany was good enough for him….Continue reading “Beria on East Germany”

Beria and Tito

Beria offered assurances to Czechoslovakia that the USSR would not continue to interfere in Czech internal affairs, and he wrote a personal letter to Marshal Tito apologizing for the manner in which Stalin had treated him. The MGB officer who would carry the letter to Tito showed it to me. The final sentence said, “LetContinue reading “Beria and Tito”

Khrushchev and Molotov on Beria

I post these excerpts here for a balanced view of Beria’s role in order to encourage dialectic analysis of whether he was a Marxist-Leninist or a revisionist. I post these here despite serious misgivings about the thesis that “Beria poisoned Stalin,” a theory for which I’ve found no evidence except for the book “Molotov Remembers,”Continue reading “Khrushchev and Molotov on Beria”

Beria Archive: Obituary of G.M. Dimitrov

From World News and Views London No.28, July 1949 Georgi Mikhailovitch Dimitrov was born on June 18, 1882, in the town of Radomir, of a proletarian revolutionary family. When he was only 15 years old, the young Dimitrov, working as a compositor in a printshop, joined the revolutionary movement and took an active part inContinue reading “Beria Archive: Obituary of G.M. Dimitrov”

Message from Brazil from the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) to the 7th Congress of the PCT

Comrades, we have no doubt in saying that the Communist Party of Labour of the Dominican Republic represents a front trench of the international communist movement and is, in fact, the Dominican Workers’ Party. While many in the world and in particular in Latin America, bowed their heads against the ideological offensive of the bourgeoisieContinue reading “Message from Brazil from the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) to the 7th Congress of the PCT”

Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Where We Stand – Beria and the Berlin Rising of 1953

Fifty years after, the risings and riots, of the working class in June 1953, across the German Democratic republic (GDR) – notably in Berlin, remain controversial amongst Marxist-Leninists. Some argue this was a genuine revolt of the German working class. Others, supporters of post-Stalin USSR, argue they were imperialist provocations. Alliance Marxist-Leninist will argue that:Continue reading “Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Where We Stand – Beria and the Berlin Rising of 1953”

The Fascist Hungarian Counterrevolution of 1956

Western liberal states often use anti-communism as a means of keeping the people in line. Most of the time they don’t dare openly support any fascist movement, but many times they do so covertly. Such is the case with the fascist rebellion of 1956 in Hungary. In making their analysis of the events in Hungary,Continue reading “The Fascist Hungarian Counterrevolution of 1956”

PCMLV: 22 Years after the fall of the Anti-Fascist Protection Wall

Wednesday November 9, 2011 The date on which the bourgeoisie proclaimed his fictional agonizing final victory and announced the end of ideology On November 9, 1989 became an orgasmic date for the bourgeoisie and imperialism. The media transmitted as hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against the “communist” regime of East Germany,Continue reading “PCMLV: 22 Years after the fall of the Anti-Fascist Protection Wall”