V.I. Lenin on the Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution

The fourth anniversary of October 25 (November 7) is approaching. The farther that great day recedes from us, the more clearly we see the significance of the proletarian revolution in Russia, and the more deeply we reflect upon the practical experience of our work as a whole. Very briefly and, of course, in very incompleteContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on the Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution”

Final Declaration of the 25th International Anti-Fascist and Anti-imperialist Youth Camp

On August 10, 2016, the 25th International Anti-Fascist and Anti-Imperialist Youth Camp (IAFAIYC) ended, which began on August 3 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, under the slogan: For solidarity, peace and freedom. Hundreds of democratic, progressive, environmentalist, leftist, feminist, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary youths met to analyze the realities of each people, coming from: PuertoContinue reading “Final Declaration of the 25th International Anti-Fascist and Anti-imperialist Youth Camp”

The Deindustrialisation of Contemporary Russia

Tahir Asghar The USSR, over the period of its tumultuous history, had built up a massive industrial, R&D and scientific potential so as to not only build a socialist society and defend it but also to secure its economic independence and growth and the full development of intellectual and material capacities of its population. NotContinue reading “The Deindustrialisation of Contemporary Russia”

V.I. Lenin on the Struggle of the Urban Workers

“Formerly, only students rebelled, but now thousands and tens of thousands of workers have risen in all the big towns. In most cases they fight against their employers, against the factory owners, against the capitalists. The workers declare strikes, all of them stop work at a factory at the same time and demand higher wages,Continue reading “V.I. Lenin on the Struggle of the Urban Workers”

Communist Party Alliance: On Sectarianism

The ‘left’ in Britain is characterised by sectarianism. What are the main reasons for this in an imperialist country? John Green examines the causes. The Causes of Sectarianism Bourgeois Social Conditions Divisions in the revolutionary movement are not formed simply from ideological differences, but sometimes represent class and social divisions. The social conditions of manyContinue reading “Communist Party Alliance: On Sectarianism”

Karl Marx on Alienated Life Under Capitalism

“By counting the most meagre form of life (existence) as the standard, indeed, as the general standard – general because it is applicable to the mass of men. He turns the worker into an insensible being lacking all needs, just as he changes his activity into a pure abstraction from all activity. To him, therefore,Continue reading “Karl Marx on Alienated Life Under Capitalism”

V.I. Lenin on the Revolution, Democracy, and Democratic Demands

“The proletariat cannot be victorious except through democracy, i.e., by giving full effect to democracy and by linking with each step of its struggle democratic demands formulated in the most resolute terms. It is absurd to contrapose the socialist revolution and the revolutionary struggle against capitalism to a single problem of democracy, in this case, the national question. WeContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on the Revolution, Democracy, and Democratic Demands”

Lin Biaoism and the Third World: How Idealism Distorts Class

by Espresso Stalinist An odd phenomenon is haunting the halls of Maoism – a chauvinist set of ideas loosely forged from the writings of Chinese military officer and politician Lin Biao. These ideas, to the extent to which they form coherent ideology at all, can roughly be termed “Lin Biaoism.” To be perfectly clear, IContinue reading “Lin Biaoism and the Third World: How Idealism Distorts Class”

ICMLPO (Unity & Struggle): Solidarity and Support to the People of Ecuador

The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Party Parties Organizations and (ICMLPO) express its deep condolences to the families of the victims and its full solidarity with the people of Ecuador hit by a strong earthquake. As usual, in the capitalist regime the more affected by this kind of natural phenomena are the poorest, the deprived workers.Continue reading “ICMLPO (Unity & Struggle): Solidarity and Support to the People of Ecuador”

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on the American Revolution

American Revolution (in Russian, War of Independence in North America of 1775-83), the revolutionary liberation war of the 13 British colonies in North America against British colonial domination, during which an independent state was established—the United States of America. The American Revolution was prepared for by the entire preceding socioeconomic history of the colonies. TheContinue reading “The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on the American Revolution”

The Greek Debt Crisis: A Misnomer for the European Imperialist Crisis

August 2015 Hari Kumar 1. An Introduction to Greece 2. The Truman Doctrine – Greece becomes dependent upon the USA after the Second World War 3. The Greek Junta – Greece by now fully a client state of the USA 4. Capitalist Class of Greece Moves to “Democracy” and Europe 5. The USA Makes ItsContinue reading “The Greek Debt Crisis: A Misnomer for the European Imperialist Crisis”

Revisionism in Russia: Trotsky Against the Bolsheviks – Part One: To 1914

Read part two here. FOREWORD Trotsky speaks: “Among the Russian comrades, there was not one from whom I could learn anything…The errors which I have committed . . always referred to questions that were not fundamental or strategic. . . In all conscientiousness I cannot, in the appreciation of the political situation and of its revolutionaryContinue reading “Revisionism in Russia: Trotsky Against the Bolsheviks – Part One: To 1914”

Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 1952

October 16,1952 In this article, taken from the Russian newspaper “Glasnost” which was completely devoted to the 120th Anniversary of Stalin’s birth, this was the last speech at the CC CPSU before Stalin died. This text is being published for the very first time in the Soviet Union by the newspaper “Glasnost”, the Central OrganContinue reading “Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 1952”

Anasintaxi (KKE 1918-55): The New Bailout Agreement

  Crude, barbarous trampling on the national sovereignty of the country by the EU imperialists Violent enslavement of the Greek people with the support of the subservient bourgeois class and its parties (great-bourgeois, reformist, fascist) The new bailout agreement constitutes a complete surrender to the fascist extortion of the EU representatives (primarily of Germany andContinue reading “Anasintaxi (KKE 1918-55): The New Bailout Agreement”

Fidel Castro on Human Rights

“Mr. President, distinguished representatives: Human rights are often spoken of, but we must also speak of humanity’s rights. Why should some people walk around barefoot so that others may travel in expensive cars? Why should some live only thirty-five years so that others may live seventy? Why should some be miserably poor so that others mayContinue reading “Fidel Castro on Human Rights”